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  1. Gyro

    =dr-z video thread=

    Winter with studs, http://home.cogeco.ca/~gyrotech/drzsnowbike2004gyro.wmv The website has pics of the studs, however the link on the website for the video is messed. The link above works. http://home.cogeco.ca/~gyrotech/
  2. Gyro

    Whats it worth?

    I agree. Hold off sell later. Let things settle and be with the family. I will also pray for you and the family.
  3. Gyro

    speaking of DRZ and wh00lies

    I can't see nothing but fender and handle bars.
  4. Gyro

    My ass looks tight!!!

    hit it with a hammer.
  5. Gyro

    i ran from the police.....

    3 seconds? Is that all? I seen how fast those cop bikes can take sharp corners...haha Congrats on the helmet.
  6. Gyro

    Does compression effect mixture

    I don't know. But my guess is no.
  7. Gyro

    Wave Rotor for '06 DRZ400SM??

    I had the braking wave rotor/caliper for a year or two before I sold it. It stops on a dime and then some.
  8. Gyro

    sunday ride

    If not for the part where the drz wheelie is in it..... Well 99% I didn't like it.
  9. Gyro

    So I rode a KTM 200XC-W

    I'm not really sure what the w stands for. It could be fore wide as in wide ratio transmission. The 200xc has a close ratio trans for MX style riding and the xcw has wide. Thats your openion. Mine is different. To each their own. I just found it alot less work riding that 2stroke. It had ALOT of bottom end for a 2stroke and I was often lugging it in 2nd or 3rd gear just like I do on my drz.
  10. Gyro

    So I rode a KTM 200XC-W

    nothing? no comments? nobody try one yet?
  11. Gyro

    So I rode a KTM 200XC-W

    I didn't really rev it too much out but the bottom end was on par with a stock drz as far as I'm concerned. So light, flickable... Did I mention light? It didn't feel like the bike was controlling me anymore, I was riding the bike. I was in controll. There was even a small say 2-3 foot flat landing jump. It felt like a 3 inch jump on the drz. Wow! The suspenion just soaks everything up. Even with my racetech components and valving in the drz it just dosn't compare. Down side. I can't see this bike being feasible for double riding. No foot pegs for the soon to be wife. Which is fine because I don't always want to take her anyways. So in the end, maybe I'll buy one in a year or two when I can afford the big price tag. So if theres a ktm dealer in your area, and they have a demo day coming up. Sign yourself up!
  12. Gyro

    Specialised Front sand tyres.

    I've seen those on dune buggies. What I think by looking at it. It floats over the sand and the tread digs in. Only the tread. This should create better steering in sand. I duno on a dirt bike though Something like the one on the right?
  13. Gyro

    400S Bar end weights & guards

    What are you guys, a bunch of wussys? The drz vibration is nothing. I took mine off and didn't even notice the difference! And that was without adding any bark busters. haha....haha...ha....ha.... ha...... Yea true Just get some scot grips. They are cheap enough. The ends are not open so you wont have any more gap to look at. Be warned the stock drz grip throttle side is a @)(#*$@)(# to get off... I used a razer and then finally sand paper. Be carefull not to cut yourself. Theres some good tips on that around here somewhere.
  14. Gyro

    my drz just drove off, with its new owner.

    Which KTM are you getting? I'm considering the 200xc. Well... I mean I want one but I can't afford one.
  15. Gyro

    Clarke tank for trade

    Anybody know if you can mount E tanks on the S?