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  1. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    best solo drummer? finally settle this..
  2. Havingfun

    Travis Training

    Sipes ran a few classes redbud last weekend on the mxon style track.. 250 A/pro am 1st #95 JOEY CROWN - YAM METAMORA, MI 1st1st 2nd #50 RYAN SIPES - HSQ VINE GROVE, KY 3rd2nd 3rd #99 LANCE KOBUSCH - KAW NEW FLORENCE, MO 2nd3rd 4th #200 KYLE GREESON - KTM OAKLEY, CA 4th5th 5th #51 EZRA HASTINGS - KTM AURORA, IN 7th4th 6th #993 AUSTIN WAGNER - HON NILES, MI 5th6th 7th #26 CALEB CARTER - KTM LEICESTER, NC 6th7th 8th #290 DENVER RIGSBY - KTM CASSOPOLIS, MI 8th8th 9th #832 BRADY NEYS - KTM EDELSTEIN, IL 9th10th 10th #07 CHASE WITMER - YAM ASHLAND, OH 11th9th ---------------------- Open A/pro am 1st #99 LANCE KOBUSCH - KAW NEW FLORENCE, MO 1st1st 2nd #837 BRYSON GARDNER - HON PASO ROBLES, CA 3rd2nd 3rd #50 RYAN SIPES - HSQ VINE GROVE, KY 5th3rd 4th #7 JONAH SMITH - SUZ , 4th4th 5th #51 EZRA HASTINGS - KTM AURORA, IN 6th5th 6th #993 AUSTIN WAGNER - HON NILES, MI 7th8th 7th #/ CHASE WITMER - YAM ASHLAND, OH 9th7th 8th #200 KYLE GREESON - KTM OAKLEY, CA 8th9th 9th #545 CODY SILER - YAM BEECHER, IL 11th10th 10th #358 IVON HAYS II - KAW COLOMA, MI 10th12th --------------------- 25+ 1st #264 RYAN SIPES - HSQ VINE GROVE, KY 1st1st 2nd #380 MARK DENTON - HON OAKLEY, MI 6th2nd 3rd #32 TRAMPAS NEWMAN - YAM GALESBURG, MI 5th3rd 4th #447 JEFFREY STULL II - KTM LIMA, OH 4th4th 5th #65 NICHOLAS HARDACRE - KAW NEW CARLISLE, OH 3rd5th 6th #155 MICHAEL KINGSTAD - KAW HARTLAND, WI 9th6th 7th #19 MATTHEW FOZO - HON SOUTH BEND, IN 8th8th 8th #63 MATTHEW SLAGLE - SUZ WANATAH, IN 10th7th 9th #470 CASEY BREWER - KAW HAMILTON, MI 11th9th 10th #358 IVON HAYS II - KAW COLOMA, MI 2ndDNS 11th #51 STEVE MURRAY - KAW GRAND BLANC, MI 7thDNS
  3. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

  4. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    who's going to win the bears/seahawks game tonight?
  5. Havingfun

    Red the Dyno you have been waiting for lol

    he will be back in full push packing mod, he does this time & time again.. spiritual retreat some where in the amazon I am sure..
  6. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    packing coming, better change swinging sacks or risk being humiliated until the next mxon.
  7. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    more camping at our local fair grounds.. https://redbud.ticketspice.com/mxon-offsite-camping-and-parking
  8. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    get all those excuses ready, you'll need them in a few weeks..
  9. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    herling's bate will be corn holed soon.....
  10. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    herlings is going to crash his brains out, whether its flat, oval, hilly, muddy or sandy..
  11. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    yea a while back someone posted to there facebook and tim said it was in. If you look at the map it is not in including many other parts of the map. Tim stated the in order to make youthstream happy they needed to cut lap times down as youthstream thought it was to long. They were probably still scrambling to cut the lap time down, by the looks of the map flow. Tell me what the map shows? I am still trying to find out, was looking at parking overflow and ran across this new map that was just recently added. This new map shows quite of bit of parts of the track not included. If thats the case it will turn into a hilly high speed track... This past weekend was the only weekend you could ride the 'mxon track design' before the mxon race. It was suppose to rain last weekend, but turned out to be a nice weekend.
  12. Havingfun

    pussification of mxon

    Hate to spread roomers, but just found this new map on RB site. If this is the path of the track, which appears to be this is majorly tamed down and shorten. It shows the new start for mxon and many areas of the track that look to not be included in the mxon race. In this map the leap is not in it...... I did not attend last weekend race, so I did not see it.
  13. Havingfun

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    fresh night...
  14. Havingfun

    A Mart to JGR

    mog talks to himself quite a bit.. hemp must be good across the pond..