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  1. I have come from a te310 xlite to a KTM exc350 sixdays. So pretty much the same apart from the linkage. The 6days has the same forks as the new husky which btw I really like. Some people don't get on with the cs4 fork but I think they are very easy to set up, the guide to set them up is very easy to understand. Unlike the old Husky manual which was a joke. The KTM engine has got quite a lazy power delivery compared to the snappier husky. It doesn't take long though to realise that the KTM has much more power everywhere. It is purposely tuned for enduro. The gear box is spaced nicely so you don't have to thrash it when you try to keep up with your 450 mates on those road sections that join up the trails. The te310 box was a joke. Husky would just say its a competition machine so needs a close ratio. Ok but surely not that close! The overall riding experience of the KTM is great. For some reason the KTM is easier to ride fast and makes you feel more confident. It doesn't feel as tall either although I think they are similar. Again with the weight, the KTM feels lighter. Even if you're just pushing it around the garage but I think they are on paper similar.
  2. I've just moved from Husky for the first time to KTM. No problems to report. In fact I've never ridden so well. I moved because I couldn't wait for the transition to sort itself out etc. However I have no problem going back to husky now i know how good KTM is to ride. Anyway my point is this. I think all Huskies up to and including the BMW days should remain here. Anything related to the new Husqvarna's should be moved over to the KTM section within the forum. Now before everyone starts going crazy and tries to change this thread into something to do with the colour of a plastic just think.... If you want some quality advise for your new Huskies, your not gonna get it here. All the knowledge of your new Huskies is gonna come from the KTM boys! and thats exactly who the last gen Husa guys would go to.
  3. Over here the enduro models come plated. That's pretty much the point. This "dual" business implies it has two uses. It's a dirt bike! What's the other sport??
  4. Is "dual sport" American for Enduro competition motorcycle?
  5. Wow this is a long topic about Husabergs with new plastics. but seriously these bikes are very similar to my new Six Days. Hey if you dont want to wait you could just buy a KTM or have I missed the point. Heres one for ya. KTM Freeride will be using detuned 302 Xlite engine in 2015 model(next year)...... Heard it here first.
  6. Try bumping it. If it fires I'll tell you what the problem is.
  7. I've been lucky enough to sell my te310 '11 to some mug that obviously doesn't use the Internet. Didn't get a great price but hey. Don't get me wrong it was a pretty good bike. Only niggles were:- The wiring was a joke, strange recurring fault where the battery wouldn't except a charge(too long and boring to get into), could never get a great feel from the front end, felt unusually tall even though most dirt bikes are similar hight. Gear ratios a bit close for a bike which has good power. But apart from that I loved it. And it was significantly better than all my previous huskies regardless of the politics. Anyway had to sell it before I was stuck with it forever! (think I'm exaggerating then test the market and try and sell yours! Zero interest for 6weeks until an unsuspecting punter bought it impulsively.) So then the dilemma. Want to stick with husky and am genuinely excited to see what emerges. But let's be realistic it's going to be while before my confidents is reinstalled. I don't want to be a guinipig! So what bike to bridge the gap....... I'll give you a clue it's white..... I can't quite believe Im about to say this..... It's got an ORANGE frame!!! Yes folk my new ride is a 350 exc Six Days! And guess what... It's very very impressive. Looks the dogs nuts and although I'm running her in, the riding experience is nothing short of amazing. Now I'm not going to bang on about her too much because I know it's going to upset people. What I will say though is Husky as it was definately did some things better. For example the finish on the machined parts, particularly engine components is far better on the 310 (xlite) also the casted parts had a better finish. My first oil change on the 310 showed literally no debris. I've been advised to expect a lot of crap in the exc oil( just completed first 1.5hrs of light riding so will drop oil tomorrow) I will post the results of the oil change later if anyone is interested? The engine fired into life better on the 310. I always liked the snappy power delivery on the 310. The exc is clearly more powerfull but the delivery is what they describe as lazy(better for traction). There is no power curve map button as standard on the exc. THERE IS ONLY 30DAYS WARRANTY ON THE EXC!! I wander if the KTM/Husky will continue with a 2yrs warranty?? Yes my husky did get a fair amount of work under warranty for free but I did have to get the dealer to service it occasionally which was expensive. Majority of servicing was done by myself. I normally buy new every two years (partly to do with the warranty running out). It will be interesting to see wether I go back to Husky.. Early indications are uncertain. The irony for me is KTM was the brand I avoided but have pushed towards them. When Husky finally get back on track (no pun intended) it will coincide with when I'm ready to buy again. Either way my money goes to KTM!
  8. As above if you find flicking the compression lever is making it fire you may have a prob with your spragg clutch. I have asked you this a few times now... Have you tried bump starting it in second with a friend pushing??
  9. Oh and don't bother with a compression test its a waste of time. You could go down the "leak down test" route. But seriuosly get a mate to push you and bump it. I know it sounds unlikely to be be a spragg clutch if it sounds like its turning over but your problem does sound very familiar.
  10. Seriously have you tried bump starting it!?
  11. Just in case you guys call it something different, bumping is getting your mate to push you down the road and chuck it in 2nd.
  12. I had this problem with my 250 same year. Dont bother with a compression test. I know this sounds weird but try bumping it. The spragg clutch went on mine and it really did sound like it was turning over fine but must of been slipping at the vital part of the stroke. Also dont bother kicking it,that is also a waste of time.
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