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  1. #1_Hit-man

    Mini Question.... 2000 KTM SXR Adventure 50.

    Scott, Here are the book values for the different bikes for 2000: Mini Adv/$1055, JR Adv/$1275, SR Adv/$1330, Pro JR/$1500, Pro SR/$1715. The differences between them can be told by the motor&Carbs on them. Like the Mini Adv has the much smaller motor/S5-E, and the others all have the S5-GS, and just have different carbs. to upgrade them. Like the JR Adv has the VM16 carb., Pro JR has the VM18 carb., and the SR Adv.&Pro SR have the same carb. VM20. The rest of the diferences are in the shock travel, of coarse the Pro JR and Pro SR have the most travel and sit much taller.
  2. I need a front rim or whole wheel for a 00' KTM 50 Pro Senior. Please! send me a PM or an e-mail with info. THANX! Ken
  3. #1_Hit-man

    Central PA.

    :thinking:4 threads down from yours
  4. #1_Hit-man

    northeastern PA riders?

    Were all ripping at T.C.T.R.I. Ken
  5. #1_Hit-man

    Central PA Tower City and Paragon

    HaremScarem, Sounds good, I have rode with Bill,NHKevin,Mike68,Mcarp and some others from here. But I don't get to ride very much with Bill for as close as he is, I always seem to ride on different days than he does. We will all have to get together for some rides this year. I have been working on getting my (free)camper ready to take up there to stay this year, it will be nice to have a home away from home. Can't wait for the big weekends, long rides and sitting by the camp fire(oh yeah, can't forget drinking BEER!). Give me an e-mail if you are heading up, and maybe we can get together. yz426f@msn.com Talk to ya later! Ken
  6. #1_Hit-man

    Central PA Tower City and Paragon

    No more snow, but lots of water coming off the mountain(which makes lots of mud) . I was up on Sun. and some campsites are now creeks:crazy: Ken
  7. #1_Hit-man

    Central PA Tower City and Paragon

    Not anymore you can't, unless we get that part of the land back. But they did'nt wanted you to ride from one to the other anyway. And of coarse you would have to be a member of T.C.T.R.I. to do that. You can ride at TC if you know a member and pay $30 for the day. Give me an e-mail sometime and I would be glad to show you the place. Ken
  8. #1_Hit-man

    Need radiator advice fast please.

    I remember another guy saying he had tried to use YZ450 rad's on a YZ426 and they will not fit. I myself don't know, but I do remember the post that said they will not. Maybe if you do a search, you can find out who it was. (Hope this helps) Ken
  9. #1_Hit-man

    TT Kickstand BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How long have you had yours? I just bought one, I did not install mine yet, but I hope its just one of those few things that happen. It don't matter what you buy, things can go wrong. There was just a post about the Pro Billet Moto kickstand, that one of them had bent over and they cost $150 I will use a twig before I spend that for a kickstand. Ken
  10. #1_Hit-man

    Central PA Tower City and Paragon

    The other link is here>> http://www.rauschcreekracing.com/rcmp/index.php This is right off the Tower City exit 107, turn left and its on the left. Ken
  11. I just ordered a Trail Tech kickstand on the 11th, it was shipped the 12th and I just received it today(CA to PA). I even got some hard candy treats put in my package . I just wanted to say THANX! to: Bryan, Steve, Judy and everyone else involed in the GREAT! service at the TT store. The kickstand looks very nice(polished), and very well built. I can't wait to try it out, everyone should check out the store. THANX! AGAIN! Ken
  12. #1_Hit-man

    Promoto Billet Kickstand for the YZ

    This is what I just bought from the TT shop>> (Trailtech) YZ Kickstand - Built to take serious punishment Price$79.95 The YZ kickstand mounts from the chain roller bolt and the sub frame bolt. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. To allow for standing on the bike while kicking, the pivot plate is made from heat treated Chromoly. To prevent kickstand breakage and keep the package light, the kickstand is made from heat treated 7075 aluminum alloy. This kickstand fits all 1998-2003 YZ's EXCEPT '02 and '03 YZ250. This was copied right from the shop page, and they say you can start your bike on the stand. Save money, support TT and get a quality kickstand all at one time, and it was shipped the very next day to. THANX! again Bryan Ken
  13. #1_Hit-man

    Will YZ450F wheels fit a 00'YZ426F?

    Roostn67, You imagined correct, the 03 yz450f wheels will bolt right up to my bike(00'yz426f). Called the shop, and they called Yamaha and the word was YES! they will bolt up perfect to my 00'. Just wanted to pass the word for anyone else that might need to know in the future. THANX! Hitman
  14. Was hoping that someone would know if 03'YZ450F wheels will fit my 00'YZ426F. I am going to call the yamaha shop monday to see what they say, but I thought maybe someone here knows THANX! in advance Hitman
  15. #1_Hit-man

    Riding Tower City on Sunday!

    Bill, "What's up" Sorry I can't make it this Sunday, but next Sunday(12-1) I will be there. I am still recovering from Sunday the 10th. I flew over the handle bars and landed about 15 to 20 feet on my back. I was very lucky, I landed in a bedding of weeds, dirt & leaves. Lucky I did not break anything on me or my bike. Just a really nice 10 inch aching bruise on my inner left thigh from the compression release. I should be all heeled up for the 1st. Let me know if you might be able to make it for next Sunday. Talk to ya later! Hitman