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  1. trampman

    RM 85 engine case cracks

    I'm taking it somewhere tomorrow for someone to have a look. Thanks
  2. trampman

    RM 85 engine case cracks

    Hi all, I'm in the process of rebuilding my lads 2010 RM 85. I was just about to pub the new main bearings in when I noticed some hairline cracks in the right hand engine case. Can anyone tell me if these are common or should I be panicking and saving up for a new engine case. Photos of case attached
  3. trampman

    Stopping my son looking down

    Thanks for that but I hope you won't be to offended If I pass on the Tony Alessi method. It has however, had me laughing for the last few mins
  4. trampman

    Stopping my son looking down

    thanks for all your advice everyone, just need to wait for the weekend now and implement some of them.
  5. trampman

    Stopping my son looking down

    I think the cone of shame is looking pretty good, either that or I get another peak and glue it to the bottom part of the helmet so he can't look down
  6. trampman

    Stopping my son looking down

    Ha what is the cone of shame?
  7. Hi everyone I'm looking for some tips or ways to get my son to look forward instead of looking down just in front of his wheel? No matter how many times I tell him, he just doesn't seem to listen.
  8. Hi all I need to get my daughter a new bike and the choices are a King Cobra 50 or a KTM sx 50. Takinig into consideration I live in England what are everyones thoughts on. best bike to ride best / easiest to maintain cost of parts best value for money I'm looking at about a 2010 model. thanks
  9. trampman

    so is there still an RM85

    You can still buy them in the UK and their really popular at the local clubs especially because their easy to ride and like most things from Japan really reliable
  10. Hi all I'm after getting my lad an RM 85 however he is only small and I'm thinking to the future. My plan is to get a S/W then change / mod the swing arm in the future and put the bigger rear wheel into it. Does anyone know if the only difference is the rear swing arm and rear wheel? thanks
  11. Bought my son a bike, travelled 4 hrs to pick it up, stripped it got it the back of my car then 4 hrs back. well worth it
  12. Hi all my daughter rides a LEM 50, but I'm thinking she needs something newer. Has anyone got any alternatives to KTM???
  13. trampman

    Sell and buy efi, or keep and build?

    the yzf250 still has a carb and that doesnt seem to do to badly. if you have a problem with a carb their simple and easy to fix. EFI if it breaks who you gona call???
  14. trampman

    Help deciding to buy a 07

    up to and including the 2006 the rmz 250 is a kxf 250 it even has made by kawasaki motor company stamped on the head stock so if you defo dont want a kxf make sure its 2007 or later. For some reason when people sell bikes some of them seem to loose years of thier life
  15. trampman

    needing help for simple problem quickly plz help!

    if you have a spark it wont be the kill switch. have you checked for compression? is it sucking fuel in, are the jets blocked. as a test take the plug out and put a little bit of fuel down the plug hole, plug back in and see if that starts. if it does its a fuel problem