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  1. YZrider2112

    Two Two Motorsports is no more

    I heard those KX250's go for $100k+
  2. You're right, but they can hold it while the investigation is ongoing. I find it hard to believe that the rubber cables could scratch off the VIN. I bet it's stolen.
  3. YZrider2112

    Chad Reed might sit out remaining Nationals.......

    Dungey is sponsored by Sony and their cam...why no controversy there? I wish I could side with Reed on this, but this quote is seriously irritating: “The camera deal is worth more to me to stay at home then to go race the races…” He doesn't seem to care about the principle - just the money he made from the deal. I couldn't care less what he decides to do.
  4. YZrider2112

    Say it ain't so Doug...........

    And Ricky's broadcasting skills on point as usual.
  5. YZrider2112

    Kenny's Bike... Is it me, or?

    No no, here's the REAL innovation: https://instagram.com/p/2tgQq1mtpz/?taken-by=tonyblazier
  6. YZrider2112

    Newer 250f plastics on 01 125?

    To be honest, I really like the look of the plastics on that era of YZ. You can get a newer style front fender/number plate to modernize the front a little bit. Otherwise, I think it looks good. Some people even prefer that look over the 02-14 plastics.
  7. YZrider2112

    Water Injection in YZ167

    I'm big into stand up jet skis and I know a lot of the guys who race do this stuff. The exhaust pipes typically have multiple water inlets, so it can be tuned to increase or reduce water at any portion of the pipe. But on skis, this is done as a tuning/adjustment thing. Nobody makes huge gains by adjusting the water flow. With certain motors it can be beneficial, but I don't see it being some huge performance gain. There's also plenty of guys who opt for completely dry pipes. I think it's a cool idea and you obviously seem to have more going for you in terms of resources than myself or other average joes. Ultimately though, I see it being a ton of work for not much gain. For what it's worth, jet ski pipes use adjustable needle jets to tune the water flow. It's a pretty trick set up for guys who put the time into tuning them correctly. Check out Factory Pipes. They're pretty well known for running this type of setup. http://www.factorypipe.com/index.php
  8. YZrider2112

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    Weird that it says the triple clamps are new, but no mention of a different offset or anything. I don't mind the bodywork but it doesn't make me want to buy a brand new bike. I certainly won't be running out the door to buy one, that's for sure.
  9. YZrider2112

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    I hope it happens. But more importantly, I hope it sparks some interest and they sell really well. Good sales on an updated bike would encourage more R&D.
  10. YZrider2112

    At my wits end with my dang clutch lever perch.

    To be fair, the perch is more of a one-time purchase. You could potentially break 3 levers in 3 rides though.
  11. YZrider2112

    YZ260 SDG Seat - question

    Yeah I hardly noticed a difference when I had one.
  12. I've had both and I would say the F3s aren't even in the same league as the SG10s. The Gaerne's are a top notch pair of boots. That said, I had no problem with the F3s; I'd say get whichever one you can afford.
  13. Pro Circuit Works pipe for top end. MXA tested a bunch and said that pipe has the biggest gains, but it's all on the top end.
  14. YZrider2112

    When Ryan D wins you know the rest had issues.

    I laughed. No regrets.
  15. I haven't used that tire but I would imagine it has a pretty stiff sidewall, similar to the Desert IT. You could probably get away with extremely low pressure. I run the tubliss in a Bridgestone 204 combo, and I typically set it around 4-5psi. Last weekend I brought it up to around 12psi, and did not like it at all. I sort of forgot what a big difference the Tubliss makes.