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    Low speed hesitation. Raised needle helped little

    When I did the BK mod on mine, I noticed that there is already a "boss" on the carb where you need to drill, which gives it the appearance that it is meant to be done. There is also a cutout on the linkage cover as well. I made my own 'kouba-like' T-handle for the adjustment screw with a slotted 6-32x1" screw and a piece of cotter pin.(one half of it) I just epoxied them together and used a spring for tension to keep it adjusted correctly. This made for a vast improvement. Dave
  2. gmcandcamaroz

    GYTR Headpipe

    Has anyone used one of the stepped stainless headers from yamaha? If anyone has one, what it the outside diameter where it ties into the tailpipe? Does it make anymore power? I currently use a stroker sx1 and stock pipe. Thanks, Dave
  3. gmcandcamaroz

    FMF Powerbomb - Stroker SX-1 Combo

    Missile, I just got a stroker sx1 and put it on a stock headpipe. I used two seals, one that fit the stroker, and one that fit the stock pipe. The two fit together great. Just a thought Dave
  4. gmcandcamaroz

    parts cd?

    Does anyone know if there is a parts cd available for a '00 WR400?
  5. gmcandcamaroz

    Accelerator pump problems

    Thanks for the replies guys. I haven't touched the bike in a week. I've been practically bedridden with this crappy flu thing going around central PA. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks again, Dave
  6. gmcandcamaroz

    Accelerator pump problems

    That isn't the problem. I've checked everything for binding and there is plenty of tension. It moves easily until it starts to push the rod, that is when it stops. Like I said, with the cover off the pump it works the diaphram with a good deal of force. I think I'm going to try softening the pump spring. By the way, this problem could have been here since new. It has always had a very bad bog when the throttle was snapped even to 1/3 open, and the pilot screw has never had any effect short of closing it completely or removing it altogether. I am currently using a 48 pilot, 100 air and 168 main with EKN on #3. Thanks for your sugestion. Dave
  7. gmcandcamaroz

    Accelerator pump problems

    I just did the bk mod as seen on motoman's web page(great pictures of the mod). Everything went great but I noticed another problem. The accelerator pump will not pump. It seems that the top spring is too weak or the pump spring is too stiff. With the cover off of the pump, I put my finger on the diaphram and opened the throttle and the actuator rod works fine. But once it is back together it doesn't work. It can be easily moved by hand once the throttle is opened, and nothing seems to be in a bind. I've tried it on the bike, off the bike and with the bike running and still no luck. Has anyone else seen this problem? Thanks, Dave 2000 WR400, all the free stuff
  8. Kevin, I received mine before Christmas! Many Thanks, Dave
  9. gmcandcamaroz

    I must be insane. Back to the dirt

    I purchased my 00 wr400 in may of 2001 as a new leftover. My last bike of any kind, other than those you pedal, was a 1976 CR125 Elsinore--wish I still had it!! it was only 3 years old when I got it! I rode for about 1 1/2 months before I found this awesome website. They taught me all the tricks and now I'm a tinkering fool! Any bike you get will be more fun than you remember. I'm doing stuff now that I never did before. Don't let the age thing be a factor. Just check out Yamakaze's thread. I'm a young 36. I'm rambling. I agree with the others. If you want a play bike to go out and have fun with, without having to do anything other than fill er' up, get the Honda. If you haven't ridden in years, it will have plenty of power for you. But if you want something with some b*lls, get the yam or the ktm, or if you can afford it, the cannondale. (I live about 25 minutes from the plant in Bedford, PA and my nearest shop wants about 8K+ for the few they have) I have ridden with one of the factory test riders(WHAT A JOB !!!!!!!!!) and they definitely RIP!! Have fun with whatever you buy and be safe. I'm rambling again look at my previous posts and you'll know why!! Dave
  10. gmcandcamaroz


    Oh yeah, its 1:14am here on the east coast and I've finished the better part of a fifth of rum. Dave
  11. gmcandcamaroz


    Happy New Year to all. Its my birthday, my wife just let me take some very provocative pictures and then went to bed and I'm sitting here bored. Just thought I'd chime in. Dave ps. Please say a prayer for Paul. pps. If anyone has any pictures they want to trade?????? HAHAHA
  12. gmcandcamaroz


    Keep your spirits up. I think I speak for all thumpers when I say our prayers are with you. Its not a very good way to bring in the new year. Please let us know how things turn out. Dave B. and family
  13. gmcandcamaroz


    Kevin, I got mine today too. Many thanks and have a wonderful Christmas. Have a safe trip back to NH after the holidays. Thankyou, Dave
  14. gmcandcamaroz

    HO HO HO

    Merry Christmas Eve! Have a safe and happy holiday! Dave
  15. gmcandcamaroz

    Paid for Koubas out the door!! The rest (paid) on Friday!

    Kevin, After helping helmut, take the rest of the extra cash, go to the toy store and buy as many gifts as you can for the kids on the Christmas tree. You know, the ones who are in need. Or give it to someone who realy needs it at this time of year. Anyone else mind? Merry Christmas everyone, be safe Dave