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  1. 7thirtyseven

    Fantasy SX 2019

    Old 737's going straight to the basement this week. Stamp it!
  2. I'm looking for clips from your recent future races.
  3. 7thirtyseven

    Fantasy SX 2019

    What's the deal. Who's hurt?
  4. 7thirtyseven

    I raced my triumph tiger 800

    That was awesome, thx
  5. 7thirtyseven

    I raced my triumph tiger 800

    Ok, I'm excited to watch this.
  6. Check out Ridefreak. Oh, errr nevermind
  7. 7thirtyseven

    Best 250 model for TN trails

    PFM? Sorry if it's a well known acronym haha Pure F#$_ing Magic
  8. 7thirtyseven

    Best 250 model for TN trails

    Go for it! The are "PFM"!
  9. 7thirtyseven

    Best 250 model for TN trails

    Hmm, I'm assuming you want a two stroke? Either XC or XCW. Then SX or YZ 250. Point is, just grab a bike to ride, but don't sink yourself into any particular one. The first year it won't make that much difference, and then you will be knowledgeable for what you need/want. Then you can start dishing out the cash. You've already proven to be a discerning fellow simply by limiting your choice to the 250. Stay away from that gawd-aweful 300. The MX bikes will get you around on your trails and you will have a ton of fun and learn a lot but when you get serious they will start to beat you up. The suspension is too harsh and the power delivery does two things, makes it harder to hang on for long periods of riding and makes finding traction harder (this is a by-product of the suspension as well). If you can go new, you can't go wrong with either the XC or XCW. Both are excellent out of the box and you will know that anything that gives you grief on the trail is your fault not the bike's! Great Bikes: 16 and up 250 XCFs (one caveat, the 16 had 4CS forks that were "troublesome") 15 and up YZ250FX (one caveat, tall!!!!) 11 250 XC. Excellent excellent bike (12-16 were ok, with suspension issues) 17 and up 250XC 06 and up YZ250, excellent machines. Bullet proof. Ubiquitous parts etc. (One caveat it's an MX bike, but there are a few things you can do to help you out)
  10. 7thirtyseven

    Best 250 model for TN trails

    Hey op, one of the bits of wisdom I've picked up over the years. Buy yourself a cheap off-road bike that you can sell quickly. Riding off-road is a huge learning curve that goes on forever. Do not put your eggs in one basket and go all in on a particular bike. If the bug really hits you, you will be forming your own list of what you need in a bike very quickly. You want something cheap you can sell for your first off-road bike. Having said that I personally prefer the XC, in years gone by the XCW was too soft and wallowing, with what felt like an anemic power delivery. This has changed somewhat with both models being extremely capable now and there isn't the same contrast between them. I have never riden in TN but have riden in similar type terrain. Remember that an MX bike is designed for something quite different and in both power delivery and suspension will suffer compared to the XC or XCW.
  11. 7thirtyseven

    Anaheim 1 Shocker

    Oh ya! If there was any evidence of a nutsac I'd drop off Dungy and be a "Havingfun" swinger.
  12. 7thirtyseven

    Anaheim 1 Shocker

    Judging by your Shadow you are one ugly dude. Kinda like a giant penis.
  13. 7thirtyseven

    Did I hear RC say last night

    I heard him say "get away from my burger, Ralphie"
  14. 7thirtyseven

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    Helping design a KTM walker, cane and stairlift
  15. 7thirtyseven

    Fantasy SX 2019

    Thanks. I was blaming the latest Android