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  1. sirhk

    Jetting a friend's bike 07 cr125

    Searching online I find endless talk about the JD kit which I'm familiar with but not sure I want to go that route quite yet for her. Trying to keep the cost minimal and see where we're at starting wise and then go from there dependign what I find. I did online just fine this from pro circuit though... at 0-1500 ft altitude, 70-85 degrees temperature, 32:1 pre-mix oil ratio Main, 430. Pilot, 55. STock needle, 3rd clip. 2 turns out on screw. If I wanted to start based off those numbers but for the 2000-4000 elevation, any suggestions? A size or two smaller on both main and pilot? Clip adjustment?
  2. A chick I ride with occasionally just picked up an '07 CR125. Looking for general jetting recommendations or a link to a jetting chart for her bike? I don't know what's in it yet but would like to have an idea where it probably should be before I tear into it. '07 CR125, elev. 2000-4000', temps 70-95 degree, low humidity (las vegas area). I believe it's stock with possibly an exhaust on it but obviously will verify once I see it later this week in person. Thanks, Khris
  3. If you have any hill climbs at all with your weight do yourself a favor and skip the 125 even. A KTM 200 though would rip for what you're looking for! Still super light weight yet enough power to get you thru mud and up hills. Also has more low end which is nice on the trails. It's an amazing all around bike for someone your weight.
  4. So... I had my first true towing test with my setup this weekend. From Vegas to SoCal with 40-50mph winds. On the down hills I was able to see 55mph. Flats was only pushing 50mph. My jeep is the 3 speed auto! I'd kill for a manual and it's on my swap list someday in the future! Basically I was driving with my transmission temp gauge dictating what my foot was doing. On the way there I got a nice whopping 8 mpg! Didn't win any races that's for damn sure. Handling wise, considering my lack of speed it really wasn't bad. I had a death grip once or twice on a few cross wind areas but really as long as you realize you're driving a jeep with a loaded trailer and don't act like it's a ferrari it's fine. The semi trucks weren't really fairing much better. Now on the way home yesterday with no wind it did great! Could've pushed it at 70-75 but chose to stay more in the 60-65mph zone. Did great on hill climbs and the trans temp never got extreme by any means unlike pushing the headwind where it was a bit of a concern a few times. Basically, can a jeep pull it? In good weather, not a problem as long as you're not an idiot and realize what you're doing. Wind, well... It's a project! My list of improvements... Short term, dedicated trans cooler! Long term, manual transmission so I don't have to worry about cooking it and also can get a little more power to the ground. As for the trailer itself... This weekend was 40mph+ winds all weekend. Tossed a cot inside it and slept GREAT!!!! Sure beat a tent that's for damn sure! I've got ideas for a fold down bed on one side if not both after this weekend also! I built a shelf across the front inside above the fenders. I'm able to keep my gear bag, sleeping bag, clothes bag and a milk crate with all my tools and chemicals up there. Spare tire rests up front in front of the one wheel chock that I have set back a bit to help the bars clear on two bikes. On the floor I had spare tubes and a pump, bike stands, gas can, cooler, chairs, etc... Basically I'm stoked with this purchase and with a bit more work I really think it's going to evolve into exactly what I had hoped. I'm thinking about building a box on the tongue to put in a deep cycle battery as well as a jack and other tools. With the battery I want to be able to power a light inside the box and maybe have at least a cig. lighter or two for 12 volt plug in accessories. Ipod and tunes kinda deal you know. My thoughts are to rig up a 5th wire for charging that battery while in tow. Maybe throw in a diode or something to allow for the charging but not draining the jeep battery while sitting over weekend in camp or something like that. Over my head but I know with a few questions my Pops could have it explained to me and I could knock it out.
  5. Just checking back in... I built 2 wheel chocks last night. Also was the first time I'd wheeled the bikes into it. Became evident really fast that I won't be squeezing 3 of them in it like I'd hoped but not a big deal really as I can't even remember the last time I had a need to haul 3 bikes. Was just hoping to have that option. I have an open 5x8 trailer I can do that if needed... Tonight I'm hoping to get the wheel chocks bolted down and an additional center tie down point. Then depending on time I will make a run to the hardware store tonight and possibly start on the shelving. I'm racing this sat about 2.5 hours north of here. Not sure if I'm going to try hauling this trailer or not this weekend. Might hold off and use it for some shorter runs first. I'll post up some pictures of how the inside ends up...
  6. I just brought this home 2 nights ago. Stole it for $500!!!! It's a 2001 5x8 haulmark. The jeep pulled it empty just fine like it wasn't even there on the power and brakes. I could feel a little difference in handling though. Loaded I'm confident power and brakes will be fine. On a windy day though I may be the jerk cruising down the highway at 55mph but I've got no problem going a bit slower to make it home safe. My intention is to make 2 wheel chocks to put bikes on either side. With the little space against the front wall that would be in between the bikes I'd like to build one vertical row of shelving to throw a spare parts crate, a tool box, and a shelf for chemicals. The depth of that shelf is going to be dictated by a 3rd wheel chock that will offset a center bike back a bit. Basically I'll set it up so my personal bike could be hauled in the center for the very rare occasion that there's 3 bikes being towed. On the sides I'd like to figure out how to secure some tires, air pump and other misc stuff. I plan to mount a first aid kid on the swing out door and on the floor will screw down a couple pieces of wood to make sore of a spot for 2 gas cans to keep those from sliding around. The trailer is tiny but I think with a little bit of planning you can set it up to haul 2 or possibly 3 bikes and still have some decent storage space. I'd like to basically make it my entire bike system, keep a dedicated set of tools for bike maintenance, all parts, tires, pumps, literally EVERYTHING that is bike related in my garage I want to store in the trailer so when at races or out for weekends it's all there. Leave floor space for sleeping just to be able to get out of the wind and elements if need be also! Possibly make a place to store my folding cot against the wall too. If I'm really nice I could buy a 2nd folding cot to keep in there for any friends to crash on as well I guess... I do have some sticker peeling to do though but for the price of the trailer I'm not going to complain! LOL Oh I also need to relocate the tongue jack cause it hits the spare tire on my jeep and also want to mount the spare tire to the tongue or have it strapped to the wall inside also...
  7. sirhk

    And they're off "Rip"ing

    If rumors are true....
  8. sirhk

    200 jetting database.

    Okay guys... We're racing tomorrow with the setting as it is but I'm hoping to maybe get some parts on order today. Curious, you mention you get your parts from Sudco? Just call up and order with credit card or what? How much are you paying for needles? I forgot the lube when I picked up that needle the other night from the local shop cause I'm expecting you guys are paying WAY less then I paid. So... Let's say... '04 200 EXC, PWK38 Altitude of 2000-4500 Temps in the 70-90 range. I did a bunch of reading based on links found in the ktmtalk jetting sticky and the some of the links in that thread as well and like you said, really the theory is pretty basic. The plug chop test seems easy enough to go out and try once I have some parts on hand to test with. One thing I haven't caught though... They talk about the idle screw which is the smaller one set in the carb. One read says to turn it about 1/2 turn out and then slowly back it out till it makes no noticable change and that's your setting. Another says to rev the bike and notice how it goes up and also how it comes back down and adjust based on that. Is one method more preferred then the other? Also, theres no talk of the black screw with the spring behind it. Is this strictly just an idle adjustment and not a tuning variable essentially? Can someone elaborate on that? My thoughts are to pick up and 185, 182, and 180 main along with DCK needle based on what I've been reading. Then go out and spend an hour or two messing with it. Any other needles you guys think I should possibly mess with? Seems like for an "average" rider that's not really interested in jetting for every ride that this may be a decent all around setup allowing me to make minor adjustments of the main and idle screw for different altitude trips. Anyways, my thoughts are putting this setup in and going testing... Anything screaming WRONG with this? 182mj DCK, 3rd clip 42ij stock 6.5 slide 1.5 turns on the screw Also, any of you guys running desert tanks? Are you guys able to do these changes without stripping the bike? If so, what's the secret cause I'm not finding that possible... I can't even do the main without flipping it cause the throttle cable wont let me rotate the carb with the tank on.
  9. sirhk

    '04 KTM 200 EXC Jetting question

    I found the other jetting thread mentioned above and got it going in there... Seems all good now, or well, as good as it's going to get with my time constraints. Thanks, Khris
  10. sirhk

    200 jetting database.

    Okay, I lied... I just found my old jetting stuff that I remembered having from my 300 from when I first bought it and was getting it setup. I do have a N8RW and N8RH needle also if those would be of any help. No rush on the answers... It's all just for future use at this point. I'm running what's in it now unless either of those two needles are miracle finds. LOL I've read other threads on like ktmtalk and places but it's always like virtually a foreign language to me. I don't see how I can rebuild a modern 4 stroke with nothing other then some torque specs of am not scared to rip into my forks or shock yet jetting is just so fricken confusing to me!!! LOL BTW gmoss, if you were closer to Vegas I know someone that would probably be talking to you about your 200 for sale in the signature!
  11. sirhk

    200 jetting database.

    LOL, I won't hold it against you cause you obviously know about a million times more then I do about this stuff! When Jersey says to index the throttle... What's the mean? Go run a continuous pace at a certain rpm indexing through each portion of the throttle? Or is that wrong? Just asking cause post race on Sat I'll go do that with her bike just to give a seat of the pants feedback on this setup so there's maybe some reference for anyone else that finds themselves at similar altitude and temps at least... Slapping the tank and seat back on it right now. Just gotta clean filters on both bikes and change oils on both and we'll be race ready other then gas! She thanks you guys!!! Trust me!!!
  12. sirhk

    200 jetting database.

    Yeah this is just to get her thru a 55 mile race this Sat. so just looking for something a little better. It ran up there two weeks ago at about 20 degrees warmer but I figured I could help her out a little with some minor tweaking. When we get back though I'm all for getting that thing dialed in for her. She's a solid amateur womens racer and if the race is technical she can put down some expert womens times too. Basically the gnarlier it is the better she does... Okay, so I'm going to go pop in this setup and hope for the best. NOZI 3rd clip 42pj 172mj 1.75 turns out on the screw I ride a '07 300xcw and when I had Slavens do my head/cylinder work I popped in the jetting he told me to and never looked back. I've been riding 25 years now but have never dabbled in jetting so this is a bit foreign. LOL, I'll valve my suspension but jetting!! YIKES SCARY! LOL So yes, some suggestions on how to set up for typically 2000-3500 and say 65-90+ temps would be awesome cause I'll change it up for her when we get back, heck I can get the needle and parts ordered tomorrow even I suppose. One more jetting for idiots question... There's the small idle jet screw and then there's the idle knob. What's the difference in these and how are they properly adjusted? Is there a thread I can read to get the basic understanding of the two cause I believe they sort of work in conjunction with each other correct? Thanks a ton for the info guys!!!!
  13. sirhk

    200 jetting database.

    Yeah, I'm right there with you on the time being an issue. That's why I'm not even remotely worried about perfection. I do not have any other needles but I did just track down a NOZI so I'm heading out the door to grab that right now. I have a 42pj and a 172mj also I can match with it. What's your guess for clip position? On a side note, I have no clue how you guys know jetting off the top of your head. It's like a complete art form that you guys must have some serious time invested in!!!! Any help considering how last minute this is helps huge! BTW, I just put in a fresh BR8EG if that makes any difference... Thanks again! Khris
  14. sirhk

    200 jetting database.

    I looked thru every setup on this thread including the links to the other massive 200 thread that were on about the 2nd or 3rd page of this and didn't find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for advice like today or tomorrow so I can hunt around town tomorrow night and see if i have any luck with what I need to get. Currently I'm running this... Year: 04 Model (E,W,XC,M):EXC Carb size (38 or 36mm): 38 Slide: 6.5, stock Main jet: 178 Pilot Jet: 45 Air screw (turns out): 3 Needle model/Clip position: NOZE/ 3RD Altitude where you ride: 2000-3500 Reeds - stock Pipe/silencer - FMF Gnarly, Turbine Core 2 sparky Q Head mod - stock Other mods: stock Type of fuel - pump 91 Where in the powerband do you ride (Lugger - for technical stuff, or wide open - desert / MX): Mid to high Degree of satisfaction: she's happy with the bike but when I ride it I notice a bit of a dead spot in the high mid rpm. And finally: how much spooge 1) none, 2) little, 3) medium, 4) lots - LOTS! I'd like to eventually get rid of the dead spot it has up in the higher mid range and I need to reduce the spooge which runs down the silencer and actually drips on the swing arm... But right now, I'm not worried about that... But, here's my dilemma... This Sat we're racing at 4500-6500 elevation hare and hound. Supposed to be tight trees, technical rocky single track which she'll wipe up on if the bike is running good. Weather.com shows temps to be in the high 40's. There is no jetting loop or test opportunity. I have to show up with the bike ready to run. We ran up there 2 weekends ago and it was in the high 60s and the bike was down on power according to her. I have the jetting above along with a 172 & 175 main and a 42 pilot. Could anyone give me an idea as to what I should setup to get this thing ready to run. If I have to buy a needle I'm in Vegas so there's a chance I can hunt one down if it's semi common from another brand or what not. I need some help, I've got up till friday night to have this thing ready to go cause we've gotta be out the door at 6am to make it to the start line on time. Thanks, Khris
  15. sirhk

    '04 KTM 200 EXC Jetting question

    I'm aware from reading over on ktmtalk that people are running all sorts of crazy needles from various other bikes and stuff. I'm not looking for perfection and I'm not going to spend endless hours to get every last ounce of perfection out of the bike. I'd rather just go ride. I'm just looking for a ballpark setup that will get me to where I can show up on race day with no chance to test before hand and make sure the bike will run. That's the thing, most people can jet, go test ride, then make changes. I need to make an adjustment and show up with it ready to go. Hence, running what the manual says. My only problem is the needle that the manual claims for me to run isn't available right now so I'm in a pinch looking for an alternative. Where is this 200 jetting thread?