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    Fe570 battery draining

    I have an issue with the battery draining down to about 4 volts in 30 hrs. I plan to put my fluke meter in series with with the positive lead and look for leakage current. Fuse 1 is for efi unit and 2 is for fuel pump. Is there a fuel pump relay somewhere? And if so, where is it? It only seems to cycle when start button is bumped. It cycles for a couple seconds and turns off. This all started happening a couple years ago after I left it out in rain overnight. Battery was flat a day later. It's been inside since (very dry now). It's been a snow bike conversion since day 1. We had bad winters here so I haven't rode in forever. I do have a new battery in it now, but no change. If anyone knows a good berg tech who would be willing to have a short chat with me, I would appreciate it. Oz.
  2. Dirtyoz

    06 525exc a few maintenance Q's

    thanks, thats a good tip. I knew that KTM would not be content with this being an issue in a bike right out of the factory. I mean it's kind of a big deal when you have deal with this problem every time you ride. The BB idea sounds like it works but bypasses the real problem. Oz
  3. Dirtyoz

    06 525exc a few maintenance Q's

    Interesting, I might have to try that.
  4. Dirtyoz

    06 525exc a few maintenance Q's

    When I bought it last year, it had fresh oil and filters. I put maybe 10 - 12 hrs on it as a snowbike conversion. It did the same thing when the whole time. A little less though when hot, but not by much. I am really considering getting a rekluse pro clutch kit. Oz
  5. Just getting ready to adjust my valves for 1st time (I'm second owner). Do the copper sealing washers under the valve cover bolts need to be replaced every time I am in there? Another little thing I noticed was that my clutch seems partially engaged when the lever is pulled in. When trying to start in gear with clutch pulled it wants walk a bit. When shifting into gear at idle it makes the ol kachunk noise which concerns me a bit. Finding neutral from 1st or 2nd really is frustrating. I have had some form of bike my whole life, and i know the clutch issue sound like air in the system but I cant seem to bleed any out. Hope you can help Thanks Oz
  6. Dirtyoz


    This is why I live in AK. No people, Few regs., Seemingly endless new territory. Fresh tracks AAALLLLLLL day long. Even more on a snowbike! Oz