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    Drag racing theory/practice. Modification/fabrication of anything with wheels and a motor.
  1. SRAD97750

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Looking for a code, if anyone would be so kind as to pass one along. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks! -BIG DAN
  2. SRAD97750

    Devils Hole Restoration Party ! Jun 11 2011

    Sure was nice out on saturday. Thanks to all who came out!!! -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  3. SRAD97750

    Engine rebuild

    LA SLeeve in Whittier does re-plating inhouse. I got mine done in 3 days but I delivered and picked up. $270 and the plating dissolver cleans the jug REALLY well. Then they bore and plate to the exact piston you provide. I recommend them. Except the OP mentioned $230, which LA Sleeve CANNOT beat. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  4. SRAD97750

    Engine rebuild

    Sounds normal to me. LA SLeeve is like $270 but 2 week turn around. -BIG DAN
  5. SRAD97750

    RIDE WITH A PRO!!! Presented by JART & Prospectors MC

    WOW, Score! I'm on the edge of my seat!!! -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  6. SRAD97750

    Cylinder (honing) work in riverside area?

    He can knock off a glaze without changing the Piston Clearance by much. He does it how you want it. So, If you need a nice crosshatch and thats it, tell him. If you have burrs or scratches you want gone, he can run the hone longer to clean up the cylinder. He mics the cylinder frequently to ensure roundness. If you are already at the maximum piston clearance, I would recommend boring and new piston. If your clearance is still tight, a hone job will not change the compression or performance. -BIG DAN EDIT- I really liked the work he did on my cylinder. Removed less than .0004" and took out some light scratching and brought out a great crosshatch.
  7. SRAD97750

    Cylinder (honing) work in riverside area?

    Just had mine honed last month. In riverside on Arlington, between crest and rutland. Great little shop, with a quality owner. He'll hone TO YOUR LIKING for $25 in less than an hour. Please do him a favor and remove your studs before taking it in. He does not work on sunday. Not sure of the address. The place is called "Riverside Engine" and is next door to C+P Smog at this location. http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=c%2BP+smog+riverside&fb=1&gl=us&hq=c%2BP+smog&hnear=Riverside,+CA&cid=16669688073198221811 Just walk right in the shop and tell them "BIG DAN" sent you in for a quality hone job. You can tell him you were quoted $25. -BIG DAN:thumbsup: EDIT- For all your Test-Only Smog needs... C+P Smog is also My Go-to smog location.
  8. SRAD97750

    Where to ride in So. Cal?

    I'm always riding in the San Bernardino mtn/dezert area. I too have mostly been street, but have come to find off-road quite entertaining. PM me if you are interested in riding Baldy Mesa, El Mirage, Arrowhead, or even Spangler hills and surrounding area. All are worth at least a day ride and I have 40+ mile rides for each location. -BIG DAN:thumbsup: EDIT- I usually ride midweek in the mornings.
  9. AAA does not deal with OHV. :sadface: -BIG DAN
  10. SRAD97750

    Who likes to THROW ROCKS ?

    Not this year! It was passable Februrary 3rd. Went through with no problems. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  11. Having a bike off the books is one of the easiest ways to get it registered for cheap. I recently registered an 86 that had never been registered. $68(ohv) and a simple inspection. I now have a title and registration on my bike. Ok, in CA you need to take a bill of sale along with the bike to the DMV. You will pay the fees (up to 30% over registration) and then get your bike inspected. Might be a little over $100 due to it's street legality. The inspection is NOT done at the CHP/sheriff unless there is special modifications. Don't let them BS you. A vin inspections is ONLY to verify that the bike you are trying to register matches the numbers YOU have provided on the bill of sale. Not some magical inspection of past records. Hope that was helpful. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  12. SRAD97750

    Who likes to THROW ROCKS ?

    I'm In. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  13. SRAD97750

    Stealing from my OHV fund

    I have recently expanded my OHV fund. It has been a struggle of power with the "OHV Manager" for many years. But I didn't give up! She finally lets me go riding every week. -BIG DAN:moon:
  14. SRAD97750

    Stealing from my OHV fund

    Do you even read threads anymore???? Apparently not. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:
  15. SRAD97750

    Stealing from my OHV fund

    I couldn't believe it either!!! Right on. -BIG DAN