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  1. nwjohn

    La Pine/ Bend Riding & Camping?

    we go there a few times a year. when u get into la pine turn right on Finley Butte Rd , stay on it for miles, like 25 or so you will see the staging area sign and no atvs on road signs at this point you are entering the riding area and it is to your north. there is a bunch of camps past there on the left side of the road out in the trees off the paved road, there is camping at the ice caves also and there is a nice big camping area at the 4way intersection a little farther up. There is going to be lots of dust and last year this time there was lots of yellow jackets! there is maps usually at the staging area and dont forget to bring water. Hope this helps some! John
  2. I run 42 pilot, blue 2 and 158. that is my base line when i go to that elevation, temps will vary that. i never got or liked the red needle, i know its supposed to be a half clip difference but it always changed it too much. red always made it seem really lean and want to overheat and had poor bottom end. I dont know what you run for usfs spark arrester but if you run a screen clean it. been there made that mistake! hope this helps some John
  3. here is what i run in ours air screw 13/4 turn out 45 pilot NOZI needle in the 2nd clip main 170 main. this will vary due to temp changes also. The book says 2500-5000ft 61-78 degrees. a/s 1 3/4 45 pilot nozh needle 2nd clip 170 main. As far as suspenders go your probably a little on the heavy side for the STOCK springs. according to the book stock fork springs should be 40s and the rear is pds2-250. I usually go to racetech web site and see what it recommends for me and go from there. also xxx.ktmtalk.com has a ton of info. Hope this helps. John
  4. nwjohn

    EFR vs Millican Valley

    there hasnt been water at china hat cg for a couple of years now, the water supply is contaminated with E-coli.
  5. nwjohn

    03' rm 250

    I have the air striker carb from jd, and have considered putting it on there but i have also wondered what the consequences would be from unhooking the tps, it manages the 3-d mapping in the cdi. i wonder what it defaults to when unhooked , that seems to be the million dollar question.
  6. nwjohn

    03' rm 250

    heres the direction i have gone, im using the red needle in the 3rd clip, and went to a 50 pilot, although im going to a 52 next ride. and 165 main(i believe) seems to work good. On a side note, im also running the choke knob 20 turnes out also. when i called jd he recommended 20 to 25 turns out and adjust from there. I found the same out with the red needle in the 4th clip, the thing just drank gas and lots of spooge. i went to the red 3rd and it leaned it out and was better but seemed to lean especially on cold starts so i bumped the pilot up and now i think im real close.
  7. nwjohn

    New Race Series in Or. WORS

    I totally agree also. I have a problem with having a series of points races all over the whole state, its costs too much money. IMO if you have enough money you can buy your trophy from OMRA just by showing up at every race, simply because most people cant afford to go to all. I like the idea i really hope something begins soon!
  8. nwjohn

    MRA's Bedslide Ghost & Goblins Poker Run

    Kev, If you decide to go let me know, i could meet you down there. We usually go every year but... my wife and kid are racing the 24 hour and dont want any bike carnage, so there not going and that just leaves me.
  9. nwjohn

    25Hr Race in Washington

    Maria, my husband (John at Messenger's autobody roseburg) thinks I need to do this he even said I could ride his bike problem is I am not a huge fan of "night rides" would need serious upgrade on headlight if I rode my bike. How many laps of darkness would each of us need to do? Other than that small obstacle sounds fun would definitely be interested. Jenna
  10. nwjohn

    afe air filters

    Heres an update, I still have these worthless filters , I cant seem to get a hold of them, when i leave a message they dont call back and they will not respond to my e-mails! ALL i want is my money back for the filters thats all. sorry to bring up a old thread but peeps should know about this!!!
  11. nwjohn

    afe air filters

    I did send photos to the manufacture and talked to him (steve) yesterday, he did say, hmmm never heard of that. I did try to call back today and recieve no answer. the filter CLAIMS to be the easiest filter out there , oil free. did i use grease no, when i took it off it had a good seal around it. I posted here to try to show and stop someone from having the same problems i had and what im going threw.
  12. nwjohn

    afe air filters

    Hate to bring up a dead thread but .... I bought 2 of these filters, 1 was for a 2000 300exc the other for a 06 300xcw. Prior to putting these on every thing was clean. my wife and i rode approx 60 miles with them on in dusty conditions , lets just say they dont work, pictures say a lot in ths case. I called them today(afe) and had a chat with steve , he said they havent heard anything bad about there filters not working, i call bs , just do a search on here. Wish i would of done it sooner. I did wipe the face of the intake boot clean with a rag , the rest of the dirt is closer to the carb and around the inner rim. keep in mind thats what the whole inside of my carb boot looked like. The filters were sprayed off with a garden hose and laid to dry, the dirt you see on the cage is what is left over from that.
  13. nwjohn


    Right now its closed to fire danger, IF they catch you on the trails its a ticket. Callahans is still there and there is some trails left, due to some recent logging we lost some good trails, but after they leave they will get opened back up. east of town theres deer cr , lots of riding up there, with miles and miles of trails you could actually go to cavit cr, lately there has been alot of side x side action going on up there. Boomer hill is another place with lots of trails. i can do around 60 miles and not hit the same trail twice (except for the trail in and out). canyonville cant comment, been there years ago with TJRace`s dad and it IS the disneyland of hill climbing. I have heard of some awesome single track up on sugar pine ridge , but its invitation only . due to the fact of parking on private property and the BIG problem of garbage dumping in the past. hope this helps, there are some more but... there secrete spots
  14. nwjohn

    2000 KTM 300 Feedback

    Im kinda in the same situation. My wife rides a 2000 300 exc , i ride a 06 300 xcw and my 12 yr old boy rides a kx 100. For the first time he rode his moms bike a EFR and loved it and thats all ive heard about since. next year he`ll get it when my wife gets a new one. Heres my views on the 2000 ktm 300 , Good bike never had a problem with it. Down side, it has lots of compression ,just like your 380, thats the ONLY thing i can think of that could be a problem when or if he was just flat out tired. Now on the other hand my 06 300 has a lot less compression and the kid can start with absolutly no problem. Either way he`ll grow into it and you cant really go wrong . If you start looking at the bikes the 125`s threw the 300`s there are just a few pounds difference any way, might as well get a bike thats gonna stay with him for a while. John
  15. nwjohn

    kdx lowering link

    hi, I would give Koubalink.com a call and ask them, I have bought from them in the past and they are VERY nice people and knowledgeable. good luck.