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  1. Pedroski

    Q-Stealth vs stock?

    How do you KNOW the Q Stealth ran stronger than stock? By the different noise or on the dyno? Just wondering.
  2. Pedroski

    Ktm 620sx lc4 dual sport

    Possibly overheating of brake fluid caused by front brake binding or lever adjustment roo tight, or overfilling of the brake fluid, leaving no room in the master cylinder for brake fluid expansion. I'd start by checking lever adjustment (you need 3mm of slack before the lever operates the master piston), fluid level, then removing caliper and checking that the pistons and guide pins aren't seized (the guide pins being the slide bolts that connect both halves of the caliper together).
  3. Pedroski

    any tips for changing wheel bearings?

    Yep, you do not need a bearing puller, as the bearings are easy to push out from the opposite side. Long punch or socket extension, and a hammer. No damage. Easy as piss.
  4. Pedroski

    Yamaha or Honda?

    Bet the OP doesn't even ride now - hasn't posted here for over 5 years or so! Ya sad gits Anyway, he should get a KTM - better to have a bike with all the right bits from the off, rather than having a bike that's been made on a budget
  5. Pedroski

    Billet aluminum foot pegs

    Look nicely made, but not my cup of tea. Perfectly happy with my steel footpegs - they're certainly plenty good enough to stand on and my boot soles grip on them properly. Mud no problem either.
  6. Pedroski

    Cordless Impact driver question

    Ooooh, my one's better than yours, and my Dad's bigger than yours too:lol: Actually glad this thread has appeared - thinking of buying one myself at the moment. Would love an air one, but compressor not too practical on a lot of my jobs.
  7. Pedroski

    Shorty silencer on 200

    And this comparison is between FMF SST with the FMF Ti short silencer, and the stock SX pipe. The stock EXC silencer is likely to give more bottom end than the stock SX silencer, so this FMF combo could be trailing even further in terms of good bottom end.
  8. Pedroski

    Q-Stealth vs stock?

    The stock pipes and silencers on the KTMs are very good. It takes clever marketing and reviews in magazines supported by manufacturers to sell expensive stuff.
  9. Pedroski

    Shorty silencer on 200

    Actually, if you look properly at the dyno charts, it's clear that the FMF combo gives about 10% less power and torque off the bottom, which is quite a lot to chuck away. And the gain in the mid is at tops 3%, which isn't much at all, and only occurs over a few hundred rpm at top of the mid range. For most of the mid range the pipes are, for all intents and purposes, equal.
  10. Pedroski

    Shorty silencer on 200

    Crush, believe what you want. Here's a dyno graph from "Hansen's Motorcycle" (whoever they are, that was done as part of a review by Motorcycle USA a few years ago. They reviewed an FMF SST exhaust with their Titanium2 shorty premiere silencer, and compared it with stock pipe on a KTM 250SX. This is the dyno graph they produced.... (from http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/393/188/Motorcycle-Article/FMF-SST-Exhaust-Review.aspx) Now, you look at the torque and power right at the bottom of the rev range through to 6000 rpm, and tell me which is the better for low end grunt....you know, for climbing up hills at low rpm. Also...look at the graphs all the way through to top end. The only place the FMF pipe and shorty silencer beats stock is a bit of a bump in the mid range. Peak power and peak torque are both down on the FMF pipe with shorty silencer, compared with the stock. And they are down my a far bigger chunk than the the bit of a bump where the FMF gains. The reviewers, and the manufacturers, are basing the performance advantage on seat of the pants feel.....which is strongly influenced by the meaty exhaust note. They state And of course, most people buy based on sound anyway....isn't that what sells silencers? Ooooh, meaty sound, so must be better??Actually, maybe what makes the FMF SST pipe and SST Ti shorty silencer FEEL stronger in the mid range is that it loses so much in the bottom and top range. Perhaps the stock pipe mid range doesn't feel so strong because it has a much stronger bottom and top, with more linear power and torque deliver so the mid doesn't kind of "jump out" at the rider. Maybe the FMF set up is easier to ride as the power and torque is much lower at bottom range and tails of so quickly at high range. Of course, reviewers will very rarely slate an aftermarket product, as after all, it companies like FMF that pay for their magazines through advertising. The companies like FMF then use the words of the reviewers to sell their product. They put their aftermarket product on a top racer's bike, and then thousands of people go out and buy it. I would never spend money based on magazine reviews, and prefer instead to listen to other people's experience and also to people who are proper tuners. I definitely won't listen to numpties who write for mags or companies who want to make money out of selling me their products.
  11. Pedroski

    ti components

    All marketing init? Convince people to buy Ti components in the mistaken belief it will make them faster......bit like carbon fibre really.
  12. Pedroski

    help me find this bolt

    Ha, dunno why the bolt shrunk from M6 in 03 to M5 in 04, but looks like it has. Gary has given the details of the right one:thumbsup:
  13. If you have the float level set by a KTM dealer it will probably again be too high as they will follow the spec in the book. Remove carb, remove float bowl, and you'll see the metal tang on the float that pushes the float needle up. Slightly bend this so it pushes the float needle earlier than the spec says. There's something in the FAQ here I'm sure, and it's been covered in plenty of other threads with the finer details of how to do it. I don't have time at the moment to search.
  14. Pedroski

    Chain tensioner screws stuck

    No it won't. Mine was stuck (one side), sprayed GT85 on it, left it for a few minutes while I had a cup of tea, then carefully worked it back and forth a fraction of a turn at a time and now it's perfect. No heat. Just care and knowing if you're overdoing it.
  15. Pedroski

    Shorty silencer on 200

    "SILENCER Silencers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A long silencer with a small diameter enhance the low to mid power because it increases the bleed-down pressure in the pipe. A silencer with a short length and a large core diameter provides the best bleed-down pressure for a high rpm engine. Too much pressure in the pipe at high rpm will radically increase the temperature of the piston crown and could cause the piston to seize in the cylinder." reference Eric Gorr, BASIC TWO-STROKE TUNING http://www.***********.com/technical/2_stroke_tuning.pdf Looks like I'm not allowed to link to Dirt Hammers from here, so insert Dirt Hammers without the space where the asterisks in the link are, and it'll work,