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    I like Roczen, and am amazed that he came back from such serious injuries. But, he still drops it too often (not saying he'll get injured) that if I was putting mortgage money on it, it would be hard not to go this way for the top 3: Tomac Anderson Roczen Anderson had a year like Dungey last year, other than that one race where he had the wheel issue. He didn't make many mistakes, unlike the other two. Musquin could be a threat for the second spot on the podium, but like Deplorable said, it depends on his knee and if he has surgery. But, opinions are like &%$#@!, everyone has one.
  2. Yeah, but you only got fifth. Autographs are for top 3 only. Great finish at that race.
  3. I had an '82 RM465 for a short bit, it was not a fast open bike, but was like a really torquey 250 on steroids (although it probably would not beat one in a drag race). Super fun bike to ride back then, and the rear suspension was amazing for its time. I'm not one who tinkers around with suspension settings much, but I remember this rough section with some whoops and square edged bumps, and I tinkered around with the clickers and after a few tries the bike was going through it and you could barely feel the terrain. It was reallly good compared to the bikes I had after the RM. Great suspension.
  4. Awesome! I'd love to do the vintage thing at some point. I think I'm too heavy for a 125, but I loved racing them back in the day. I missed that model by about two years (first bike was an '83 YZ125), but I remember going down and sitting on them and dreaming. Motocross was so magical back when we were kids.
  5. I remember that like it was yesterday. And don't get too tough, you were a little shit and didn't hit 6'3" until your senior year. Look familiar?
  6. I don't know where you are in Idaho, but Owyhee MX Club has an open practice this Saturday. You could always drop by if you're close and chat with folks. But, it's probably going to be chilly. Looks like a high of 33. http://www.omcracing.com/ I thought of getting into vintage at some point too, like tootallmxer mentioned. I know they have a big vintage race every year out at OMC, I'm gonna check it out sometime.
  7. Cool article. The old "What is the best way to break in an engine?" argument has been going on for decades. Some believe that you break it in carefully, in stages, with only hitting certain rpm ranges after certain intervals. Others say to break it in like you stole it. I don't know if there's any empirical evidence to prove one way is beter than the other, but doing some dyno runs (even WOT, if everything is up to operating temperature) is certainly not going to hurt anything or cause any concerns. If anything, it reduces that chance that something was installed incorrectly or broken, resulting in a short first outing at the track or trail.
  8. Maybe you guys can meet up at Hollister Hills, and you can show him your cute little pink TTR125.
  9. jcm3

    Anyone know how JMart is doing?

    Holy crap. I knew you guys were getting hammered over there, but wow. I think we got about 3-4 inches.
  10. jcm3

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    He's getting it out of his system now.
  11. jcm3

    Peick Injury

    Totally agree. I was worried he'd be much more disfigured than that, but it looks like he'll make a full recovery. Good for him, and I hope that his team helps out with the medical costs. It would be major slap in the face if they didn't.
  12. jcm3

    Anyone know how JMart is doing?

    Thanks, Mudd. We just got a good bit of snow in our area (Mudd is near me), beautiful stuff. Fortunately, we don't get much here so it's just enough, intermittently, that you enjoy it and then it's gone. (at least at our elevation) the mountains are very close, though!
  13. I'm assuming he won't be racing supercross, but curious if he's on track to come back at all. I hope so.
  14. jcm3

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    Wow, good luck with the recovery!
  15. jcm3

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    So true. I joke that one of my daughters could fall out of the car driving down the street and be fine, and the other says ouch when a falling leaf lands on her. Late to the party, but my feeling is that osborne will have the most points at the end of the season. Savatgy looked awesome at the MEC, but until he really shows that he can keep it on two wheels and keep up that speed, then it's just one night. Plessinger will probably have the best career of the three, but I think Osborne will do better than the other two this year. (barring injury, of course)