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  1. SS109

    KDX Top End Kit

    I have used Wiseco many times in my KDX's with no issues. However, see if you can find a good forged piston that also has an anti-friction coated skirt. I think Vertex was offering one for the KDX but I'm not 100% sure. IMO/IME, stay away from cast pistons.
  2. SS109

    2019 EC/XC 200's

    I have heard nothing about an updated delivery notice on the GasGas riders forum. We were told they were coming for 2019. Supposedly the only hold up was the fire at the factory. It was mainly the US riders that were asking for a 200 so I don't see that as a reason not to bring them here. The Ranger won't be replacing it as they are heavier than the standard XC/EC series bikes.
  3. You asked almost this same question in another thread (https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1280126-shopping-for-dual-pane-goggles-need-your-help/?tab=comments#comment-14607968), which I replied, yet now you're being goggle specific. No moto goggles I know of come with a thermal (dual pane) lens. You will need to see if they offer them for the Prospect goggle (check RMATV) and, if so, order one in the color of your choosing. Scott's Prospect goggle is their top of the line so of course it's compatible with roll-offs. Just add the proper roll-off system they have for it and you'll be good to go.
  4. SS109

    2019 EC/XC 200's

  5. SS109

    Silicone Radiator Hoses '89 KDX200E

    Compare your '89 hoses to the later H Series ('95 and up) KDX's and I think you'll find they can be made to work fairly easy.
  6. I would love to have my shock serviced. That's really all I want. Oh, and socks! You can never have enough new socks.
  7. Did you air the up in a warm garage? If so, that will account for the dramatic drop in pressures. As for slow leaks, the high pressure tubes will always start to drop pressure after a day or two. No need to use Slime, or equivalent, in the tires or high pressure tube. However, I do recommend it when regularly running under 5psi on the rear so that there is some lubrication between the tire and liner. This protects the liner from abrasion/heat and potentially destroying it.
  8. SS109

    Cylinder fitment

    Maxed out the bore? Just send it in and have it replated.
  9. SS109

    Tuning advice

    So remove the 12 x .10 bleed to the top of the stack. What about the other side of the piston? Could I swap the 11mm shims around or even move the 18 x .15 closer to the piston and then the 11's further out from the piston? Sorry, what I'm asking might not make sense to someone who understands valving as I know nothing about it really. This is literally the first time I've ever even thought about changing the valving myself.
  10. SS109

    Tuning advice

    Looking to slow my rebound down. Does anyone know what I can do with th existing shims I have to accomplish this? My rebound stack is... Nut 11 x 2.5 spacer 11 x .10 11 x .30 14 x .15 17 x .10 20 x .10 (3) 12 x .10 piston (larger opening facing nut side and there is a small bushing/spacer in it on the same side if it makes a difference) 20 x .10 (2) 11 x .10 11 x .25 18 x .15
  11. If you have ridden on both tires then you know the Shinko doesn't last as long, cracks knobs easily, and doesn't provide the traction that the GT does. Well, at least that is what my buddy and I've seen and were only B riders/racers. The difference in performance, even if I was replacing them 3+ times a year, the GT would still be way worth it. Of course, I don't have to replace the GT's like that as they last where as the Shinko starts to rip the knobs after one ride here in the AZ desert. Shinko got me once, but only once, on their copy.
  12. I run the Scott Hustle goggles with a replacement thermal (dual pane) lens. They're great goggles and the lens does not fog up on me in rainy/cold weather. It comes with posts for their roll-off system.
  13. SS109

    What did you do to your Gas Gas today?

    I prefer Tubliss over any tube or mousse. Lots of versatility with Tubliss and tire changes are quicker and easier. I run them front and rear. My GasGas work today was disassembling my forks to fix a leaking seal, fresh fluid, and rebound stack mod.
  14. SS109

    2011 ec250 main bearings

    Yeah, it was the norm for these years. However, most pull the inner seal so that it get oiled from the intake charge.
  15. SS109

    Tuning advice

    I serviced the forks (cartridge and outer) when I bought the bike since I needed to change spring rates. The shock I just slapped a new spring on. I'll go get a basic service done on it and start over. As for the preload, the cartridge has 4 internal positions like most other brands have. They are 0, 5, 10, 15mm preload increments. The PFP just changes the starting pressure in the cartridge.