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    GYTR Titanium Subframe. SOLD !

    sold [ April 25, 2002: Message edited by: scott annand ]
  2. Got some carbonfiberstainless exhaust systems for sale cheap! new in boxes.. r6 $225 fz1 $225 r1 dual system $325
  3. scottannand

    Wanted: Stock Header

    It is only been used for the first five minutes when I brought the bike home. Yes, it will fit any year Yzf/wr. I am in sherman Oaks, Ca. Don't know where you are but I will ship it to you UPS. Or if your local you can stop buy and pick it up. I will be down in Baja this weekend so can't ship it until monday. Let me know......
  4. scottannand

    Wanted: Stock Header

  5. scottannand

    Anyone riding in the Antelope Valley this weekend?

    Mark, I don't have your telephone number, Email me with it so we can get together and ride again. Scott
  6. scottannand

    New "TI" sub frame 4/sale

    Brand new in box GYTR "TI" subframe $375.00 obo
  7. scottannand

    Attn: the DRZ rider that was behind me all day!

    OOOOOOOH, The attack of the KILLER BEE's.... Just like the bee keeper, I'll just have to SMOKE them.........
  8. SORRY, SOLD...... [This message has been edited by scott annand (edited 08-21-2001).] [This message has been edited by scott annand (edited 08-21-2001).]
  9. scottannand

    Attn: the DRZ rider that was behind me all day!

    WoW! You guys are brutal.. I thought all DR dudes were kind of passive? I'll back off if that's what it takes for you to catch up..... Just having a little fun guys,some of my best friends ride DRZ's It would be boring if we all rode the same stuff!
  10. scottannand

    front brake disk

    Got a friend that just went to a bigger disk and still has his old one. good condition and true. $50.00
  11. How's old yeller doing? It looked like we wre going to have to shoot that thing on the last half of the ride.... Just a hello from a Wr that hasn't been killed yet!
  12. scottannand

    redrock campground tonite! ride in the morning.

    Mark, It was nice riding with you dispite the friut salad thing,the flat tires,the bike off the cliff, the riding of the drz guys bikes for them and oh yea,the f#%*ing heat!:eek; I still haven't heard from sonny or howard? I hope they made it back ok? Thanks again for the hospitality and the margaritas! I think we will be riding again on sunday, if your not busy lets go...
  13. Will be at redrock campground tonite. And 9:00am morning start. try to do a hundred or so miles..
  14. scottannand

    Thai/Burma/Lao/Cambodia RIDE in Dec/Jan.

    HP, For the last three years I have been going to thailand and riding from Mai Sai in the north through Burma and into China.We rent bikes over ther and replace the tires and bars if needed. Now I have a stash of tires there. the rides are primarly out of the "Golden Triangle"(thai,burma Laos)now the poppy (opium)capitol of the world. we stay in hilltop villages with the native people and partake in the local practices... Going into Burma is a little tricky, The only one that can get you up there with bikes is a local Expat named Kobra Joe. Last year, a rider friend of mine wanted to go, I told him it was hardcore and he said "no problem". Well he freeaked and had to be put on a plane bound for Bangkok and then to LA. It was't the riding that got to him it was everything else.Unless you have spent any time in a third world country and mexico does not count, you would be in for a shocker.. But, a great time is had by all. Anyone that is interested let me know and I'll give you more details.