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  1. I bought my 2012 ktm 250xc from a friend. He has always maintained the bike extremly well. But it has been raced in the woods a lot. It has 240 hours on it and has had a piston at 120 hours. Bike still has 200psi and runs great. I bought a vertex piston and hot rods crank. Do you think I should replace the crank now considering it has 240 hours? How long can these bikes normally go on a crank? And I bought the hot rods crank case I heard they are the same quality as oem, is that true? Thanks
  2. honda424

    2012 ktm 250xc broken sumframe

    Alright, thanks I appreciate it. I'm going to strip down the subframe some and bring it to a welding ship and see if they can weld it back up. I'm also going to just keep an eye out on ebay to see if I come across one to buy as an extra just in case
  3. honda424

    2012 ktm 250xc broken sumframe

    Just picked up a 2012 ktm 250xc. Went to pull it apart to service the shock and realized that the subframe is broken on the right side near the main frame. Looks like this could be a common issue due to how things the aluminum is. Would you recommend welding it? Or spending the 300 bucks for a new subframe?
  4. honda424

    Acerbis or IMS tank for my '05

    I have an acerbies tank on my 09 and I like it. Feels narrow. Havnt had any problems with it
  5. honda424

    2009 crf450r shifting issue

    I was surprised but glad to find that it was a clutch issue. I have a rekluse core exp 2.0 clutch that was having some issues. I tried installing the stock clutch and the shifting issues went away. Rekluse clutch was just sticking too much. fixed it now.
  6. honda424

    She needs a kick stand, but which one?

    I like the pro moto billet kickstand It tucks up out of the way
  7. honda424

    2009 crf450r shifting issue

    Alright thanks! I will take a look at that first
  8. So I have a 2009 crf450r. I rebuilt the whole motor and now have about 40 hours on it. Over the last couple rides it's been getting real hard to shift up. Especially into 3rd and 5th. It downshifts just fine but to shift up I have to completely let off the throttle and have to really slam the shifter up.. I'm assuming I need to split my cases again and replace the shift forks, shafts, and possibily shift drum and inspect the gears. But I wanted to check on here and see if you think that's the issue before I start tearing it apart?
  9. honda424

    Bought my 07 cr250 back

    So a couple years ago I traded off my 2007 cr250 for a 450. Couple weeks ago I ended up buying the bike back. He only rode it one time sense he got it from me. I knew I had a lot of money into it. Full engine rebuild, ported, polished, shaved head, milled base, Kehin carb, v force 3 reeds, suspension revalved and resprung, pro circuit platinum pipe, with a fmf turbine core 2, 22mm triple clamps, Clarke 3.2 gallon tank, overall the bike is very clean. I paid $2400 to get the bike back and the title had still been in my name. I will most likely end up keeping the bike for quite a while unless I end up getting a newer ktm 250xc. I also have a 09 crf450r. I'm just curious as to what you guys think that the 07 cr250 would currently be worth with everything done to it? Think I got a good deal buying it back for 2400?
  10. honda424

    Pics of Your 450....

    2009 crf450r
  11. honda424

    2009 crf450r hard starting... reprogram?

    Thanks. I am going to be ordering a 2010 cam, and having it remapped as well.and differences between the 2010-2012 cam? Any benefit of going with a 2011 or 2012 cam instead of 2010?
  12. honda424

    2009 crf450r hard starting... reprogram?

    Alright thanks I am going to send the ecu off. Can anyone tell me what the differences are in the cams between 09 and 12? And are their any benefits to switching?
  13. honda424

    2009 crf450r hard starting... reprogram?

    Alright thanks I will double check the timing and the coil wires. Also just another question about the bike. Can I install a cam off a newer crf450r? As well as the programing?
  14. I have 09 crf450r, I just rebuilt the top and bottom end, valves are still in spec. Also replaced the fuel filter and injector. I just find that this 09 is harder to start then my 06 or 08 was. I know someone with a 2012 and it starts easily. So I'm wondering, is this typical for an 09? Can I have it reprogrammed with 2012 mapping or have someone else just remap it? I also know there was a recall on the decomp pin on the 09, I do not know if it was fixed, but can I run a newer cam? Bike runs great, just can be harder to start. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. honda424

    08 CRF450R vs. 06 CR250R

    I had a 07 cr250. Have a 08 crf450r now and much prefer it. Instantly felt more comfortable on the 450 plus I have just as much fun on it. That's just me though. Personal preference I guess.