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  1. tyo

    Offroad motorcycle tours

    Hi, I'm looking for an off road adventure with rental bikes (dr400 or klr 650?) My Dad is 62 and more of a fire road rider, I like more challenging single track trails. We want a scenic adventure, fly in, ride, fly home. If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated. Guided tours or trail riding areas. Open to any parts of the U.S. and Canada. I like the moutains. Thanks for any info. Ty Osborne Bloomington Indiana
  2. tyo

    need to lower 2003 xr80

    I'm buying a 03 xr 80 for my son. It's a bit tall and I need to lower it. The only thing i can see doing is taking off the seat and making a new one with much less foam so he can touch. Maybe droping the forks. anyone have any ideas that may help? He is upgrading from a 1974 MR 50. Thanks Ty
  3. Clean bike, street plated, on/off road tires must sell due to Dr. bills if interested email me for photos and questions Later Ty jjo@bloomington.in.us
  4. tyo

    Does anyone ride hare scrambles?

    i have a 2004 wr250f for sale, it's a great harescramble bike. $4150 if your interested let me know. jjo@bloomington.in.us later Ty
  5. buy my 04 wr250f. $4400 like new. if your interested in it email me at jjo@bloomington.in.us later Ty
  6. tyo

    Jumping 2003 WR250F

    yes, it was at mitchell. i also heard,and kinda remember, someone stopped his bike behind me to stop traffic from running over me. if you are out there thank you! alot of guys would just keep on racing later Ty
  7. tyo

    Jumping 2003 WR250F

    I wish I would've had a motocross bike with tricked out suspension the last time I rode my WR250F (September 12th). I haven't ridden since. Coming over a double jump and tried to pass everyone on the first lap (stupid, stupid, stupid). Overshot the landing ramp and landed flat and I don't remember but I was told that I rebounded back up in the air over the bars and shoulder planted into the face of a table top. Resulting in a crushed scapula and excruciating pain, 8 weeks in an immobilized brace and extensive rehab. I may ride again in 6 months to a year, I hope. Therefor if you're riding a WR hard on a motocross track (although it handles very well), spend a few bucks on suspension and not doctor bills. I have since the accident decided to sell my bikes until I am able to ride again. 2004 WR 250F - $4450, 1995 XR250L - $2150, 1974 Kawasaki 900 - $950, 1986 Beta Trials Bike - $650. If you're interested send me a private message. Good luck with your suspension. Later, Ty
  8. tyo

    Yosh Pipe Report and Ride Report

    i have a yosh. full system, titanium it makes great lo mid and high end power. i'm selling the pipe for $400 and my WR250F for $4400. i got busted up and can't ride for a while Ty
  9. tyo


    it has a oval exhaust with a round hole, check with yosh. to see if it will fit your bike. new they run around $800. The yosh exhaust really opened up my bike from low-mid to high range. later, ty
  10. tyo


    I've got an 04 WR250 that I'm selling with stock exhaust and have a Yoshimira full titanium exhaust for sale, priced at $375.00. It's in good shape, a few scratches but no dents and it's awesome for woods riding. I got busted up and when I heal I'll buy another WR250 with a Yosh exhaust. Let me know if you want it. At $375, I'm sure it will go fast and I've yet to advertise it.
  11. UBB39-ML-1401354-ML- bikes for sale go in.....bikes for sale!
  12. tyo

    land between the lakes KY

    thanks for the info. I'll let you know how it went next week when I get back. Thanks Ty
  13. tyo

    1996 XR250L for sale

    I'm getting ready to ride this weekend at land between the lakes KY. when I get back I'll send you a photo. Looks stock and a nice clean bike. I'm asking $1950. Let me know if your interested. Ty
  14. tyo

    land between the lakes KY

    I'm thinking about taking the wife and kids to KY this weekend for our 10th anniv. and my WR250. I would like to camp and ride. What is avail. for the kids and wife? kids are 7,5 and 2. any info is appriciated thanks Ty
  15. tyo

    Attn: Indiana riders

    yes, depends on the rain but I would say more hard pack. Way back when I raced motox it was my favotire track, I like the woods now.