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  1. Hey motocrotts, are you still on your GAS GAS ? I have a guy wanting my KTM 15-500, not sure I want to let it go, it would put me back looking for another 19-500 or a another 2T. I an really liking my TX 300 I was riding almost everyday till the weather turned bad.
  2. rocky4by

    15 250rr or 16 300 rr-racing

    I called just now and the bike already sold, maybe you bought it? Only other thought on the 250 or 300 is if you wanted to try a 300 spend about 1K and put the cylinder kit on yours. I know at the Beta demo another guy that handed the 250 off to me, said 250 was a great bike and would not go for the 300 said it felt like an oinker compared to the 250. I am still going to pick up a 300 Beta, but we ride in the desert some and I will take any extra torque the 300 might make, I think in the sand and silt it can only help. If I was only riding PNW single the 250 for sure.
  3. rocky4by

    15 250rr or 16 300 rr-racing

    I also saw the 2016 for sale, almost cant keep from going up to buy it, its a beauty 😀 I rode the 2018 250 and 300 and liked the 250 better, I didn't feel much difference in bottom end torque
  4. rocky4by

    2015 KTM 500EXC

    Time Left: 4 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    For sale 2015 KTM 500 EXC in excellent condition, low hrs 51 and 1200 miles, runs, rides great. Has MX TECH suspension front and rear. $8250 with the MX TECH fork inserts or $7500 without the MX TECH fork inserts. The suspension only has about 6hrs on it, and the rear shock also has the MX-TECH upgrade. The bike runs great with no lean popping and is also very smooth from low end to top.


    Selma, Oregon - US

  5. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Yes I would like to find out more about the stator, I think there is DC output on the 2T as it is charging the battery, and the head light on the TE is AC?
  6. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I didn't see anyone had this posted that I could find so here it is: The first photo is TX and then the TE and typed is the Beta RR bikes. Also the carb bikes are 110 watt stators and the FI bikes are are 196 watts output, I am not sure how much of the wattage is AC or DC. Beta: 1st12-31....2nd 15-28....3rd 19-28.....4th 20-24....5th 27-27....6th 28-24
  7. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I got about 1hr of riding in today, with the Rk-Tek head installed and the 2.1 FMF. Leaving out of our drive I first thought not much of a change, but I was wrong, its really a pretty big change, there is more torque down low and it really smoothed out the power band👍 going down 2 miles of paved road the bike now has a very nice and steady buzz😁 and so smooth, not like any other 2T I have had. I still have not touched the carb as I wanted see what the head up-grade did, well the bike is still to rich for just lugging around so I'll be working on that next. On my roots and rock uphill trail, you can be in 1st gear and come to a balanced almost stopped, in the middle of the slope with the clutch out and still not stall😎. Hey Distrophe I would buy the 17 and newer Husky TE or TX again, I saw a dealer here in OR has a new 17 TE advertised for $6900, I still feel if ya know its single track and slow stuff all the time, the TE gearing might work better, but I am going to run mine down in the desert some and I wanted the AER fork. As for the 200, 250 or 300, I liked the Beta 2500RR a lot but not as much as my TX. As far as the 200 am not sold on as the new 250-300 offer so much more and can be rode in some ways like the 200, kind of like the new 500 can be rode like the new 300🤪 depending on where ride you get more bang for you$ from the 250-300.
  8. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    WOW you guys, this is my post about looking for and buying a new bike, and also information for others that may be looking at the Husky brand. Along the way I will add ride reviews and tech information and reviews of the after market parts I have added. THIS IS NOT A CARB VS FI thread🙄 Now everyone have a great day😀
  9. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Moving on from the carb vs FI info I had a second to install my RK-TEK head tonight and I was really wanting to see the inside of the cylinder. Also like the (Captn Kirk) thread that's going on in this forum, its not what I thought it would look like. Please check out the photos and let me know how this looks to you guys. The bike has 3.5 Hrs on it and I am mixing the oil at 60:1
  10. rocky4by

    twisted engineering &%$#@!

    I did get through to Twisted engineering on the phone today, The gentleman that answered was very nice and is the half that bought the outer out. He did say they are still in the moving stage and its about a 2-3 weeks for shipping after the order is placed. I think I would like to try their bar, which bend do most guys like the best?
  11. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    The whole Carb and FI thing I think is great, as we have a choice to choose either one, at lest at this time👍 I love my carb bikes and prefer a carb, By far the best running bike I have ever had was my 2014 Beta 520 perfect from low end to top end ran as smooth as grandmas sewing machine 😁 Also no oil or fuel pump and no crazy pressure line to the tank. We still ride far out and race in Baja, so less electronics is better in my opinion. As for the AER fork that was a big jump for me to go to, what no oil no springs I don't want that, but now that I have tried them I love them there GREAT I don't think there is any other fork set-up that is this light and sticks to the ground so well.
  12. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Can anyone help with Baja Designs light install, any information or photos of what plugs where would be great, I am not even sure they sent me the right parts. I also have been picking up a few parts for my bike😊 check um out. Also for others who are thinking about picking up a TX300, this bike is excellent off the show room floor, mine starts and idles great and runs just fine as-is, except its a little rich on the low end. I had to call Husqvarna customer help line and ask them what out-put the 2019 TX300 stator has, the first one was a lady that said that information is not available to the consumer and she would have someone else call me back, which they did and he also stated there is no way any one at KTM or Husqvarna would release that information, what the @#$%^& is that all about. I will say its was not one off my friendlier conversations, that being said I called a Husky dealer about a week ago and they called me back today and managed to get it out of someone, its 110 watts👍 in case anyone else needs to know.
  13. rocky4by

    skid plate recommendations for 2019 TE 300i

    also here https://www.crosspro.pt/conteudos/produtos/show.aspx?id=2CP19301210400#
  14. rocky4by

    skid plate recommendations for 2019 TE 300i

    I also have the enduro engineering on my TX, I really like it. Nice fit and I put a 1/4 thick length of auto serpentine belt on the frame rails👍 I also like that its put together in three pieces, I have also ran the AXP on my Beta, and its very nice too, I don't care for the square look of most of the edges and not being formed and fit nicer, (Ya I know its not for looks.) The T.M. designworks Plate for the 2019 models will be out soon, and look to be more formed😀