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  1. Hartebreak

    Starvation Ridge update #4

    Looking for a person or two to fill out our Open AM team. Had a couple last minute cancellations. PM me if interested.
  2. Hartebreak

    2012 kx450 won't run...

    my 1st question is, why did you put a top end in it at 20 hours? Did something happen that forced your hand to rebuild it so early? Sounds to me that your timing is off but you checked it and its fine? If it kicks over fine without the plug then that tells me you have a compression problem (too much).
  3. Hartebreak

    Throttle Cable issue

    x2. I did this to my 12 300xc. Worked like a champ. Plus the Motion Pro cable is top notch quality.
  4. I just got done reading the "master plan" and a few things kind of caught my eye. 1. Most, if not all talk about trail improvements are centered around NON motorized users(specifically the MTB group), there is lots of talk about cross country trails, stunt trails, and freeride areas. You would think that with most $$$$ coming in from ATV and other grants paid for by MOTORIZED users that there would be at least some discussion about improvements for these users. 2. There is also a disproportionately large amount of text in regards to MTB users, in fact they go as far as breaking up MTB users and trails into 3 categories (freeriding, downhill and cross country). Each one of these categories has more text and discussion than the entire class III section. This shows a lack of equal consideration by the author to equally discuss the different user groups. It may be due to more MTB users voicing opinions and offering suggestions and taking surverys, or it may be due to the author having bias towards that group. Either way the text in this plan is heavily addressing the MTB community while barely giving mention to the class III crowd. 3. As far as funding, the only thing I read where any funds were allocated to NON motorized were some grant dollars spent on signage for NON motorized trails. So either A) some ATV $$'s are being illegally siphoned off for NON motorized use or All the trail work and improvements for the MTB people has been donated or $$$ comes from private sources. 4.There is a topic regarding the trail density and it says that 4.5 miles of trail per square mile is the limit and once the limit is reached, in order to add new trail you must remove 1.5 times the same amount. In english does this mean if we want to add a 2 mile trail, we must remove from service 3 miles of existing trail?? 5. In regards to the "survey" I wonder if there is a list of all places that they gave access to the survey. The survey showed 61% of responces were from MTB users while only 26% were from class III users. I would imagine that the advertising of this survey was probably aimed more heavily towards MTB clubs, forums, and organizations thus giving inflated numbers. there probably are more MTB users than class III but I really do not think that they can be compared like apples to apples as someone on a MTB could ride all day in a freeride area and only use like 3/4 of a mile of trail while it isnt uncommon for a single classIII user to easily run 50-75 miles in the same time period. I guess my feeling is that this "Master Plan" is obviously written with a bias towards MTB users, as it addresses that particular user group at length while barely giving mention of the other groups. I wonder if they show a graph of $$$ spent on these trail systems and the sources of those $$$ if it would match the same 61% to 26% as they cited in their survey. A bit irritated to say the least.
  5. Hartebreak

    12' 300 XC 'Bog'/Stall out when wicking throttle

    my 12 300xc had the bog off idle as well. Put in the JD Jet kit (red needle 4th, 38, 162) and the bike was a blubbering mess. Could hardly even ride the thing. Yesterday I put the stock needle back in but put the clip in the 3rd position instead of the 4th. Warmed it up and played with it in the driveway, much better than the red needle, got the AS at 1/2 turn out and the bog is damn near gone. I will go ride this weekend to see if it is indeed improved, but Im thinking I will need pick up a 40 PJ and see if I cant get it cleaned up a bit more. Will report back this weekend. Also wonder if changing to the blue needle on the 2nd clip may help a bit. Im at about 300 feet at 50 degrees.
  6. Hartebreak

    300xc race prep!

    how do you like the Rekluse on the 300? I just took my new 12 300XC out today. 1st thing I noticed is how much I miss the Vstart Pro my CRF has in it.
  7. Hartebreak

    Crf Frontbrake SERIOUS problem!!

    longshot guess but make sure the brake line didnt get smashed or kinked.
  8. Hartebreak

    100LL AV gas

    semi funny 100LL story About 10 years ago while working at an airport here in Oregon a guy came by with a trailer full of Banshee's headed for Spinreel (Oregon dunes). We always got quad riders coming in buying 100LL. The guy asked for 15 gallons of fuel and I told him we just recieved a fuel delivery and I couldnt pump any fuel until I did a QC check on it after the fuel sits for an hour. He started walking away all bummed when he saw the JetA fuel truck sitting there. He asks me "what octane is jet fuel?" I tell him that Jet fuel is like kerosene and wont run in his quad. He is all stoked laughing with his buddy joking about how bad ass their bikes would be with "Jet Fuel" in them. He tells me how his quad is all set up to run nitrous, and has high compression heads and blah blah blah. He tells me his bike could "run any fuel and be fine" due to it being built to the hilt. I roll my eyes and repeat that Jet fuel wont work. He keeps hounding me how I havent a clue what Im talking about and just let him buy the fuel. So I topped off his 3 gas cans with 15 gallons of Jet A. That fool is probably still kicking on that bike trying to start it.
  9. Hartebreak

    Please tell me I'm wrong

    private land???
  10. Hartebreak

    Rip rmc

    its Lanphere not Lamphere.
  11. Hartebreak

    450R for woods

    Engine Ice is good stuff. I would also add a skidplate (with countersunk screws), a brake snake, rear rotor guard. I had my suspension revalved which helped a ton with the midstroke harshness on the 08 forks. I have a ZstartPro and a trailtech flywheel for lighting in mine which really took the bark away from the bike. If you end up going with a sealed chain you will either need to run the Vt2 Xring or get the countershaft sprocket spacer for running an oring chain.
  12. Diggin the gnarly push bar/bark buster combo.
  13. Hartebreak

    VIN trouble

    The 7th digit on my 08 is a number. So I guess you could try all 10 numbers. 0-9
  14. Hartebreak

    eddieville tomorrow?

    Well if you are an offroad/woods/desert guy then the MX track is "MXish" enough. If you are a true MX guy and are looking for a pure MX track to ride, then there are probably better options.