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  1. I had the same issue with my 2013 300xc. Jeff Slavens suggested I try running straight race fuel. If that worked we would dilute it down with pump gas as far as we could. It worked. The bike runs so good now on 100% VP C12. I'm going to use the whole 5 gallons at 100% to clean things out and then try VP 110 from the pump. I just found a place that sells it for $8.80/gl. The C12 from my local dealer is $85 for 5 gallons or $17/gl. If it runs just as good on 100% VP 110 from the pump I'll start mixing it weaker and weaker until I find the perfect ratio. So my suggestion to you is run race gas and if it works, thin it down until you find that perfect ratio.
  2. Figured out why it was surging and making that rattling sound. Jeff Slavens suggested I run race fuel. Bought some VP C12 and it runs perfectly. I honestly couldn't ask for a better running bike. It runs so smooth and four stroke like now. I was running the green spring but I put the yellow spring back in because it was a little too torquey. Perfect! I'm running straight C12 for now. After that I'm going to try some 100LL Aviation fuel. My local airport has it for $6/gl. Much better than $17/gl for C12. Hopefully it will run just as well on that.
  3. I had the bike out for a few hours the other day without making any changes. It ran the best it ever has. Still minor surging when coasting off throttle but it is occasional. I think I'll leave the needle where it's at for a bit. It's "four stroking" a bit now so I think it's actually a little rich but I'm ok with that. Better a little rich than lean. Might have to lean the metering rod a 1/4 turn. I had been running the green spring with the adjuster almost all the way out but it's running so good it's a little too torqey now right off the throttle. Too much like my old 450. I put the yellow spring in but haven't had the bike out yet. That should mellow it out to my liking. I plan on going with a Gnarly pipe when I replace the stock unit. I'll probably have to put the red spring in then. I hear those pipes really boost the bottom and mid, which is where I live.
  4. I had the same question. I bought a 2013 300 xc. I ride trails with an occasional trip to the track. Haven't had it to the track yet. I have about 40 hrs on the trails coming off a crf450r and I love my xc. After tons of research, without actually riding either bike, I decided on the xc for the linkage rear suspension, closer gear ratio and no headlight. Does great on the trails and haven't got hung up on the rear linkage yet. Hope this helps.
  5. Well, I got everything cleaned out good. Put it back together and found the float was set too high. Called Lectron and they told me where to set it. Great customer service. They offered to set it up to spec again for free. Just had to pay shipping. After talking to them, I decided to set the float level myself. Did that and it ran good. Took it for a ride, keeping in mind the advice here as a lean condition so I kept moving the needle up a 1/4 turn at a time until it ran like I had hoped it would. Runs almost as smooth as my old 4t. Might need another 1/4 turn richer but even if this is as good as it gets, it runs far better than it ever did with the stock carb. I couldn't be happier. Thanks everyone for the help. I couldn't have figured this out without you. 2013 KTM 300XC Sent from my iPad using Thumper Talk mobile app
  6. I haven't had to call Lectron yet about this but the ordering process was great customer service. I'm sure once I get the junk cleaned out of the carb I'll be able to dial it in. I seem to be the only one having problems. Most caused by me not reading the tuning directions thoroughly enough. Lol. Even with the problems I am having it's still better than the stock carb. Can't wait to get it right!
  7. What do you mean swapped the boot around? I didn't detach mine from the engine. Did you have yours off or something? Also, did you modify the air box side? I did and I have no issues with fit. It's perfect.
  8. No air screw to adjust on the Lectron. Just the metering rod and then the power jet for WOT. These carbs are great. I just didn't read the directions close enough. I was adjusting the metering rod basically backwards. I thought I was raising the needle but I was actually lowering it. That is what was throwing me off so much. Now I have a dirty carb to clean up. Once that is done, with the help you all are giving me and knowing how to adjust the metering rod correctly I think I'll be able to get it perfect. Thanks guys!
  9. Regarding the head mod, I would think Jeff Slavens knows what he is talking about. The head mod he did was supposed to make it run better on pump gas. Can't imagine he would do a mod that causes other problems. He said the mod would not require rejetting. That being said, it wouldn't be the first time things didn't go as I planned. I'm sure on e I get the carb cleaned up and the float from sticking I'll be able to get it dialed in right. Like I said, I got some bad gas or something and there is a lot of junk floating around in the bowl causing float issues. The float issues are a recent thing. That combined with improperly adjusting the metering rod are hindering my tuning for sure.
  10. Thanks for the help. I'll make adjustments based on your advice. I'll go richer. I just found out I was adjusting the metering rod wrong. I thought I was raising the rod but I was lowering it. It's a two step process with this carb and I got the steps backwards. It's brand new so I don't think it's a leaking problem. I'm going to take the carb off and clean it up real good. I got some junk in my tank. Thought I got it cleaned up good but I noticed some junk floating in the carb bowl today. It has a clear bowl on it. Thanks again for the reply. I'll let you know how it goes. 2013 KTM 300XC Sent from my iPad using Thumper Talk mobile app
  11. I bought a new 2013 KTM 300xc in April and it is driving me nuts. It's my first 2t since I was a kid and I am 44 now. I came off of a crf450r. I had such trouble getting it jetted right. I finally broke down and put a Lectron metering rod carb on it. This solved most of my problems and I love it now. The only problems I have now is this rattling sound when I am just cruising along a smooth trail or road just trying to maintain the same speed. When it gets to the "no load" point, it starts this rattle. It sounds like there is a marble in the cylinder or someone hitting the head with a hammer. I immediately add fuel or let off and it stops. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IT MAKES THIS NOISE. I have gone richer and leaner with no success. It gets worse going leaner and I can't go much richer. Also, when I let off the throttle, it surges and fires erratically. It has done both of these things since new. The only thing I have done is had Jeff Slavens do the head mod and added the map switch. No difference. Any ideas? 2013 KTM 300XC Sent from my iPad using Thumper Talk mobile app
  12. When I do the above, my new 2013 KTM 300xc gets this rattle coming from the top end. At least that's where I think it's coming from. Sounds like someone is tapping the head with a hammer. IT ONLY DOES THIS WHEN THERE IS NO LOAD AT A STEADY SMOOTH THROTTLE IN THE MID RPM RANGE. DOES NOT MATTER WHAT GEAR OR SPEED. It happens every time I try to cruise along with the throttle steady and the RPMs in the mid range. Also, when I let off the throttle, it surges and does an occasional ping. This is my first two stroke since I was a kid. I am 44 now. I had an Italjet 50 when I was a kid and I don't remember it doing any of this. 2013 KTM 300XC Sent from my iPad using Thumper Talk mobile app
  13. Actually, I gave up on the stock carb and bought a Lectron metering rod carb. Major improvement. Still not perfect but the more I learn about two strokes the more I realize it might just be me expecting it it run like a four stroke. Idk.
  14. Sorry it took so long to reply. On vacation out of town for a while. I never have any trouble. Not from landowners or windmill personnel. I was just on the windmill roads the other day with people working and they just went about their business. On that ride I started in Portage, went up to Blue Knob, then almost to Cresson. Haven't been able to figure out how to get to the Summit exit off 22 yet. I know from there you can cross under 22 near Gallitzin and ride all the way to Big Murph. Unfortunately haven't met up with anyone to show me how to do it. I know someone that has done it but he was following other people and can't remember.
  15. Miles of trails starting in the Portage area if anyone is interested. Wide variety of terrain and skill level from rocky, hills, water crossings and play areas. A lot of the trails I ride are covered on the Blue Knob and Lily Poker Runs. Pretty much the whole ridge that the wind mills are on. Side by sides, sport quads, utility quads, dirt bikes, whatever you got. I ride a KTM 300xc dirt bike.
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