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  1. dirtynenow

    390 RR-S 2017 vs 2018?

    I rode a 17 390 Race Edition, super easy to ride, rode a crf450rx and a 17 450XC the same day. The 390 was slow compared to both bikes. It was easier to ride and I felt I could race faster longer on it. So I have a 2018 390 Race Edition now. Have only gotten to ride it 3 time and non of those times were in optimal condition. I made some serious suspension changes on my bike so I wont compare that to a 2017 but I will say that my 2018 with full FMF is way stronger through out the curve especially on top. Still not a Honda or KTM 450 fast but not s slouch at all. For just trail riding the 17 is fine but for racing go with an 18.
  2. dirtynenow

    Show me your...BETA !

    I'm running 49mm Showa SFF-Airtac forks off a 2017 CRF250r and the shock is a Showa off a 2007 CRF450r, forks bolted on with Honda axle, hanger and some new spacers to fit the Beta wheel. Shock needed the lower clevis milled wider and on the 4T it need the piggybac milled shorter and a smaller bladder. Piggybac doesn't hit the pipe on the 2T so I didn't need to shorten it for that bike. Also had to grind the plastic subframe a little and the shock a little above the top bolt. Ran this setup on my 300rr last year and was impressed with the forks once I started running about 30psi under the recommended moto settings. Shock is valved a bit stiff for woods. Revalved both ends but have not ridden yet cause it is cold in IA.
  3. dirtynenow

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    I have the Stock, Q Stealth shorty and the PC Shorty. Q Stealth has a Spark arrester in it, I feel it does not rev out as well as the stocker but does have a nice sound to it. The PC shorty is the best for over rev but it is obnoxiously loud (I love it but others do not), it is way smaller than the other options too.
  4. dirtynenow

    Show me your...BETA !

    2018 390 RR Race
  5. dirtynenow

    Beta RR Shock Conversions

    Yes I run the Beta spring, the only other option is a RaceTech spring but the diameter is larger. I think the Sachs are quality made equipment they just have some different ideas about valving and spring rates
  6. dirtynenow

    Beta RR Shock Conversions

    I had to through in the towel on a KYB shock for my bike. All the current KYB shock have springs with a much large diameter. I run a Smartcarb that already rubs the air boot. The bike with the KX450 KYB shock is working great, the guy racing it is a top 5, 40 A racer and loves the slower dampening. He plans on re-valving front and rear this winter. I ended up sending my shock to LTR and should have it back in a week. Just could not get the rebound any where close to how slow I want it. I am valving my KYB forks myself since I had some specs to go on. Will have it ready by the Mora, MN enduro. One of the nastiest enduros I have ever rode. When I have my buddies bike again Ill post some suspension pics.
  7. dirtynenow

    Beta RR Shock Conversions

    I have completed the conversion with a 2011 KX450F shock, Instantly noticed the slower rebound dampening which is the major complaint with the Sachs shock. All that was needed was machining down the knuckle where the shock bolts on and shaving a little where the top of the body rubs the frame, you can see that the Sachs shock rubs too. Do not think this will work for 4 strokes, the reservoir would hit the pipe. The spring is larger but still clears the carb and boot. Gonna start on the Yamaha shock this week.
  8. dirtynenow

    Beta RR Shock Conversions

    I have 20 years of working with KYB stuff and all of 2 years working with Sachs. Get the KYB on both ends and have Enzo revalve. My Kawasaki's had some really good setups.
  9. dirtynenow

    Beta RR Shock Conversions

    Got two options I am going to try as soon as the ebay specials show up, one off a YZF and the other off a KXF, YZ shock 1mm longer but not sure id the knuckle will fit. KXF shock 5mm shorter the the knuckle looks to be longer. CRF shocks top mount was way to different to work with (IMO), I rode a 2016 YZ250X last weekend, it sat so high it freaked me out. I definitely don't want the Beta raised much, love how it lays over in corners. i will post an update next week when my parts show.
  10. dirtynenow

    Beta RR Shock Conversions

    Ok, this is not a discussion of how to make the Sachs shock work. Got mine working well. I have done a couple very nice KYB fork kits and would like to do a KYB shock kit. My buddy broke the rebound adjuster out of his Sachs shock so this has given me a little motivation to begin. Looking up shock lengths and some other dimensions 09-14 KX450F shock is pretty close. 4mm shorter. 09-12 CRF450 is 1mm shorter but has the short reservoir and a weird pivot joint at the top mount. My plan is to take a Beta knuckle and machine it down where the shock attaches to fit the Kaw bushing and bearings. The top of the shock is just a tad wide but has enough material to be trimmed to fit. Has anyone else attempted such a conversion?
  11. dirtynenow

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

  12. dirtynenow

    Suspension Rebuild Recommendations?

    Ya, the Showa bladder was to deep and the cap was about 1.5mm to small. The Checkpoint bladder worked great. The cap sticks down from the bottom of the reservoir 5mm and the shrader is recessed way up. Had to get a straight chuck to get the nitrogen in.
  13. dirtynenow

    Beta 300 RR (2015)


    Good woods beast
  14. dirtynenow

    Beta 300 RR 2015

    Good woods beast
  15. dirtynenow

    Suspension Rebuild Recommendations?

    Checkpointoff-road.com emailed me and said they have a kit that works on the Beta for $89 it's just not on there site yet. A 50mm KYB fits but those are hard to come by, I have a 50mm Showa bladder off a KXF250 I am going to try next week. It is 10mm deeper bladder then the KYB so that might be an issue