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  1. dakota450

    Oregon What's closed for fire season?

    I am wondering whats open actually. Hood River, Upper Nestucca, Ginger Creek, TSF??? Thinking about riding this weekend.
  2. dakota450

    fire and washouts devils gulch

    That place is bad luck for me. I don't have as much time this year to spend on this trip and I didn't get to ride as much of the gulch area as I would have liked to last year.
  3. dakota450

    fire and washouts devils gulch

    Any updates on this area? Can you ride it now?
  4. dakota450

    Washington Blewett Pass

    Does anyone now the condition of the trails around Blewett pass? Is it open?
  5. dakota450

    Upper Mad River Trail work

    Ya, I know the rut you are talking about. It almost swallowed my bike. I went through it and sank clear to the bottom of my seat. I had to lift the bike out. The motor was completley under water.
  6. My group was going to ride the Hi-yu trail at the end of July this year. It was maked closed and when I talked to the ranger dist. they said they were going to be closing it for good. I have never ridden it but had planned on doing so on my trip there this year. Did it ever get opened yet this year?
  7. We tried to go up it around the 25th or so of July. There is a spot where the tread is pretty much gone and there is a drain pipe exposed. We stopped there and turned around. We probably could have made it past there but it was late in the day and we were getting tired and didn't want to deal with it. The day before, my kid and I went down from the top quite a ways. We were only going to go down the the infamous washed out area but turned around because it was getting late again. The top couple of miles of that trail is awesome. There are just a couple of spots that need to be re-routed or fixed. That would be a shame to lose that trail.
  8. dakota450

    Mad River Trails

    Really?? I read some posts from September of last year from Redwrecker that the lower mad river trail 1409 was logged and brushed out to at least billy creek trail. Seems strange that it would already be overgrown and closed again. Did you actually see a sign at the trailhead this year?
  9. dakota450

    Mad River Trails

    looking at the map, it looks like you can access the Hi-yu trail from trail 1419 by couger mountain. If the lower mad river trail is still clear, couldn't you ride it until 1416 go up it to tyee lookout, over to couger mountain? Is trail 1419 open?
  10. So are there any trails that need to be cleared still? I will be riding up there soon and was wondering if I needed to carry my saw.
  11. dakota450

    Mad River Trails

    Has anyone ridden trails 1421 Hi-yu, 1423 or 1409 yet this year? Are the passable? Any trails other than those that anyone has found not cleared this year?
  12. dakota450

    Devils Gulch closed for 09?

    Why do I need a forest pass. Does the camping area you are talking about have a specific name. Do I need one to camp at Goose Creek? I don't see it listed. I don't have a problem buying one as I could use it at other places. I guess I'm not clear on this.
  13. dakota450

    Devils Gulch closed for 09?

    one last question. Are there any areas to pitch a tent at the Devils gulch if you access it from 5 mile road. We don't need a formal camp ground but a level spot out of the main traffic would be fine.
  14. dakota450

    Devils Gulch closed for 09?

    So any new news on the area? If I am heading south from goose creek campground back to Oregon, can it be accessed from any of the roads off of 97? I have never ridden the area but thought I might like to try it this summer. I was thinking of linking two separate areas together this year. I am thinking of goose creek for a few days then back towards Portland for a day at another area. Is Teanaway more on the way back to Portland or is Devils gulch? I have not ridden either area yet. Any other suggestions?
  15. dakota450

    Pics of your fork mounted chainsaw carrier?

    how about this?