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  1. Havingfun

    Fantasy SX 2019

    see ozzy is back there
  2. Havingfun

    Fantasy SX 2019

    @Mongo134 you need to re-read how to play..... http://www.fantasysxmx.com/standings.php sorry ---> rules http://www.fantasysxmx.com/rules.php
  3. results all over the place.. but Kenny is right there again.
  4. he has 30-40lbs over kroc... harder in pack if thats what happen.. just watching live timing here
  5. whats going on? re-start?
  6. 6 laps in.. must have been bad
  7. they might need to start sending a mental coach with this guys
  8. was just going to post this.. we have not even got to the main and he's done
  9. will ET make the main..