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  1. Looks like old news, but I didn't see it mentioned in here, so thought I'd post it up. http://racerxonline.com/2018/06/19/eli-tomac-confirms-hed-race-motocross-of-nations-if-selected Thoughts?
  2. I hope Langston is getting a share for the Geico stuff, as Weigandt seems to forget a lot of the time. Langston will usually throw a little reminder out there, like, "Don't we have about 15 minutes left?"
  3. Better yet, give them each one, but only power one at a time. If they want to talk, they have to wrestle, and whoever wins gets theirs turned on to answer the question.
  4. It's environmentally insensitive to have one microphone per rider. Conservation is the key.
  5. motocross

    Oh wow, I didn't know they had something like that. Very cool!
  6. motocross

    Unfortunately I don't ride at the moment. The kids are at the age where it's all about their activities, and the wife is in nursing school (late life change of career). Money and time isn't in my favor at the moment, but hoping to get back into it at some point.
  7. motocross

    Ouch, that sucks. It's always a bummer when guys get airlifed or ambulanced out. I used to ride there all the time with my son. Injuries suck. I was busy too and couldn't update my picks after practice. Looks like I didn't do well, but the results are not posted yet. We'll see.
  8. motocross

    Are you sure it wasn't a green bike? If so, that already happened.
  9. motocross

    It's too bad that Europe's and the US's best riders aren't in the same series. It would be great to see them go head to head for an entire season, good races and bad. One race doesn't do it, too much of a chance for one guy to be better at that kind of track. Maybe someday...
  10. Great race, HUGE whoops and an asphalt track. Going down on that one had to hurt.
  11. motocross

    He's not riding over his head, he just has a medical plan that has better rates if he uses it regularly. He's being fiscally-responsible
  12. Always loved to watch him. I was at the San Jose supercross when he should have won his first one, had it not been for that damned chicken! Instead, Dubach won his first and only one. Super nice guy, and the crazy jumper for his time. He always did the crazy stuff that no one else could do, or at least did most of them first.
  13. motocross

    What you heard: The reality:
  14. motocross

    I almost unliked and then liked again, just so I could like it twice.