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  1. Jagall75

    My DRZs got a new friend...

    sweet ride .... what other bikes did you consider? did you check out the Kawasaki Versys or the V-strom 650? those are the 2 on my list but my biggest factor is comfort and leg room since I'm 6'4.
  2. Jagall75

    Heavier Racetech Spring-- Same sag numbers?!?!

    Thanks, at least I know it's s 6.0 spring but I'm still stumped on why it's not giving me less sag than a 5.7. Maybe cuz I cleaned and regreased the swingarm pivot making it easier to compress? Do most guys weighing 215 use a heavier spring than 6.0 on an SM? What the most preload I can use in terms of static? Static sag of 10mm ok?
  3. Jagall75

    Heavier Racetech Spring-- Same sag numbers?!?!

    I've got a real good system for measuring sag (bolt through secured at end of yard stick, bolt rests inside the axle and then I look back and see where the yard stick contacts a spot on the cargo rack. It works. I actually did change from a 42 to 43 so the wheel moved forward, so it should have less leverage and less sag. Here's the spring I bought and it says SRSS-672760 on the spring, is there a diff between SRSP and SRSP? http://www.amazon.com/Race-Tech-Shock-Spring-672760/dp/B000GV6G7Y
  4. I converted my S to supermoto and I read the sm set up likes 75-85 mm race sag. With my racetech 5.7 kg/mm spring I had 14mm static and 88mm race sag after putting the 17's on so I bought a racetech 6.0 spring on Amazon. I cranked the preload down to get 14mm static and now my race is 90mm!!! Did I get a bad spring? It's lighter than my old 5.7!!!! I do know how to measure sag. The only other change I made was to grease up the swing arm and put a new rear tire on. I'm 215 lbs and figured a 6.0 would be enough spring . I had no issues with the 5.7 with 18/21 wheels. Should I chalk it up as I lemon, send it back and just get another 6.0 ?
  5. Jagall75

    Wheel not perfectly true-- should I be concerned?

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge Noble, that makes me feel better. I'm sure at the rim the side-to-side is even less, but I'll definitely check spokes before I hit the road.
  6. bought some DRZ400sm supermoto wheels used off ebay to convert my S. the bearings are good and its perfectly round with no flat spots, but when I spin the front wheel there is a very slight side to side movement, maybe 1mm. Should I be concerned? the tread is almost done so maybe its just the wear on the tire and not the wheel? I'm noticing the movement as i spin the wheel and watch the gap between the tire sidewall and the fork leg. Maybe i could post a video, if needed. my hunch is that its nothing, but just want to be sure. side note- i bought the P-12 adjustable lift stand from Motorsports Products, extremely wobbly front to back despite the great reviews on RockyMountain. i would not dare to change the wheels on that thing, its getting returned. any better secure stands that fit under the SM? I've heard the DRC is good.
  7. Jagall75

    Supermoto kit available to save time

    I'm gonna try the motor sports products p12 stand. Need something solid and stable.
  8. Jagall75

    Supermoto kit available to save time

    I was hoping to get by with just the steel braided lines but I'll research that more,,,,, does your sm kickstand lean over really far? or about the same as the s kickstand with 21/18 wheels? I need to find a lift stand that will allow s to sm wheel changes, but also allow the bike to be parked on the stand at the lowest setting so the wheels are still on the ground, but lifting enough weight so the bikes sits stable on the stand..... if that makes sense. not sure if that's an mx stand, i'll probably need a big 1500lb motorcycle jack.
  9. Jagall75

    Supermoto kit available to save time

    I've got some SM wheels on the way that has an S rotor installed. I'm thinking of trying this out first and if I need more braking power, install steel braided brake lines but keep the S rotor cuz its cheaper that way. any thoughts? will the steel braided lines make a big enough difference?
  10. Jagall75

    Drz-400sm wheels on fleabay?

    go directly to their website and it'll save you $60. by the time you bought sprocket, tires, tubes, rotors for those chinese wheels you'd be at the same price as the Warp 9s
  11. Jagall75

    Suzuki DR-Z 400sm as my first bike?

    i didn't see what you'd be using it for but if its just for street, I think the DRZ400 will be very underpowered for you at 285 lbs. so definittely go used if you want to learn on it, avoid all the upgrades and sell it to get your money back when you're ready for a bigger bike, which won't be long at all. If its street only, you want something that can haul you around comfortably. I'm 6'4, 225 lbs and I'm looking into selling my DRZ and getting a 2012+ V-Strom 650, the ergos seem very roomy with the 2012+ models. you may want to look into those.
  12. Jagall75

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I received this code 31 days ago, so it might be expired now, but I thought I'd offer it for someone to try ......... gw7291204
  13. Jagall75

    Rs2 jet settings?

    Ok thanks. So with an rs2 with the insert ( or mrd pro comp in my case) you would suggest clip 3?
  14. Jagall75

    Rs2 jet settings?

    I have the same set up as the OP except for 160 mj and clip 3, per JD instructions. Curious if I should try clip 4. For those that have tried both clips, what's your opinion. Is there more power with clip 4?
  15. Jagall75

    MRD Pro Comp or SSW on near stock bike

    Dave used to offer an MRD standard. Is he now calling it a Pro Comp or are they different?