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  1. nitrojoe

    2015 250sx pull rod on 2014?

    so it sounds like for 2015, ktm made changes to the 205sx linkage to make the chassis more stable ( a common complaint in the magazine tests of the 2014 250sx 2 stroke). does anybody know if its a 1.25mm longer pull rod like that of what pro circuit offered for the 2014 models? if that were to be the case, that would make putting the longer pull rod from the 2015 on any previous linkage equipped ktm a cheaper option than buying a pro circuit, ride engineering, or any other aftermarket pull rod. motosport for ktm 2015 pull rod= ~$100 pro circuit= $225 stillwell performance pull rod w/ guard= ~$280-300 might be something to look into
  2. so i have about 35 hours on my 2014 ktm 250sx and ive started having shifting problems, especially between 2nd and 3rd. i already found the videos and threads on modifying the necessary parts so no need to discuss that. I got to looking on motosport and rockymountain atv/mc at the oem parts im modifying, and saw that all the parts im messing with, now have superceded parts numbers, so im assuming ktm has come out with new parts to replace the problem ones. i know ktm has had problems with these parts for a long time. so my question is, does my bike already have the updated parts?Or do i need to order the new parts. the parts include the shift shaft and slider plate, and the locating lever.
    works well, but the frequent cleaning is annoying.
  3. nitrojoe

    sx and xc parts interchangeable

    cool. I was looking at hyde skid plates. I want one of those plates that also has a pipe guard built into it, but it only shows fitment for up to 2011. although, the other plates they have that will fit my bike shows fitment for 2011 -2014. so I wonder if a 2011 plate will fit a 2014 250 sx. I don't know....its probably a pipe fitment issue
  4. just bought a 2014 ktm 250sx. I do a good amount of off road riding, so I need a skid plate and stuff like that. I see that most parts do interchange, but do skid plates? are the frames the same? ive been looking at the cycra plastic full skid plates, and they only advertise for 2014 xc's. will they fit my bike?
  5. nitrojoe

    KTM 250 SX (2014)


    great motor! incredible brakes, great handling and turning. suspension needs a little love but its very rare that any new bike is perfect out of the box
  6. nitrojoe

    KTM 250 SX 2014

    great motor! incredible brakes, great handling and turning. suspension needs a little love but its very rare that any new bike is perfect out of the box
  7. nitrojoe

    trying to get a 94 ATK 605 back on the road..

    well i had to put this entire resto project on hold, but im in a position again to keep it going. ive been looking all over for an oem air filter. found that k&n makes a filter for the 1992 atk 604. http://www.knfilters.ca/air_filter/atk_604_fi.aspx looks the same with the air boot being part of the filter. is it the same between the early 90s and the 94/95 bikes? can i use this filter? also found a filter that says its for a atk lq260 2 stroke. looks exactly the same as the 605 4 stroke one. did atk use the same parts between the 2 and 4 stroke bikes? the one i found on ebay would be cool, but being its labeled as being from a 2 stroke im skeptical.
  8. nitrojoe

    petition to reopen pala raceway

    i dont know how well known this is, but pala raceway recently closed, but luckily there is a petition to reopen the track. here is the link. lets get back one of the best mx tracks in southern california and stop loosing our riding areas! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-pala-raceway-back
  9. so when trail riding i run an fmf turbinecore 2 on my 2005 cr250 and when racing have a pro circuit r304 shorty. with my current jetting, the bike wont rev out with the turbinecore 2, but if i just swap over to the r304 shorty, the bike revs out waaaay more. i was able to get the turbinecore 2 to rev out better with a leaner main jet, but im afraid of going too lean with the main and doing some damage. the same jetting on the r304 shorty ran like a dream. so with a longer silencer, does the bike just need less fuel to rev higher? (better engine vacuum and/or scavenging?) with the the turbinecore 2 the bike gives off the typical sound of a rich main jet. what about the different silencer lengths affects the bikes jetting?
  10. nitrojoe

    Making a two stroke quieter

    fmf Q stealth is super quiet!
  11. nitrojoe

    Tulare mx and cc moto club

    theres a race this sunday just so you know. the main track wont be open for practice riding
  12. yes it burns all the crap out of the pipe. fyi, lots of smoke if the pipe is really gummed up. it will look like whats going on in the video posted here, but using a torch burns everything out faster. so more noise, smoke, and flames. dump it upside down when your done like in the video. all kinds of goodies will fall out
  13. i take a benzomatic torch and point is at the inlet of the pipe. and just kinda hang there for a minute. the pipe makes some interesting noises because its creating the same effect inside the pipe as it does when exhaust gasses are flowing through it, so just know its not the sound of anything going wrong. as heat builds in the chamber it burns off all the carbon and oil deposits in the pipe. when you pull the torch away from the pipe it will smoke a bit, but no fireball is going to come shooting out of the pipe or anything. scrape the carbon near the pipe inlet and outlet with either a screwdriver, or a small steel brush (which i recommend). for safety reasons, wear gloves and safety glasses. ive never had any problems ever with this method, ever, but it doesnt hurt to take extra precautions. this is the method that pacific pipe repair shows on their website, and they have pictures too. i do this out in the driveway away from anything that could catch fire from the torch.
  14. nitrojoe

    Any good Suspension Shops In/Near Bakersfield?

    he has done all of my bikes and ive been happy with his work. he did suspension work at pro circuit before he opened his own place. he does a good job at keeping you informed of how your suspension is coming, if it needs anything else (wear parts) and his prices are pretty good. bryce is the guy your looking for. chances are he's the guy that will answer the phone. (805) 544-9531.