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  1. jbrun

    broken piston skirt

    I run Phat Heads on all my smokers. I really like the fact that i can change the comp in about 15 minutes. I also have noticed cooler head temps.
  2. jbrun

    Calico Ghost Town

    Any one got the GPS digits to Calico? I would like to Google Earth a topo map of the area.
  3. jbrun

    kx 100 jetting situation

    that depends on the bike after you install the silencer. The best way to insure that your jetting is correct is the spark plug. Black=rich. White or light tan=lean. You want the plug insulator color to be a light chocolate brown. There is no specific science to jetting and all bikes are different. Remember to start your readings on the plug with a new one. Do a search on jetting. this has been covered many times in this forum.
  4. jbrun

    carb or jetting problem?

    I haven't seen a two smoker that idles very long on its own.
  5. jbrun

    larger gas tank

    Try IMS. That is the same tank on the 85. Or call Pat in parts at John Burr Cycles in Fontana, CA. He could tell you what your options are.
  6. jbrun

    Oil coming out from the engine ? KLX110

    Sounds like you are over filling the crank case with oil and it is comming out the breather tube. Level the bike and check the sight window on the right side engine cover. The oil should be between the two marks.
  7. jbrun

    KLR/650 exhaust

    I run the Pro Circuit 496 silencer on my KLR. I have no complaints about this silencer.
  8. jbrun

    FSW aftermarket hot start?

    One of the best mods I have done to my KLX.
  9. With the head and all the macine work it cost me around 400.00
  10. I did the BBK for the all out desert. I run VP U2pro race gas. There is no way I could run pump gas on that engine. The BBK gave the bike more power so I could go to taller gears.
  11. I run the Phat head KO3 with a 94cc bbk and get about 180 psi comp.
  12. jbrun

    Up at Big Bear

    I would like to ride that weekend, but that is my have to work around the house weekend. maybe some other time.
  13. jbrun

    Radiator repair

    Brewster, there is a guy in Fontana that does wonderful work on radiators. The shop name is Fontana Radiator and the person you want to talk to is Jeff Johnson. He does all my cycle radiator work and is real fast on the turn around. About 2 days usually. They are located at 17635 Arrow Blvd. in Fontana. The number is 909-822-8737. Any other info you need PM me.
  14. jbrun

    best dual sport bike?

    I agree on the DRZ
  15. jbrun

    KX supermini questions...

    I would go for the PC in the pipe. As for the Vortex box, trash it and go back to stock. I have had nothing but trouble with them. Now your jetting issue can be told by the color of the insulator on your plug. If the insulator is a medium brown in color, your jetting is correct. the darker the color, the richer the jetting is.