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  1. Timo2824

    2019 yz450fx fan not kicking on...

    From Cuda in the exact same thread topic like 5 down from this one: From Yamaha website. Note: Certain 2019 YZ450FX units may not have had the ECU properly programmed to control the operation of this accessory fan kit. Please check with your dealer to ensure that operation of the accessory fan kit has been enabled.
  2. Timo2824

    New FX!

    ~11 lbs or so, listed wet weights YZF 245lbs YZFX 256lbs. The added wiring harness, thicker rear fender, larger gas tank, kickstand, and a 18 inch rear tire add some weight. It's 14lbs lighter than my old 07 WR250F though!
  3. Timo2824

    New FX!

    I noticed a definite improvement in starting my new 450F with a properly adjusted idle (2000 rpm). It was just a couple hundred low and was kind of a bear to start (10+ kicks). Now it's about 4 kicks from cold and 1 kick warm just about every time. Assuming you aren't kicking ATDC on compression... Haha, kick starting is so last year. My bike starts much better since the 5-7 hour mark. Idle is set to ~1750 and it starts right up at the push of the button, even when it's 27°F.
  4. Timo2824

    19 450 fx FAN

    My 19 FX ran pretty cold in ambient temps below 60°F. Instead of the fan I actually installed a thermostat so it would run warmer. I'll install a fan this spring once it warms up a bit.
  5. Timo2824

    New FX!

    Got to ride on some single track and a vintage MX track, hardpack clay mixed with mud and snow. I'm glad I went with the 450, was a little worried it would be too much in the tighter trees, but this bike is super easy to throw around. When it got really tight and traction was minimal, the handlebar switch is awesome. You do have to hold it down a little longer than I like, but after a few times you get used to it. On the vintage track this thing is a hoot! MX feeling map 1 and let her throw some roost.
  6. Timo2824

    18 YZ450F Air Filter

    They come stock on 2019 YZ450FX's
  7. Timo2824

    18 YZ450F Air Filter

    Deep sand is all I've ridden, and I haven't seen any sand on the filter or in the air box.
  8. Timo2824

    18 YZ450F Air Filter

    I bought 3 GYTR filters for a 2018 YZ450F from my local dealer who is going out of business. They did not have the rubber grommet, but I modified them with a hollow punch so the grommet fits.
  9. Timo2824

    Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards

    Really good for the price. Even though they have a larger bend for more clearance, I still had to cut half of the ballend off my clutch lever. The bar clamps are a good idea, but they should stick out another inch for the brake line routing. I like that the new plastic shields don't go all they way around the bend, I would always blow that part out in simple tip overs. On the old D-Flex guards I always had to do custom bending, these Pro versions didn't require any.
  10. Timo2824

    Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards

    1 review

    Aluminum wrap around handguards with plastic shields. They are different from the regular D-Flex guards due to a longer stock for more hand/lever clearance, more sophisticated bends, larger plastic shields, and bar mounts that have a lowered section for cable routing. Official Description: The Tusk D-flex Pro handguards are the strongest and best protecting handguards that Tusk offers. The tough, tempered aluminum guard is designed with a large bend for lever clearance and plenty of room for your hands. The large plastic shields are very durable and can easily be replaced. The hand guard kit comes with aluminum bars, plastic hand shields and bar mounts for 1 1/8" or 7/8" handlebars. When in need of quality tools or parts for your motorcycle, ATV, and UTV think Tusk. The Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards feature replaceable aluminum bars and plastic shields. Designed with a large bend that provides exceptional room for hands and levers. Standard mounting is for 1 1/8" or 7/8" bars. Package includes: 1-pair of Tusk Aluminum Handguards with 1 1/8" or 7/8" bar hardware and 1-pair of Tusk Plastic Handguard Shields. For Dirt Bikes only.
  11. Timo2824

    Yamaha YZ450FX (2019)


    More riding needed before final review
  12. Timo2824

    Yamaha YZ450FX 2019

    More riding needed before final review
  13. Timo2824

    Watt-man Thermo-Bob

    I ride my bike 12 months out of the year, so roughly half of my riding is in ambient temps below 60°F. I've found with my older bikes that riding in these cooler temps would result in engine temps below 140°F. I personally don't like to run engine temps this low because it can cause more wear and tear on your engine. I would duct tape one side of the radiator to keep the bike from running so cold, but this method isn't an exact science. On more than one occasion I would have to remove some of the tape because of changing outdoor conditions, or slower portions of the trail. Fast forward to last month I bought my first fuel injected bike right during our first cold snap. I was more worried about running this one cold because on a fuel injected bike you run the possibility of over fueling the engine. Excessive fuel will wash oil off of the cylinder wall and contaminate the engine oil. I wanted to make sure my engine ran at a constant temperature, but was wanting a better method than duct tape. The obvious answer is a thermostat, cars have been using them since the 1920's. While shopping for inline thermostats I found the Thermo-Bob. It's specifically made for dirt bikes, they market them for KLR's and snow bike conversions. It's exactly what I was looking for, just a small housing for a thermostat with a bypass. I was lucky that they even had a kit that comes with everything I needed, for only $129.00! Note: they have more colors for an extra $15.00. I ordered the kit on a Monday and received it on Friday. The thermostat housing is well made and about as small as it could be, I had no trouble figuring out how to mount it behind my radiator shroud. If you weren't looking for it you probably wouldn't even notice it. The Bypass Tee is also well made and sized just right to fit it in front of the exhaust header. My only gripes are minor, the hose clamps are higher quality, but they aren't the same size bolt as the stock ones. So I had to get a standard size socket out to finish the assembly. I'm also not super pumped on the hose quality for the bypass, but I used it anyway. After a few rides I'm looking to install one of these on all of my water cooled bikes. My engine warms up faster, and while riding I never saw the engine temp get below 180°F, even on high speed sections. I haven't gone on a super tight single track section yet, but on my current rides I also didn't see temps above 190°F. This is telling me that it is causing minimal if any restriction. Anyone who rides in colder ambient temperatures should definitely look into one of these.
  14. Timo2824

    Watt-man Thermo-Bob

    1 review

    Inline Thermostat for motorcycles. CONTACT INFORMATION: Address: Watt-man LLC 6501 E. Greenway Pkwy, #103-296 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA e-mail: watt-man@cox.net phone: (602)380-5756
  15. Timo2824

    18 YZ450F Air Filter

    Interesting, my 19 FX stock filter has the center rubber grommet. Yamaha must have decided that it was a better design.