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  1. I didn't care for that either. The guy didn't move over right away, I get that. But, Forkner put himself in a bad situation and got too close. His error. I wish I'd seen the incident Bowman mentioned. Sounds hilarious.
  2. The Predator is racing tonight? Sa-weet!!!
  3. Oh, thanks. I jumped the gun.
  4. Nice pics, Fry! (as usual) I can't seem to find practice on Racer X today, anyone else watching it?
  5. When Peick comes down from a 70' triple without a bike, the ground is worried more than he is.
  6. supercross

    Seems like a decent length track, which is good. If they keep the whoops long and tough (seems like they often knock them down before the heats or mains), it doesn't seem like a good thing for the Flyin' Frenchman. But, what the hell do I know?
  7. But what if it had been Bubba that had gone down?
  8. I was watching it live, and had to switch back and forth, but still don't remember hearing about it. It could also be that I missed it, but it definitely didn't seem like they put much emphasis on it, if any. Odd.
  9. I don't remember hearing them mention it either.
  10. Normally, I kind of agree with RevyRoamer. But, in the Barcia incident, I think what they did to the track backfired. That little jump before the triple set up mistakes going into the triple, which was dumb. I don't know if the original intent was to slow the speeds down to actually make it safer, but if it was, it backfired. If they're going to do something like that, then I'd rather see some kind of a wall jump spaced far enough away from the triple to slow everyone down, but still give the riders the room to accelerate and make it over the triple. I know everyone hates the wall jumps, but I'd rather see that than what they did on the track that Barcia made his mistake on. It seems like someone would have obviously seen that it could cause issues.
  11. supercross

    For the most part, I agree with the others on the thread but also with you on this. Cross jumping is a wuss move if you are doing it to hurt someone. But, as you stated, the tracks are full of jumps. It seems like half of their time is spent in the air, so passing space is limited. If someone is riding the same line that they ride every single lap, and one time there is someone in their line, then I'd expect two things: - the front rider is going to take the line that he wants, especially if he's been taking it every lap (either the fast line or to close the door on someone trying to pass) - the rider who is behind is not going to put himself into a position where he will get taken out in the air when he can't take evasive action I didn't see the move in particular, but if he did it to take someone out, then I'm fine with retaliation to teach them that it's not ok (like Tomac did to Webb). If it's the fault of the rider that is behind, then they should know better. This isn't their first rodeo.
  12. supercross

    I wonder sometimes if Emig and Ralphie can see the track, or are they in front of a screen seeing what we see. Even if they are seeing what we see, there are times when the front two are battling, then the pan off to the sweet battle for 14th place, and you can see the difference number get down to 0 and the crowd roars. I always say to my son, "Man, which we could have seen the pass for the lead." A few seconds later, Shaheen shoots his load in his pants and goes off about it as if it's live. Seems like these guys (especially Emig) would make some kind of a comment, but maybe they are saving face for the producers and the camera guys, not sure.
  13. supercross

    I love that attitude. That's exactly the way I'd be, although the odds are that if he was in the hunt he would have chosen hit (edit - his) spot more carefully. Agree 100% about your last sentence also.
  14. I'm pretty sure in most of the KTM 50 races that no one gets carted off on the stretcher.