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  1. SS109

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    Once again, for the umpteenth time, padding is NOT the same as the EPS liner. Padding is for general comfort and the EPS protects your brain. I don't need comfort padding but I do like modern tech in my EPS and shell design. That said, I bought a Kali Shiva 2.0 due to modern technology and design theory incorporated in to it's design and I really like it. The lack of comfort padding was odd at first but as soon as I started riding I forgot all about it. The smaller shell size, lighter weight, and less comfort padding (which helps air flow) combine to outweigh the comfort provided with the thicker air flow limiting padding most helmets have. The helmet is plenty comfortable, IMO, but comfort isn't my #1 priority, protection is. Lastly, in my reading on helmet ratings I found ECE or DOT look to be better standards for us off road riders. Snell is getting better but it still doesn't address the needs of most of us dirt bike riders. EDIT: Wanted to add that there other safety advantages that people don't consider when running a modern tech, smaller shelled helmet. Yes, injury reduction due to rotational force is the big one but there is more. With a smaller shell you have a reduced chance of getting your helmet snagged by foliage/trees. Anyone that has had their head whipped back due to this understands how dangerous this can be. Also, you have a reduced risk of hitting your head on a low hanging obstacle. I can tell you that is very dangerous and can cause serious injury. With my old larger shell helmets, in particular the Klim F4, I hit a low hanging branch at speed once so hard that I saw white and crashed.
  2. SS109

    Tires for Mud?

    Just raced a nasty mudder this weekend. I was worried that maybe my everyday tires would really suck but was pleasantly surprised they did exceptionally well. Goldentyre fatty up front w/Tubliss at 11.5 psi and a Shinko 525 w. Tubliss at 6 psi. The fatty was just phenomenal in the soupy/sticky mud and slick rocks. I haven't been real impressed with the Shinko 525 in dry conditions but it really shined in the muddy conditions.
  3. SS109

    Pot & Riding

    One of my best riding buddies fires up every time before and in between rides. He's a solid rider/racer and it doesn't seem to affect his riding one bit. While there is no way I would think it would ok (I don't drink alcohol or smoke weed) to ride like that he has proven otherwise. I say to each their own unless it causes a problem.
  4. To the OP's question, just plug it like normal. No deflating necessary. I ride over cactus with no worries here in AZ. Only two punctures in seven years with Tubliss.
  5. I get it. I don't know how many times I've seen a generic question, not specific to any brand, yet the OP mentions the brand of bike and it's moved to that brand's sub-forum. It gets really ridiculous at times. Even happened to me once and I didn't mention any brand but my bike was in my sig line so they moved it there. That's why you won't find what bike I ride in my sig any more. Sorry to hijack! Carry on!
  6. SS109

    Kdx220 questions

    The GasGas EC250R definitely has more top speed. It has a six speed trans with 13/48 gearing (same as my KDX) so I can hit speeds I know I'll never ride, lol! The extra power of the 250 can be helpful in some extreme situations so that's why I stepped up. That being said, if my 250 wasn't ready for a race, I wouldn't have any hesitation to jump back on the KDX and go racing. It really is that good of a bike with all the mods I have done. More details on my KDX220 here: http://www.kdxrider.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=18726
  7. SS109

    91 KDX200 Factory carb settings?

    158 main, 48 pilot, R1172N needle in 4th clip, 1.5 turns out air screw. That said, air screw should be adjusted every ride. It is not a set it and forget it adjustment if you want good, crisp throttle each ride.
  8. SS109

    Kdx220 questions

    I ride a bit of about everything. Hike-a-bike technical stuff, tight and twisty singletrack, sand washes, and race hare scrambles. However, I have retired my KDX220 from racing and higher speed stuff as I wanted more top speed and bought a 250 but don't have any plans to let go of my KDX!
  9. SS109

    Tubliss back to Tubes

    I never assumed anything or said "you" personally were doing anything wrong. I said it purely in general terms regarding the complaints leveled at Tubliss. I know some beads fit the rim tighter than others and it can really suck. I don't think you did anything wrong there so I'm at a loss. About checking things, you know what I meant. The only thing I called out is how bad was it really to you to check two more pressures. If your starting to loss air from the high pressure tube check that the valve core is completely clean. If any dust/dirt gets under the fill valves sealing surface it will lose psi easier than a standard low pressure setup just due to the high pressure. I check them before my first ride of the weekend and don't have to check them again until the following weekend or after two days and have had zero problems. I guess it really is different strokes as I find checking them a non-issue. Ok, to comment directly on your question, I would only consider UHD tubes by Bridgestone. Best tubes on the market, period, but they aren't cheap. Yes, you can install a stock rim lock back in the enlarged hole with no problem. Just make sure to put in a new rim strip and all should be good.
  10. SS109

    Are we going to have a mudder MXoN?

    Back in '12? This '18 and Barcia isn't the same rider as he was then. He proved this year that he can ride a mudder and I've never been a fan of his.
  11. SS109

    Tubliss back to Tubes

    Yes, I'm one of those die hard Tubliss users. With well over a 1000 hours running them I've had only two flats, one front and one rear, and both were from cactus penetrating the tire, and I doubt a tube would have done any better, and both were fixed in about 5 minutes with a plug kit. I really don't understand the big deal with checking your tire pressure either. Do you just ride without going over your bike before a ride? Do you not adjust your air screw before and during a ride? Don't you check your tire pressure each ride anyway? Is it really that hard to put a gauge on two more schraders and adjust as necessary? If I need to add air it literally takes me less than 5 minutes to do all four. Like has been mentioned way too many times on TT to count, tire choice is important and if you're having problems installing them then you're doing it wrong. Geez, this is so simple yet everyone makes it out to be like there is some voodoo science to it or it's just a gimmicky product. I've installed five sets total, and I'm still running a Gen I liner up front on my Gasser, and not had one issue with getting them to work properly.
  12. SS109

    Kdx220 questions

    The 220 is a great bike and love mine. It will haul you with no problem. Plus, if you get the notion you need more, the 220 can be brought alive with some simple bolt-on mods.
  13. MTB vs moto are two completely different things if for no other reasons than weight and inertia. More weight, hence more inertia, creates way more heat to stop. What works on MTB isn't going to live on a moto. The brakes we have on our motos can already override the traction the best tires provide so whats the point of some supposedly new high tech components if we really can't get any practical use out of them? I only see it driving up maintenance and costs.
  14. Ordering OEM parts isn't the same as ordering aftermarket ones. No one can stock all the OEM stuff so they have to order it in from the main parts distributor for Yamaha. I have waited weeks for OEM. As to why the aftermarket part hasn't shipped is they don't want to ship a partial order. They'll wait until the OEM parts come in and then ship it all together.
  15. SS109

    AC Back in the Saddle Again!

    Team is good and he's not ready for a 450. I think Kawasaki is hoping he develops still. Also, he needs a couple of solid seasons in the 250's first.