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  1. The antenna, is for our race car, to the chase truck or to any of the pit services like BFG or Baja Pits or Weather-Man who drives-climbs to the best location to help us all stay in touch the best he can. Contact on the Baja peninsula even with todays Tech is still very difficult.
  2. Yes the buggy in the back ground is our class 10 desert race car, we went down and raced the Baja 1000 this past November. It was a very long race at this years 50th Baja 1000, like 1130 miles Here are a couple photos, one on the course and one at the finish.
  3. Thanks for the information everyone, I did pull the snorkel cover off, I did not notice at first that it lifts right off and it also makes putting the air filter on easier I did get the carb parts ordered, now I have to decide on the exhaust, the MRD Z-PRO can come with the shorty 12" or the standard canister and they do offer a quite insert and a spark arrestor any more advise on that would be great. I don't normally mess with big bore kits and to many add-ons but thought I would clean the carb and while I'm in there might as well do the jet upgrade and the Exhaust as it will help it breath better. I am very glad to see this DRZ-KLX forum is still doing GREAT, seems like there is still lots of interest for the bikes.
  4. I was really looking into a new 2T and then I ran into this, I took it for a quick spin and thought wow that's was fun so it came home with me. I don't think its been rode a few hundred miles, I am going to do the 3x3 mod, JD carb kit, and the MDR exhaust. Which MDR exhaust do most guys go with the standard or the shorty? The steering is really weird, its tight and chunky feeling I think I better take it apart and check the bearings and re-grease it. The bike starts right up and sounds very solid.
  5. I would like to buy the bike from a Nevada dealer, It is way easier for me to drive down to Reno about 5-6 Hr's, then up to Seattle WA, there is so much traffic up there If anyone can help out with an address where I can plate the bike too in Nevada that would really help out. I do have a friend and his dad lives in Idaho, also less busy to get there but a further drive. Back to the Husky bike, I am sure that many guys are happy with them, but I was on the phone with a dealer that gave me his opinion on the Husky and that was that only 50% of the ones he sells the buyer is happy with, without messing with one thing or another. That percentage is quite low. As a manufacturer I would hope that 80-90% of their sales would be positive, I know that was just from one dealer, but at least he was honest. I'm not sure, but from reading through all the forums and after watching many YouTube videos I think Beta buyers are pretty happy, like about 90% of them
  6. I'm still here Way cool everyone has posted so much information to my thread, I have read and taken it all in, and I will be going with the 2018 Beta 300RR race edtion The Beta fits me, or I fit the Beta which ever it is. I do feel it is the best choice off the dealer floor, go ride, and have fun out of any of brands that are out there. I did really want to try the Husky TX300 but to many things out weigh to not go that route. Now I just need to find which dealer to buy from, as I am looking to buy in Nevada, Idaho, or Washington, as I do want to have a street plate on it. Anyone from those states that can help me out and get a riding buddy every now and then would be great. Thanks
  7. I have thought about the Sherco and that's as far as that will go. So much great information from all of you guys, and really all the bikes are very good bikes any more. I really do think its good to know which one feels and fits the best when riding the bike, also as hawaiidirtrider has stated so much picky garb going on, and I cant ride it like this or that I did grow up at a time when my Dad was buying Bultacos, puchs , pentons, huskys, maico, It's, tm's, ect, except if a new bike was being lowered from the Heavens we have some great bikes to choose from right now. All that being said, If it was 2019 I would have looked at the TM more, but for now I have gone through all the forums and read many pages of info on all the brands good and bad, and the Beta RR still seems to be the best off the show room and on the trail, and I really do like the Beta for ME.
  8. We have a friend that bought a lot up in Fern Acres, just outside the town of mountain view. He really wants us to buy one of the other lots and build at the same time they are. Sounds like fun and would keep us busy.
  9. Thanks everyone for the information, I did not review the TM other then speaking with the guy that has one, I will not go back to a 5 speed I am more then likely going with the RR race edition. hawaiidirtrider, where are you located at in Hawaii? We may be coming over to the big Island for building a new home, not moving there but maybe working on and off for a few years. Thanks, Steve.
  10. Ok, I have sold both my GAS GAS 2t bikes and now I am looking at the Beta 300rr. I spoke with a guy riding a TM and he stated he only keeps his RR300 for friends to ride He jumps on the TM 95% of the time, said it's lighter and steers way better, Then we have the TX OR TE 300 anyone come from either of these brands with why, or information that they like the Beta better? I have been a Beta rider for the last 3-4 years on there 4t's and am very happy Thanks, Steve.
  11. Ok I have sold off 2 of my older 2t's and will be ready to buy a new one soon, Any information from guys that have rode both bikes or have switched from one to the other? I know I like the 300's over the 250's what about the TE vs the TX. We do ride everywhere, from here in SW Oregon mostly, and down through the desert states, also some will be in Baja. I have had a Beta 520 and a 390 and did like them both, but kind of heavy and 4 stroke. I have not tried the newer 2t Husquvarna or Beta, looking for a very nimble and light, fast bike that will chug down low too So any information would be great. Thanks.
  12. Looking for information on the 2013 exc500 bikes, I was down at the baja 1000 and started talking with a rider in the pit area, and he said he would much rather be on his older 13 500, said the new bikes suspension he didn't like, and the motor didn't run near as well? any thoughts on the 13 vs newer years 13-18. Thanks for information.
  13. where can I buy the AXP skid plate for my 2018 Beta 390?
  14. Ok I am lost here with all the tire talk and different numbers Is the GT front tire that everyone likes so much the GoldenTyre GT216AA Enduro 90/100x21 Tire?
  15. My thoughts on a comparison from my 520 to a 390, standing the bike up in the shop the weight only feels a slight bit less, riding the 390 feels about 30% less weight or more. The torque and fatigue is also much less, that pull from the 520 is quite strong vs the 390, so I feel I could ride the 390 much longer 3-4 hrs more? it really is that much better I will say that the 520 also has that much more power and top end (it seemed endless at times) and would chug down any trail. I would like to have kept the 520 also, but I cant have lots of bikes just sitting around, and I will almost always jump on the 390 for most rides. I would say if you are 75% trail running go 390, it has plenty of torque and power and is better and faster them I am, and I am not slow. Our class that we desert race just won the PCI 300 over class 1 which has about 300 more HP than our car. I always like to drive or ride in the 30-70%range of what ever it is, weight and HP is not always you friend. EFI vs. carb, the EFI at this time seems flawless, my 520 had a small lean pop that I never dealt with, if either are working as they should, all is good. I did not have a test ride either, so I figure like most have said, its not the last bike you will buy and the clock is ticking so the 390 is my new ride