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  1. Havingfun

    Peick Injury

    yea I put it in slowmo and the other riders crankcase is sure close to his head. Maybe his helmet got crushed? if he was landed on
  2. Havingfun

    Peick Injury

    seen that one, not a very clear video.
  3. Havingfun

    Peick Injury

    yea sounded so bad that he could not breath. His jaw must have got crushed. I wanted to see a clear video to see what happen. This was going on before he got there and how did his jaw get busted up so bad. something came through under or over the mouth chin guard.
  4. Havingfun


    I was ready to jump off my roof after watching that or ride wide open into a bunch of cactuses.
  5. Havingfun

    supercross Peick Injury

    No peick thread? got his jaw busted up bad, sucks. There's no good videos?
  6. Havingfun


    that video sucked.. I have less hope for AC in 2019..
  7. Havingfun

    2019 SX Champ

    wanted to educate myself about euro SX, so I did a little research and it looks like they are coming along.
  8. Havingfun

    2019 SX Champ

    Hey, we are still friends buddy. I have lots of friends that do bad things.
  9. Havingfun

    Izzi fully gone

    avoid it at all cost.. curious why Izzi hanging around in cass or just stopped off the beaten path
  10. Havingfun

    Izzi fully gone

    dam a dog.. now thats low.. cass county is in my backyard.. wonder why he's hanging in cass. thought he was from detroit area?
  11. Havingfun

    2019 SX Champ

  12. Havingfun

    2019 SX Champ

    @Budlite jz, mog, & ktm in the same basket.. millenniums? they say.. they are destroying the world..
  13. Havingfun

    Is SX available on any streaming packages?

    I like to see them bring past or current riders in as a third wheel every event.
  14. Havingfun

    Tickle Suspended

    I wonder if something behind the scenes is still going on
  15. Havingfun

    2019 SX Champ

    the first thing you said that makes sense.. your wife must have log into your account. wishful thinking.. jh would never make it a full season in those 3yr years and then retire. face it the French would beat him up every weekend. If he came here it would be the RV vacation all over again. Look how many cannot do the transition into sx, some riders are better at mx, others that cannot ride mx as well and ride sx better. Seems as if the gap is closing, but you see certain technical sections that certain riders never progress through very well and struggle. go back to sleep you are having a bad dream.