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  1. lewichris

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    I am very sorry to bring this up again, BUt i just saw this. It has been about a year since i have been on here and i just heard. This was a very very good man. RIP buddy, and i will pray for you and your family. Oh this makes me so upset, and i never even met him in person. Please pay close attention to the announcement above the posts.
  2. lewichris

    Would a layman notice tyre difference?

    the 756 is all my buddies use up here. But for me i just need a tire, I cant tell the difference myself. Good luck
  3. lewichris

    YZ/WR 400/426 Oil pipe

    I am sure if you go to a hose shop witht he old one they can hook you right up!. Much cheaper also?
  4. lewichris

    drive sprocket nut/ left or right hand thread?

    dont forget to grease the axel so it is easier to get in and out next time.
  5. lewichris

    Replace rear sprocket bolts?

    would have to see that one to believe it
  6. lewichris

    Replace rear sprocket bolts?

    I have probably 4000 miles on my wr 400, I still have the stock bolts with the exception of a couple that had fa len out. So i dont think that you should or you ahve to do it every time. But i would use locktite for sure, and carry a couple spares for the trail!
  7. lewichris

    Good numbers on the bench

    cool, way over my head, but i am impressed.
  8. lewichris

    Synthetic Oil, Clutch Slip?

    yamalube 20-40, you know the recomended oil in your owners manual.
  9. lewichris

    black rims spokes and hubs 2005 wr450

    that is sharp. I am assuming that you powder coated them? Nice looking pics, thanks for sharing
  10. lewichris

    Out on the 2 smoke / 525 EXC anyone?

    true that brother, But i love my 4 stroke, just love it.
  11. lewichris

    got a small leak

    yes it si oil, and those are great things to check out. I will keep you all posted. Chris
  12. lewichris

    got a small leak

    I have a small leak comming from the front bottom area of my motor. It is like a drip a week if that when the bike is sitting, It is draining onto my skid plate ans i have not taken it off yet to see wha the deal is. Just checking to see if any of you have had something like this happen or if this sounds fimiliar. It is not comming form the breather hose i assure you. Thanks for the help. Chris
  13. lewichris

    hey lorenze

    You know your the only guy that i got in a huge fight with and came through being a pretty good friend. I am thankful for that. Yea i cant wait to be a dad. It is going to rock. I remember your going to maui, that is going to be awesome, I just had not heard from you in a while so i though i would check up on you and see how you and the missus are doing. Cheers and i will talk to you later.
  14. lewichris

    hey lorenze

    How the hell are ya? how is that fiance of yours doing? when is the date? Did i tell ya i am going to be a papa, In 2 short monthst we are having a baby girl. I have never been more excited. We just bought a new house with acres and i am putting a track on it for ya. hey we miss you in the OT section, Stick your head in and get it ripped off once in a while would ya. Hang loose bro, Chris
  15. lewichris

    wr450f top speed?

    stock gearing 115 mph, i also have some ocean front property in OK to sell ya, really cheap Honestly, They are not built for speed, they are built for rocks sticks jumps and dirt.