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  1. the_smoo

    WR 450 F for enduro riding?

    low speed technical over a long period, there are definitely lighter more capable bikes. By technical I mean you pick the bike up every 5-10 mins. Faster flowing trails, the WR - no problemo.
  2. the_smoo

    Softer seat for a 2012 WR450 ?

    I have the 08 and the seat was like an ironing board.. went with the guts racing seat soft foam and havent looked back... but my saddle time is low!
  3. the_smoo

    Aussie Riders ?

    well.. I was in the USA, but now Canberra!
  4. the_smoo

    worst seat ever??

    the WR seat gets you ready for prison.. I ditched it and put on a guts seat... its like riding a sofa through the woods if thats your bag... it is mine as I approach 40....
  5. the_smoo

    What did you do to your WR today?

    picked her up from the port in Sydney Australia after her 8 week journey from Fredericksburg Virginia!
  6. the_smoo

    What did you do to your WR today?

    put mine on the truck today to make its long journey home to Australia from Virginia...
  7. the_smoo

    2011 vchss

    and stellar effort tim.. even with no seat or brakes on the last lap... you are the gladiator!
  8. the_smoo

    2011 vchss

    I think I rode my 450 around that trail twice... hence the ktm200!
  9. the_smoo

    2011 vchss

    you may be able to sneak a top 10 finish
  10. the_smoo

    250 or 450 for woods??

    I rode my WR450 in tight single track in Virginia.... once.. then went out and bought a KTM 200
  11. the_smoo

    2011 vchss

    Be careful mate. Sounds like you are drinking the kool aid one sip at a time. First k80 gets an 85, and now you sampled the 200....
  12. the_smoo

    2011 vchss

    do yourself a favour and ride a small bore two stroke... you will be smiling all the way to the finish line...
  13. the_smoo

    Almost time for a 2-stroke KTM, what accessories

    get some chapstick to treat the corners of your mouth from smiling so much while you ride.. everything else is bling.
  14. the_smoo

    125 exc idle problem

    seeing as the idle screw was broken, I would pull the whole carb apart and check everything out. New jets and a soak in carb cleaner would be my first step..