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  1. Great post man! So nice to get such a gem amongst the same question asked for the 100th time and all the other BS.
  2. Kickstarter has no relationship at all with tdc. Get that idea out of your head. Timimng has nothing to do with maximum resistance on the kickstarter. Read your manual and then come back with some sensible questions that people can help you with.
  3. Did you put a brand new spark plug in it?
  4. Needle and needle jet would be worth changing if you continue to have problems.
  5. Great when you support local suppliers and they still dont stand behind their product eh?
  6. It is a win win situation for you. If you get the jetting correct then it will start and idle better, have more power and also should be smoother on the power delivery. Most jerky throttle type symtoms cone from the carburation changing from rich to lean or vice versa. When you get more power you will ride in a differnt part of the revs giving different power delivery also. Your exhaust choice will have alot to do with power delivery also, a yz pipe, gtyr will give you quick reving power but you pay for this with increased noise, a Leo Vince X3 slip on will come with a range of tip inserts that will let you choose how quiet it is and how quickly it revs. My favourite is the akrapovic full system as it gives strong predictable power with good tracktion and moderate noise increase. But you get jets and needle in that you adjust before you will sed improvement.
  7. I used the hot start ocasiinally, if I had stalled in after paddling through nasty stuff or if bike had been droppsd and tumbled end over end. but normally not. To OP, you need to look into the free mods, and and exhaust ( imho) to be able to tune you bike to run well. You will be amazed how much more you can get from your bike by uncorking it. Plenty of info on here, start by searching free mods.07-14.
  8. So the quick answer us that it should not stall once it is started and idle should be increased with the choke on but not high. I hate jumping to jet conclusions but it could be a lean on the pilot jet. Are you the first owner or know if it has been jetted at all from new? What mods have been done, ie standard exhaust? Grey wire cut? yz throttle stop or cut down wr?
  9. There is a fuse under the seat that should be checked first. Also a spare fuse there.
  10. What temps are you riding in? What model year, carb or fi? If carb what jets are in it?
  11. Glad another person has had good results with changing the needle jet! I chased issues for ages before I did mine, pretty cheap fix with instant results.
  12. I just put the corect amount in. Use the sight glass only to check it has oil in it.
  13. I got sick if bending GYTR braces also so changed to Force braces on my WR,s = top product!
  14. I was looking for a piece of glass to match some 2 stroke cases years ago and ended up using a big toughend glass chopping board from the kitchen, worked a treat! Put it back before the missus finds out and youre on a winner!
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