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  1. ollie45

    couple questions about my 450r

    is it 900 ml on motor and tranny side? Do most guys change filter every oil change or every 2-3 oil changes?
  2. ollie45

    Throttle return

    On my wife's 08' rmz 250 the throttle is very sticky and doesn't like to return very well. Does it need a new cable or spring possibly or is it a rube issue. Not sure if the cable can be cleaned or not, just want to make the bike safe for her. Thanks
  3. ollie45

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    My wife and u rode Denton Creek today and had a blast. Trails were in good shape, Sandy in spots with only a couple of water/muddy spots. Met a father and son on the trail and they rode with us. It was nice to meet you guys.
  4. ollie45

    CRF450r Oil Disappearing

    The guy i bought the bike from said it had fresh oil in it, wonder if he didn't re top it off after it ran. Maybe i will just add some to top it off and ride bor a couple hrs and recheck Thanks
  5. ollie45

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Rode Leota on Sunday. weather was crappy but the ride was pretty good. First time out on my new to me CRF450 and first ride in 5 yrs. Pretty sandy by the trail head but got better the further out we got. Someone did a nice job clearing downed trees so that was nice. Not a huge fan of Leota but it is the closest to me and was just happy to back out riding again.
  6. ollie45

    CRF450r Oil Disappearing

    How many cc's of tranny oil should there be? I have an 08' and think i have this issue also. My engine oil was on the high mark in the sight glass before our ride sunday and now it is on the low mark.
  7. ollie45

    spark plug?

    Just picked up a 2008 RMZ 250 and was wondering what plugs i should run in it. I have not looked to see what is in it now but need to get a spare or two. Thanks.
  8. ollie45

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    I want to ride Tin Cup, Long Lake and Evart this summer. How do they compare?
  9. ollie45

    best boots

    Sg10's or 12's should fit. I liked my 10's over the 12's
  10. ollie45

    White Gaerne SG12 Boots

    I think the sg12's run narrow. I liked my sg10's better, but I have wide feet also.
  11. ollie45

    Help me decide on a helmet

    I love my Arai, got it a couple yrs ago. Most comfortable helmet I've ever had.
  12. ollie45

    Michigan roll call

    Midland here. Getting back into trail riding after a few yrs off. My wife likes to ride also. Denton creek is a favorite spot for us.
  13. ollie45

    Michigan ORV decals

    Do I need both parts of the orv still kernel or just the one for trail use? I guess what is the diffefence?
  14. ollie45

    Lets see the RMZ's

    I just got one for my wife also. Hoping to learn a little about them myself. Seems to run and run nice, i guess we will see.
  15. ollie45

    2008 RMZ 250 info

    Yeah, we bought it. Got it for $1600 with a bike hauler that attaches to you hitch. Runs and shifts smooth. Not sure on the hole history of the bike but it was raced. The Graphics are from Anderson Racing, Caleb was the rider. I need to get a spark arrestor for it, other than that i think it should be ready to ride for the summer.