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    Husabergs in Action Pictures

  2. getting harder and harder. Ktm is not repopping any of the black plastics - tanks were done a long time ago. Now, blue shrouds and tails are drying up too and . . eventually new yellows will go the same route. Ktm is walking away from berg pretty quickly with regard to those parts that don't translate to both berg and ktm. Keep your eyes open on ebay or husaberg . org
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    Husaberg FS650C 2005

    My berg
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    Husaberg FS650C (2005)


    My berg
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    2006 650 fe

    Great bike. Some parts are getting harder to find. Download the repair manual from Motoxotica. Dan is your man for parts (Motoxotica) but you should review the manual to see if you're up for short and extensive servicing intervals. It's a racebike with lights. If you're expecting it to be like a DRZ, well, buy a DRZ. I love mine, but it has certainly been a touch spendy to maintain and it definitely needs kid gloves.