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  1. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Looks like I'll be going to pick up my new 19 TX 300 next Wednesday 👍 I kept thinking maybe I should go with the 2018 TE 300, but I decided to stick with the TX. I know I will be needing a head light for it, as we often come in after dark, what is a good light and easy wire and switch to use? I will also need a pipe guard, skid plate, hand guards. Thanks for all the information, I am sure I am going to be happy on the Husky😎
  2. rocky4by

    Twisted engineering or Fasst Flex Bars?

    The Mako 360 looks great, I have not used them but I would like to. https://xcgear.myshopify.com/products/mako-360-xcm14k2?rq=yr_2015~mk_ktm~md_500xcw
  3. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I rode the 2019 TX300, also to correct myself, I do mean bottom end torque is where I would like to see a little more grunt. I also rode the KTM XC 300, yes about the same bike, it was a little loaded up at first and maybe a little smother on the 2t hit. Then I rode the 500 EXC this bike for sure needs help, it is lighter and slimmer then my 2015 but it runs like crap off the show room floor. The course had some of everything,big open farm field and tight woods and gullies, chop small to medium and a mound I was able to get about a 3-4' high jump off of. This suspension was great for being off the showroom floor. I did go to the Beta demo on Sunday they are very well setup and super nice to demo with, had drinks for everyone and protein bars for everyone, they were also not worried if we crashed there bikes, which did happen😮 Maybe it was just not my day for riding, but things just didn't seem to fit or ride well I felt awkward on the course. To be very honest the 300 RR race had really bad vibrations the 250 was some better, I talking like at the pegs, at the bars, though the seat, man I thought they would have been smother, my 2013 GAS GAS was smother. also the suspension was crazy firm I really couldn't tell how the bike might handle if the suspension was right. Also I do like a lower smaller bike but I felt cramped up kind of, and was not able to move around very much. I not sure Beta is giving me a great deal for my 390 if I stick with them, but I am thinking I want the Husky, I will have to see if Bills Husqvarna in Salem Oregon will come up with a similar deal.
  4. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Ok here is what I came up with from the Husky demo😀 I really liked it, its light, it felt like it floated across the terrain (no joke) and was very flickable and turned excellent. The power was great, I would like a little more torque which I think can be had, but it still tractors around just fine. It eat up chop and 3' deep holes like nothing, the counter balancer WOW 50 percent less vibes is the real truth👍 I think while racing the vibes are no big deal, they have never bothered me in the past, but for some racing and playing around this thing is smooth and I really think one would be able to ride longer and it has to be less stress on the body, I think it helps keep your thinking clear, I am sure some guys will be laughing about this but (its real) coming across the farm field at warp speed with smoothness was a great feeling, even a 4t that is smooth has the diesel drag feel. I can see where electric would be of interest, but I am not there yet. I hope If I go this route the reliability is still there? I have photos and video I'll post soon.
  5. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I went to the Husky demo😁
  6. The ktm was $3500 I sent an email 3 times and the guy wrote back that it was still for sale, I told him Sat at 1pm he said ok, I called on the way up and he sold it on Friday night😂. Oh well, had a great ride at Husky, ktm demo day. Still hanging in Eugene tonight have to be up early for the Beta demo😀
  7. I am in southern Oregon close to Grants Pass, I am headed out right now, today is a GAS GAS dealer stop and then a USED 06 KTM 400 look-see and at 3-5 cycle buy is having the KTM/ Husky dealer demo day. And then on too Sunday for Beta time😀👍
  8. rocky4by

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Thanks for the information, Yes the weight factor is on my check list, other things I am also thinking of are the Height, which if I go Husky or KTM I will have to have lowered. Also the fuel mpg which the Beta RR reviews I could find seem like they do pretty well compared to KTM and Husky. I do have a brand new smart carb that's never been used, maybe after some hrs on the new bike I could give it a try. I am seriously giving Husky a ride and a looking over on Saturday, that said all the videos I watch the Beta looks to really get the traction to the ground and tractor everywhere, the Husky also looks great and I am sure the counter balancer makes for a nice ride. I don't know the bikes are so close anymore I am sure they are all good.😎
  9. WOW finally close to Beta demo day this coming Sunday. The 3 week wait seemed like 3 months😁 I am really ready to get the new bike, I am hoping to really get some good riding in this year, as this past year I have been sick for about 10 months, just found out about a month ago that they think its Lyme disease, so hopefully I will start getting better soon. let me tell ya, if you get a tick bite go and get tested soon after it happens, you dont want this Sh#&*T. Anyway I also do have to say I wasn't well enough to give my Beta 390 a real go, but I really miss having my 2T to jump on and go for a rip though the woods and past the rural neighbors😉 Have any off you seen this video, I kind of like this one for some reason. I will also be going to a demo on Saturday for the Husky and KTM bikes, I will try to get photos and as much thoughts on all 3 bikes, should really make my head spin🤪
  10. I am getting close to buying a new 2T bike, and next week I want to order or pick up my next 2T. Yes it will be a Husky, Beta or KTM, I am going to demo day for Husky and KTM on this Saturday and Beta demo on Sunday😀 I know these bikes aren't built for MPG but what are you guys here on the new Husqvarna TX/TE 250/300s getting? Also anyone here just come from having a Beta or KTM and are liking the Husky better? I am really liking the new look of the 2019 Husky models and if I go TE I have to find an 2018 because I want to stay with a carb bike, also any votes for the TX vs TE for riding any and everything type of terrain😁 I'll be down in the Desert and up in Oregon tight woods and everything in between. Thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I am going to look at a few towards this coming weekend. I seems like getting one in the best condition with low hrs and miles is what I'll look for👍 There is a 2010 with 70 hrs on it but he is asking 4200, I was thinking more around 3000?
  12. I see there are a few of these for sale close to me, and thought I would like to pick one up for a back up bike or when friends come over. I think from what I have read they were offered from around 2000-2010? Thanks for any information.
  13. rocky4by

    Demo tour MorgAn Hill, CA

    Ok who has reviews from bikes test rode at the Morgan Hill demo tour😀 I am signed up for the one here in Oregon on Oct-14, the 2018 race RR300 I wanted to buy, got bought back from Beta from the dealer for there Demo tours, as the didn't have one🙄 Hope everyone had a good day at Morgan Hill👍.
  14. Thanks for the reply's, this is all great information. I could not get away this week to go look at the 2018 300 RR race that the dealer has left. I have also signed up for the Beta Demo day here in Oregon on the 14th of Oct, but I think the 2018 300 will be sold by then😞 So I would have to go for a 2019, and that's going to cost even more$$$. Hey KatoKonvert that's interesting you went back to the Beta from the GAS GAS are you finding the Beta RR to be just as good or better then the GAS GAS? Being that you ride in or around Sydney you must get a pretty good mix of terrain? do you ride in any Whoops at speed? Also does any know if the gear ratio for all 6 gears is listed any where?
  15. Thanks for all the information everyone. I was looking what shops have 2018's left and found a 2018 250 RR race for 7950, is everything the same on the 250 and 300 except the cylinder and head? Thanks Chas_M for you post sounds about the type of riding I'll be doing the more of, I have always been a 2T rider but I keep trying to ride a 4T and never feel just right on it. I did see Beta is having demo days here in Oregon on the 14th of Oct, but I'm guessing that the shop that has the 300, will have sold it by then. Any one know when the 2019 300RR race will be available. I am also not sure I would keep my 390 as I don't need 3 bikes, I would think my 500 that I have, and the new 300 would cover any riding needs.🤪 -