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    Where did this shim come from?

    I took the starter clutch and that smaller gear that hits the flywheel out, and both those were in place. I think it had to be a whoops from the previous owner. I was just posting this to make sure I wasn't missing an obvious one. thanks for all the help.

    Where did this shim come from?

    It is a steel shim, and it's not #4. #4 is a smaller shim, I know because I took it apart again and made sure #4 was there. Its the same size as the oil plug washer, but there was already one on there.

    Where did this shim come from?

    Hi guys- haven't posted in a while! I got a basket case ltz-400, since I figured my DRZ has given me 15,000 trouble free miles and this atv has pretty much the same engine. The engine came to me with the head off, cylinder still on, and bottom end intact. It had a scored cam journal, so I took it further apart to inspect the oil pump. Somewhere in the process, and if I remember correctly, when I was taking the right hand case off, this little shim popped off of something, and I dont know where it goes. I think it was just sitting in the bottom of the case when I took the right cover off. It is approximately 17mm outer diameter, 12mm inner diameter, and very thin. (less then half a mm). Do any of you guys that have these things apart all the time know where this would go? Ive looked all through my factory service manual, and online microfiches. Please please pleeeeassseee dont move this to the ltz400 quad section.... this is quad is for the girlfriend and friends to ride, I can't be associated with those 4 wheeler guys!

    200 parts interchangeability with years

    Hey markit- could i put any year crank in? And any year for piston set?
  5. I sold my 200 and bought a 300 which I love, but I miss the lightness of the 200 I bought a 2012 125sx that I want to build into a 200. I have a 2003 200sx cylinder, and head. What year crank from a 200 could I put into the 125, so I would have a 200sx. I know that the motors are pretty much the same with minor changes every year. I have the 03sx carb And I also have the 2012 125 carb. Anything else I need to factor in?

    2012 300xc- hooking lights directly to battery?

    Is there any links on how to float the ground, and what regulator to get?

    2012 300xc- hooking lights directly to battery?

    Thanks for the information. I'll look into the stator, trail tech is less then $200 so not a bad option. For those of you who haven't rode at night- it's a blast. Now that the days are so short with work I really don't have time to ride, but with a task racing helmet light and a light bar, 3 hr rides during the dark are completely possible. I can't wait to try it with studded tires and a little snow!
  8. I have a 2012 300xc. I have the Ktm headlight on it. I do a lot of riding at night so I bought a battery powered led 12v light bar. 58 watts. Bad ass and wicked bright, however with the battery pack it's limited to 3 hrs of use. From my understanding the stock headlight plug from the stator is ac. So I can't plug my light into that. What's stopping me from instead of using the 3hr battery pack, just connecting the light bar directly to the battery used for the electric start? Would that cause any problems? Can the stator keep up to that or am I going to burn something out? Peter
  9. Looking for any last minute advice before I stud my tires. I just bought the bruno wessel stud gun, 9x17mm rally studs for the front tire, and 9x20mm studs for the rear. Have the drill bit/ drill bit stops. Using a high speed air drill. Have my tires picked out. I hear your supposed to clean the studs so I will rinse them in acetone or something to remove any oil residue. Using loctite black max to glue the studs in. I have a good compressor. I plan on using a sledge hammer or making a shoe to fit inside the tire to press the stud gun against. Ive done hours of research on google and various forums to get the info I need above. I bought hundreds of dollars worth of studding stuff. BUT Ive never studded a tire in my life, and just want to make sure Im not missing out on any information/ or any special techniques I should know.
  10. my buddys 07 yz250 is running now but has an erratic idle and WILL not rev for the first 30 seconds to a minute after you start it cold. This is with choke on, and off. Itll rev just a little bit, but if you open the throttle any more it will backfire, and bog out. When it is warm, it will start right up, first kick, and runs great. No bogs, stutters etc. However if you let it sit for even 5 minutes and start it up again it wont rev/ backfires and idles funky. Only thing I can think of is the needle valve (fuel inlet). Ive been turning the gas off and running it empty on gas, and that seems to help but it will still does it. Ive cleaned the carb, new plug, air filter, no water in pipe, cleaned stator, checked grounds, replaced head o-rings, checked power valves, compression checked, I feel as though ive done everything...
  11. DIRTBIKES987

    07 yz250 barely running!

    Drained old fuel and mixed fresh gas allready, forgot to add that
  12. DIRTBIKES987

    07 yz250 barely running!

    My buddy just bought an 07 yz250 from the dealer, used but looks really clean. Ran perfect for one ride, we washed it, parked it, went for ride number 2 and it barely runs. It runs down low, will idle, and rev up to about quarter throttle. I cleaned the carburator, all jets were good and carb looked spotless. New airfilter. Checked reeds- fine. Checked powervalves- clean and the linkage etc all works. Piston is not scored on intake or exh side. Tried disconnecting electronics on carb, same thing. No rags stuffed in airbox... done that before. I'd say every few times you kick it over it gets a really hard spot- like your kicking over an old xr600 and dont use the decompression... the kind that kill your feet even wearing boots. Kicks over fine with no spark plug. Every once in a while it will run decent and rev up, but never too long. I didnt check spark, and i didnt check any of the electrical. I checked basic things like the kill switch and ground wires, but didnt have a meter to do anything. Any suggestions? Im thinking it has to be electrical but wanna get this thing running asap!
  13. DIRTBIKES987

    No mid range power! HUGE bog

    So this is for a 03 Z400 atv, but since its got the same engine as the drz i figured I would throw it in here... I've never had any problem like this on my drz or any other bikes. I bought it and it needed new cases, so i did that rode it around and it ran fine. then i trailered it from CT to VT. As soon as I got in VT it would run, but horribly. It will idle fine, and it will run wide open fine, but everything in between is a huge bog. It's not rideable since its literally idle or wide open. I tried putting the stock exhuast back on, which made no difference, and I cleaned the jets which also made no difference. Now, its back in CT and still running like garbage. Any suggestions? Also, the vacuum line is connected from the petcock to carb, and it doesn't run any different on prime.
  14. DIRTBIKES987

    passenger pegs

    I cut mine off when I was a new rider just so I wouldnt be tempted to ride 2-up. Now, 20,000 miles later, I want them. Does anyone have any for sale? The problem is I cut my exhuast mount off so the bracket wouldnt be there, so I need the brackets and mounts. (lost my other ones this was a few years back). Couldnt find them on ebay or anywhere else. Shoot me a PM if ya got them.
  15. DIRTBIKES987

    Best way to quiet a motocross bike?

    search for decibel dog or decibel dawg... there inserts for any exhaust.