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    TM 300 vs KTM 300

    If you want something different (that is why we are all here) don't count out GASGAS either. I have read nothing but praise for thier latest enduro bikes. In the May issue of DIRT BIKE they test 11 enduro bikes, one of the testers picked the GASGAS EC250 over the KTM 250EXC and he owns a KTM. Something to consider!
  2. drz_rider

    VOR real world weight?

    Thanks for the input guys! As you all know it is hard to get good info on these non-Japanese bikes and finding one to test ride is just as difficult. I just picked up the May issue of DIRT RIDER and they tested 11 enduro bikes, including the Yamaha WR450F, KTM 450/250 EXC, Honda XR400, Kawazuki DRZ400/E and GasGas FSE450, absent were products from VOR, Husky and Husaberg (probably because none of them have 2003 models out yet) Of course in this crowd the KTM 450 EXC was rated as the best bike all around, I've riden one and it is sweet. Interestingly they really liked the GasGas FSE450! a bike that I had written off as a fancy DRZ400. I just wish one magazine would have a 450 4-stroke shoot out and include all of the european bikes! Thanks again for your input.
  3. drz_rider

    VOR real world weight?

    Need a little help from the VOR owners out there. To make a long story short I have had a deposit on a Husqvarna TE450 for over a year, if they don't start showing up very soon I am buying something else. For the riding I do that will be a KTM 450EXC or a VOR EN450, I am leaning towards the VOR. The only problem is none of the magazine test I have read on 2002 VOR EN400/450/530 have weighed the bike and we all know that manufacturers lie on thier specs. I have gathered some baseline information on my DRZ400E and a 2003 KTM 450EXC by weighing them myself. The methoed I used was to take a good bathroom scale and weigh one wheel at a time, I got a block of wood the same height as the scale to put under the other wheel while weighing, this kept the bike level and therefore would not transfer weight to the lower wheel. Both bikes were weighed ready to ride, that is full of oil, 1-1/2 gallon of gas, skid plate, hand gaurds. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WILLING TO WEIGH THIER EN VOR THE SAME WAY?
  4. drz_rider

    All quite on the Husky front?

    Anyboby heard, read or seen anything since the press release? Bikes were scheduled for delivery the first week of April. I'm getting nervious watching all of the 2003 KTMs go away while I sit and wait!
  5. drz_rider

    CRF450X when?

    Anybody heard when Honda might be coming out with an enduro version of the CRF450?
  6. drz_rider

    TC 250 and 450 news

    The last word I am getting from my local dealer: TE250/450 will be at US dealers the first half of April, in very limited quantities. European models are being built right now so we should start to see them popping up over there next month. No word on TCs or 2-strokes.
  7. drz_rider

    Any New News on New Thumper Huskys

    Something to consider while you wait: I was talking to Munroe Motors in S.F. they are a Moto Guzzi / Ducati / MV Agusta / Cannondale / Husqvarna dealer (I would think they know how the Italian's work). The sales manager indicated that they had some solid information on delivery of 2003 MV Agusta's (also a Cagiva company, built next door to Husky) and the MV Agusta's were in full production, would be available shortly. He had no reason to decive me since I am buying a Moto Guzzi and told him my deposit on the TE450 was with a different dealer. It does makes sense that Cagiva would put thier resources into building street bikes that sell for $13,000 to $30,000 before building $6,500 dirt bikes. I worked in the motorcycle industry in the '80s and was told by Yamaha that a manufacturing cost to build a dirt bike is not that much different than a street bike, they make thier money on the street!
  8. drz_rider

    Any New News on New Thumper Huskys

    I spoke with my dealer again last Friday, nothing has changed. The flood in December postponed any real production until after the Christmas break. U.S. bikes are still scheduled to be built at the end of January and land on our soil at the end of February, they should be at the dealers the first of March. My dealer is getting an update this week.
  9. drz_rider

    Husqvarna 2003 ?????????????

    I too have a deposit on a TE450, from what I have learned from my Husky dealer, it is the U.S. importer who has requested 4-strokes first and maybe only in 2003. It is quite possible that Europe will recieve 2-strokes first. Husky however would be foolish to ignore the strong American market and not deliver TC/TE 250/450 as soon as possible. Word as of 2-weeks ago was still late January delivery, I will be getting an update next week. Also I read that Aprilia is a candidate to purchase Husky, they have expressed a strong interest in entering the dirt bike market. My fingers are still crossed.
  10. drz_rider

    VOR 450EN vs KTM 450EXC

    I've given up on getting a new Husky TE450, even if they do arrive in DEC or JAN it will take another year to see if they make it as a company, too bad. In the meantime it looks like both VOR and KTM have come out with some nice 450s. I'm leaning towards the VOR because my local dealer has one 2002 left at a great price. I would like to hear some VOR experiences both good and bad, how is support, parts pricing, reliability. Any ride reports on 2002s. Does anybody really know what the VOR 450EN weighs? Thanks in advance for any good info supplied.
  11. drz_rider

    Husky update

    Tuesday I e-mailed Husky-Australia since niether Husky-USA or Husky-Italy was responding. They indicated that TE450s would be at the dealers in DEC-JAN.
  12. drz_rider

    GasGas FSE400 weight

    M.Stone, thanks for the heads up, your right on the money about when the DRZ's weight is a problem. I have a 2000 DRZ-E and love the bike except it's tipsy nature in slow technical and loose traction situations. Here in California only 3 currently produced 4-strokes can get "Green" OHV stickers, therfore, qualifying for a license plate. XR Hondas, EXC KTM's and the GasGas. I've been waiting for a new Husky 450 for 11 months It's time to look elsewhere and the GasGas looks like a great bike.
  13. drz_rider

    GasGas FSE400 weight

    Does anyone out there know what one of these things actually weighs? I have asked two distributors and have gotten two different answers, 262lbs and 270lbs, ready to ride without fuel. In my humble opinion 262lbs is close enough to a KTM to consider, 270lbs is too close to my DRZ to consider.
  14. drz_rider

    Gas Gas 400 FE?

    Stone, If you are up to it how about a bathroom scale test? Put the scale on the garage floor and weigh the front wheel and then the rear wheel and give us the results, including approximatly how much fuel was in the tank. It's not the most accurate test but we can compare our own bikes and at least tell the difference. I too own a DRZ and am looking for a replacement.
  15. I am considering replacing my DRZ400 with a 2003 KTM450EXC, love the DRZ motor, hate the wieght and limited suspension. The dual sport rides I go on are 80%+ dirt. Having never ridden a KTM 400 or 450 I need some input from you current owners. I have been told a few things about KTMs please clear up the myths. 1. I have been told by a 400 owner that KTMs vibrate too much for dual sport use, that it would become tiring after 8+ hours, true or false? 2. I have been told that KTM does not recommend using the 400 or 450 for dual sport use, that the transmission will not hold up, true or false? 3. I have been told that there is a non-US version of the 450EXC that can be purchased in Canada, it is equipped with DOT tires, turn signals, DOT lights and taller gearing, other than that it is identical to the std. 450EXC, can anybody confirm or deny that? thanks for the help!