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  1. tech24

    air filter

    I've been using twin air and PJ1 and they work well. Not even a spec of dust or fine layer of dirt in duct or t-body. Others may work as well.
  2. tech24

    Rekluse CoreEXP 2.0 (The Truth)

    and uses all the clutch discs
  3. tech24

    How To Start Your Fi Yz Easier

    Unfortunatley there is a lot of incorrect information there. He also leaves out the part where you need to kick a few times to charge capacitor and prime fuel system for the first start of the day or after bike sits a while. Also I and others have found that slightly cracking the throttle to allow more air makes it much easier to start a warm engine.
  4. tech24

    04 450

    two words scotts performance
  5. theres only 1 available and its a GYTR 4.4oz. Doesn't sound like much but due to the location of the weight it acrtually adds more inertia than other model flywheels with heavier weight.
  6. The steep technical hills are still a bit tricky without the rekluse because it is very easy to stall. But with it you can crawl if you want to (with good balance) however It will still stall occasionally with the rekluse its just the nature of the engine design but with proper setup and knowing when those rare times are to actually use the clutch lever you get pretty used to it and it doesn't happen much. It may not be the easiest bike for those types of hills but I've never ridden a "woods" bike so I can't comment.
  7. oh I agree the '04 suspension was terrible in the woods but I'm a big fan of the newer yz suspension stock. But as you stated it can be resprung and revalved either way.
  8. Maybe I think suspension may be lacking in the WR unless we are talking about the new one coming out watch this vid. I'm not close to this guys skill level but I agree with what he says
  9. I know I am...night and day difference (had an 04 also)
  10. tech24

    Where I can get a '04 yz450 3.3gal Tank?

    www.justgastanks.com has IMS and clarke (2.8 gal) and several color options if thats needed.
  11. My biggest problem was stalling. A Gytr flywheel is a must at minimum. I also added a rekluse z-start pro and I'm glad I did. If your good with the clutch you can do without but the rekluse is a must for me. Its in need of a slip on to tame the bark down a bit for woods riding. I put on an FMF q4 mostly to be quiter but it made power very managable. Need a 49/50t rear sprocket. Before slip on I used woods map and it was very good. After slip-on I switched to broad powerband map and it was great. I ride a lot in the cold so I installed a thermostat which helps get fuel mixture and idle more consistent and helped with stalling. However covering the left radiator will achieve similar effects. I also added a g2 throttle cam to change to a slower opening but have since switched back to stock opening. One mod I would also consider which I have yet to do is the injectioneering throttlebody mod. As far as suspension I think its great stock. I'm a tad heavy for the springs but it still works great and I'm afraid to change anything. The faster you go the better it gets. I don't know an exact mileage but I don't think I'd ever make more than 40 miles a tank in the woods. I've been using stock tank as I don't go much farther away than that. If I do I carry MSR fuel cans. Yeah the stock tank has less capacity than the older bikes but its not much and has a similar range. Basically you can get a way with the right map for you and larger rear sprocket. But slap a rekluse and/or flywheel (i have both) and its unstopable.
  12. The yz can make a great woods bike with the proper mods. Can't speak for the others. I love mine in the woods. I don't think youll make 100km on stock fuel tank though.
  13. tech24

    2012 YZ450 front caliper

    oh gottcha didn't know it came with pads. Kinda getting tired of my front brake myself so looking at options.
  14. tech24

    2012 YZ450 front caliper

    what pads, stock?
  15. I have the full kit from acerbis and have zero problems with fit. They seem kinda cheap in quality though. Cycra seems to have gotten the best vote on here.