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  1. loomdog

    2011 CRF Crank

    I havent heard of crank issues, only clutch... I have the 2011 and it really depends on how you ride and service it. Im a C rider on the track + occasional long trail rides and have over 100 hrs on it and will probably get another 100 with the proper service. If your an A rider or better that is constantly at or near the rev limiter I'd say 35-50hrs would be about right.
  2. loomdog

    performance exhaust & fuel injection

    thanks, it performed really well at stock setting but have not pulled the plug yet either.
  3. Just put a Patriot Racing Exaust on my 2011 450R, the pipe has unbelievable flow it sounds like a 700 Raptor with aftermarket exhaust. It is designed with a 4 stage header and a 2 stage silencer, my question is... I plan to check to see how lean its running, but how does the bike's fuel injection compensate for a pipe with very little restriction, and should I consider plugging it up slightly with there optional reduction insert?
  4. Definatlety without a doubt a CR500 on dirt, as for the the other... R-1 at VIR
  5. loomdog

    High octane gas necessary for dual-sport?

    Others may have a different opinion, personally I think your wasting your money on anything more than 93 octane on stock equipment. Use the extra money you save at the pump for oil changes.
  6. loomdog

    villapoto faded?

  7. Being a life long Miami Dolphin fan its pretty tough to pick a winner.... But I do I guarantee that the rider who finishes with the most points wins the championship this year!! Whomever that may be, I just hope its close and right down to the last race..
  8. loomdog

    Is it reliable?

    I'm sure everyone is going to have something to say here. A bike will perform or last only as long as the maintenance or care of the machine no matter what you buy, period. I have a 2011 and ride MX at about the pace of a C or a slow B maybe. For preventative measures i just put in a new piston, rings and cam chain and the valves were 100% in spec at 100hrs. Put a hour meter on, change fluids every 5-6 hrs, the more anal you are on the filter the better and try to prent bouncing off the rev limiter as much as possible. The nice this about a Honda is the 2 chamber crank case, motor oil stays clean longer and is free from clutch and tranny sediment. I hate to open this can of worms, but if your hard on clutches the Hondas is the worst. There are some simple remedies, just search through the countless clutch threads and read up.
  9. loomdog

    Keep '06crf 450 or buy '11 kx 450

    If you dont care what color is in th garage and funds aren't an issue, flip a coin or take the best deal. Both bikes are bad a$$!
  10. loomdog

    Best youth motocross bike

    depends on age, but i like the Honda CRF150R for a performance bike - great for kids 85-110lbs
  11. Title for what, most blown holeshots?
  12. loomdog

    2011 clutch question

    I've heard you can go back to a 6 spring clutch by using a 2008 clutch center and pressure plate with your stock 2011 outer basket. Has anybody done this sucessfully?
  13. loomdog

    Breaking in Alpinestar tech 10 boots

    Put them in a blender for 25 minutes... LOL
  14. loomdog

    Center Clutch

    With the vise grip style holder. You open the pliers, screw them closed under no pressure, re open and give it maybe one turn and always make sure that when you tighten the clutch assy back to recommended torque spec that you brace the pliers against the larger splines where the pressure wil be applied... They work great if you follow that procedure and don't give it the gorilla grip.