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    If anyone is interested I made a couple extra case savers when I was making them for my bike. $25 shipped US only. Fits 84-01 honda cr250r Design them to be used with the stock size sprocket. Thanks


    Marion, Iowa - US

  2. Josh28

    Front sprocket O ring on ‘04 wr250

    looks like a carburetor vent line got sucked up underneath your sprocket.
  3. Josh28

    Need Help Determining Year CR125. Pics!

    Just to clear some info up. All cr125 engine # start with JE01E-!!!!!!!. Only 1 year honda cr125 came with rc valve 2004. I am not around 125 enough to help you guess the year good luck.
  4. Josh28

    Top End rebuild question

    It will be fine to let it sit. You will have more lube on the piston/ cylinder/ rod bearing then it would if it sat for a few weeks after a race/ ride.
  5. The motor is a 1994. That does not mean your frame/ bike is.