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  1. hope mxdn is not like it has been in the last few years for the US. Proud redbud fan here. They better kick ass. I might have to lose 100lbs in 2 months and find some of those vic's inhalers and give it a go..
  2. no kidding some of those areas don’t need to be 2' deep.
  3. Redbud is mostly sorta a natural layout, euro's will like it. Hope weather is good, it's hit or miss that time of the year.
  4. I scored '0'
  5. I am just looking at live timing...
  6. thats because he's about a half lap back.. definitely not up front cruse mode.
  7. nice to see you back bro.. now show us some more skin Edit - not your skin.. no offence
  8. make sure you forget your picks
  9. supercross

  10. srt demon 840hp, 2.3sec 0-60... 8 speed elc shift. base 85k only a dream.
  11. wish i could afford one those news beast. I am sure those high hp cars are fun to drive.
  12. one guy i am thinking of came back one year and had lost some weight,and he was faster yet. talking about race mx. I don't discount the fat belly guy...
  13. bowman is only 40ish? I know guys that kick ass in there 40s