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  1. I'll bet Villopoto wishes they hadn't had a St. Louis round in 2010.
  2. jcm3

    Has Roczen hit his new ceiling?

    I think if I were a betting man, I'd put Barcia and Webb over Osborne, but we won't know until we get there. Josh Hill could also be a top 5 sleeper pick, he looked awesome in two races until he broke his toes and got banged up in Atlanta. After that first race, he looked fast enough to be a podium guy.
  3. jcm3

    MXON Has Jumped The Shark

    There's definitely some logic in this. In 1987, most thought the US team was nuts for picking Bob Hannah over the reigning 125 champ. But, the race was at Unadilla (where Hannah was strong), and it also turned out to be a mud race (another strength of his). A 90% retired Hannah that was more than 10 years away from his last 125cc outdoor title came through and got a third in one of the motos (9th in the other, but it was a mud bog) to help match RJ's 1-1 and Ward's 3-3 for the US win.
  4. What, no supercross in Idaho? WTFFFFFF?????
  5. jcm3

    MXON Has Jumped The Shark

    I think at Assen in 2019, they're all racing for second place. I think Herlings won't be beat (unless he has some bad luck or injuries), but there are three people on the team and all one team needs is fewer points than another team to place ahead of them.
  6. jcm3

    Travis Training

    Man, how cool would it be to be an ex-pro and be able to head out to the local races and still kick (almost) everyone's butt. Six motos, impressive. Fun stuff.
  7. jcm3


    You always have gone a bit against the grain. Remember back in elementary school, you used to actually do your homework. What is wrong with you?
  8. jcm3


    That might have been your first mistake, but I certainly can't blame you for trying.
  9. jcm3

    Travis Training

    Looks like he's having fun. It will be cool to see how he does on a two stroke. I don't think anyone expects any podiums from the Puerto Rico team, but cool stuff anyway.
  10. jcm3


    It was intentional.
  11. jcm3


    It takes a lot of things, some obvious, some not. It takes talent, a good bike, a good support group (team, parents, mechanic, driver, etc.), the right state of mind, etc. Those things can't make a good rider great, but they can help one great rider win over another. Think of McGrath when he went to Suzuki. The bike wasn't good, but if it hadn't been for a flat tire, he'd have probably won the supercross title in 1997. Back when I tore up the 125 nervous class in the early 80's, I had none of that yet managed to trophy a number of times on sheet talent alone.
  12. jcm3

    pussification of mxon

  13. jcm3

    pussification of mxon

    The fastest guy is going to win regardless of whether the leap is in or out. That jump won't phase Tomac or Herlings, although it could be a bit more sketchy for some of the 250 guys. But, as a fan, I'd be ashamed of them for taking out what is probably the most famous jump in the outdoor series at an iconic track like Red Bud for the MXoN. I can't imagine they'd do that, but I guess we'll see soon. It would be a shame.
  14. jcm3

    Moose Can back in for France?

    Don't get Mongo drunk, he's got wandering hands. (just ask Mog)
  15. jcm3

    MX2 Prado vs Jonass

    No kidding, that was my point.