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  1. The song played during the credits of On The Pipe 3 is stuck in my head. Does anyone know who sings it? Or where to get the download?
  2. Lead Farmer

    Spinning tank nut help. Almost got it

    I can't see how this would work to get the spinning nut out of the plastic tank. http://www.aldencorporation.com/grabit/
  3. Lead Farmer

    Shroud Bolt

    I just bought a '07 CRF250 and found that one of the nuts that's molded into the tank for the radiator shroud is stripped. Not the threads, but where the plastic on the tank is supposed to hold it in place. Has anyone run into this problem? Any quick fixes?
  4. Lead Farmer

    Yoshimura RS-2

    What is the difference between the RS-2 Comp and RS-2 Pro pipes?