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  1. My first year at the TKO. What an amazing event. By far my favorite race to ride in, and watch. Obviously I did not qualify for the Sunday event... so I ran around with the camera instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvYlvConOFE Think you could do it?! -ZachAtk1
  2. Zach Attack

    2014 KTM 250SX - Help Diagnose this Sound (Video)

    The weather has been starting to get cooler. This would make sense. I will do some testing. Thanks!
  3. Zach Attack

    2014 KTM 250SX - Help Diagnose this Sound (Video)

    50:1 with half 91 and 110 octane. Detonation was my thought too, but I was under the impression I would hear it when revving the bike as well. Is detonation likely to occur only when under load? If I get a chance, I will try swapping to the stock carb and seeing if it still occurs. That will answer the question.
  4. Hey everyone, It is very noticeable in the last clip of that video. (Clicking/clanking sound). It's been doing this all season, but getting worse. Seems to only happen under load and in gear. 150 hours, a few top ends have been done. Relevant modifications: - Lectron Carb - Steahly Flywheel Weight - Boyesen Rad Valve Should I be worried? Thanks guys!
  5. Hey guys, It's Thursday night, I have a race Sunday. I pulled the head on my 2014 KTM 250SX to find a Wiseco piston. I have Vertex rings. Can I use the Vertex rings on the Wiseco piston? Points are tight in the 250A class - no room for error or bike issues. Would I be safer to go buy a complete top end from a dealer tomorrow? Thanks, Zach (ZachAtk1)
  6. An odd mix. These are what we call the Tuesday Night Worlds. A group of local riders get together every week and we do a bunch of unique, interesting races to help get us in shape for racing.
  7. Yeah I've been thinking and the 200XC sounds like the ticket. I've realized (at the Unadilla GNCC) the SX has just a little too much snap and breaks traction just a little too easily.
  8. Zach Attack

    YouTube channel exchange

    Gotta plug ZachAtk1. https://youtube.com/ZachAtk1
  9. Zach Attack

    Mixing different premixes?

    We've had last second issues requiring us to mix premixes. I've sort of gotten into a bad habit of changing premixes a little too often, haven't had a problem yet. I always shake up the bike before starting it just make sure everything is mixed.
  10. There's a brand new 13' XC 150 for sale. It's set up and a really good deal. Pull the trigger on the XC or wait for an SX?
  11. I feel the 250 has too much power to be usable. Even with a heavier flywheel, it breaks traction and I end up spinning out. The weight of the bike also makes it harder to keep momentum going. I feel I am a "momentum" rider. I come into corners/hills/technical situations with more speed than most, and I just "carry" through it. In my opinion, the way I ride, the 150 would have more usable power. I want to open the 250 up but it kicks my butt, I'm hanging on for life. I'm only really using the 250SX's full potential when I'm in open fields or real flowing woods sections. Any sections that involve a lot of cornering/braking and accelerating, I am fighting with it and using more energy than I should be. I am hesitant though, a 200 has a little more luggable power for those tricky situations. The one reason I still am leaning for the 150SX is because it should make me a much better rider. And the one thing I can't stand is holding the throttle wide and "waiting" for the bike to rev up. When I get on the gas, I want it screaming... the XC/XC-W's are tuned down which I don't like. The more I think about, the more I like the sound of a 150SX.
  12. Hey guys, Next season it looks like I'll be moving up to A class. I currently ride a 2011 KTM 250SX 2 stroke in the 250B class. I race the WNYOA series (harescrambles) here in New York. I'm a smaller guy, only about 5' 6" and I feel like the 250SX is just a little heavy/big. I love the power on the 250 but the thought of being on a small bore bike has me thinking I could be so much faster and use less energy for someone my size. I would consider myself more of an "on the pipe rider", that's why the smaller bore bike seems like the better option. I've been told that riding a small bore bike will make you a better and faster rider. Is this true? It would make sense as a smaller bore bike will require a far more aggressive riding style. I'm considering a KTM 200XC with some head mods that would make it more like an SX. My only concern with the 200 is the PDS suspension. I really think I should move towards linkage. There is always the possibility of throwing a 150SX rear end (linkage) on a 200. Or I could run a 150 but I'm not sure if that'd be enough. Just trying to get some ideas. I want to start looking into a new bike for next season. Thanks
  13. Zach Attack

    Is the powervalve the problem?

    Take the left powervalve side cover off and rev the bike. If the powervalve isn't opening, you can see it not move.
  14. Zach Attack

    what i like most when racing

    For the woods racers: Battling riders with 4 or more lines across a tight wooded section - the definition of a harescramble. Battling riders in a swampy wooded section with deep ruts/roots and multiple lines to choose from. Finding a fresh virgin line to make multiple passes at once. And no, not cutting the track! As you can tell I just love a good chase through the woods, especially with a bunch of lines to choose from.
  15. Zach Attack

    World Championships

    It's been a while since I've posted any videos here. Here's the latest racing "series" I've been involved in. Tuesday Night Worlds - if you aren't confused, dead or afraid in the end, it wasn't done right.