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  1. Time Left: 24 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    I think It was around 400 some new. It is for a 2009-2015 crf450r. Works in all these models as it has the decompression mechanism included. Offers accepted.



    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good



  3. Polishhammer

    09 crf450r dies when it gets hot

    Sometimes when stators are bad they don't work when they get hot. I don't think these bikes had issues with stairs though. I had a 90 rm250 and a ktm 525 that would do that. New statora fixed both
  4. Polishhammer

    Rm250 engine 2005. Thinking of selling it?

    I decided to list it for sale on eBay. I'm parting out the bike too.
  5. Should I sell it whole? Part it out on ebay? Or sell the whole thing on eBay? What's it worth? Runs great.
  6. Polishhammer

    Suzuki JR50 rebuild issues

    I bought one of those Chinese carbs off of ebay for my kids. Works great! If the kill switch is stopping the spark and it still runs it might be a timing issue, or detonation from too much comp. I run av gas in ours. I miled the head down and raised the exhaust port a couple mms.
  7. Polishhammer

    Pro Circuit silencer mated to FMF head pipe

    I had a 2003 rm250 and it had a PC pipe with a fmf silencer . It should work I would think.
  8. Polishhammer


    If it's not enough you could put several more face shims on the base valve to keep it higher in the stroke.
  9. Polishhammer

    2017 450 was cooked, now issue's begin.

    I'd replace the fuel pump and injector. I would also check the engine seals and timing chain guides. Just for preventive maintenance as I'm sure this stuff isn't causing it to shut off . What oil was he using? Must have been good stuff.
  10. Polishhammer

    2003 rm250 help!!

    03 04 05 powervalves are very similar in visual appearance. I put a 05 set up on my old 03 once and couldn't tell a difference. Powerseal or millennium will both fix the pitting and replate it. Probably about $250 if I remember correctly. It's been awhile since I had one redone.
  11. Polishhammer

    KXF450 2017 4th gear pitting issue

    I have an 07 that I took apart and rebuilt a month ago that had the same thing on second gear. The counter shaft side gear (driven )had acouple teeth that where banged up so I replaced both. The driven side one was on back order from kawi so I had to go the used route. Funny thing is the used one looked great except the drive side had pits like your s. Lucky me I already had a new one on the way. I used to buy and flip motocross bikes. I've seen trans issues of some sort in all of them.
  12. Polishhammer

    94 rmx 250 for $1100. Would you?

    I'd buy it, but I'd have lost of all the things that need replaced. They're good bikes and like previously said they only made so many years ago. Tell him you're not being a prick but you have 900 cash
  13. Polishhammer


    The psf1 forks we're on the 13s. They're actually pretty good. The 15s had the psf2s which weren't as good.
  14. Polishhammer

    Help ID Ohlins forks

    Anyone know if any factory teams or privateer teams ran the style ohlins in the 2000 s?
  15. Polishhammer

    Help ID Ohlins forks

    Great thanks! Good info! It says they're 46mm lower but I thought they were 48mm lowers. I'll have to measure them tonight. It looks like Mike brown in the pic. What are they worth?