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  1. live4moto

    front and rear wheels fitment question

    I have an 04, yes the wheels are the same (04-12 are the same). Best way to double check this is to cross ref the part numbers on an aftermarket wheel manufacture's web site (like warp9)
  2. live4moto

    Decision time - Is the 200XC-W enough for me?

    I came from club road racing with little offroad experience. Rode a cr125 for a year, then bought a buddies 200. Been racing the 200 in the Open Amateur Class and doing quite well. I am by far NOT the only 200 rider in the Open AM or the Open Expert Class (harescramble). despite being 6'2" and 190lbs the 200 has served me VERY well. I have ridden both the 250 and 300 (as well as the 350). I had a great time on all three but was really surprised at how fast and nimble my 200 was when getting back on it. Far less energy draining then the others. I personally have decided that the 200 will remain my racebike for next season and i will be shopping for a 500 or 350 exc for more dual sport type riding.
  3. live4moto

    ktm 200 questions

    I have the 04 exc200. It has and is known for having very long legs. I have no problems with 450's in straights (unless your talking Hare&hound miles long straights that is). They tend to briefly catch up to me but I always seem to get back by before the end of the straight. I'm also in Oregon and am racing the OMRA GP & XC Series and despite the bikes age, it's very competitive. I haven't been on the bike in the dunes yet but it's been great everywhere from the rainforest of Tillamook to the Oregon desert (Chinahat / Millican). If your coming from a 125 2-stroke, you'll have to get used to lugging it in the woods and mud. It puts the power down a lot quicker then you would expect. I'm 6'2" & 192lbs so any bike is going to like you a lot better then it likes me.
  4. live4moto

    200exc on the road?

    I run 14/45 on my 04. works well for both trail/road/rail-bed riding and local PA harescrambles. I can keep up with my buddies 530 on the road with out reving it out (as long as he's going 50-60 or so).
  5. live4moto

    JETTING exc200 @ 4242ft.

    I'm assuming it is the stock size, everything else in the carb matches the base line settings in my KTM guide. I know the slide is a 65.
  6. live4moto

    JETTING exc200 @ 4242ft.

    178 main jet 45 prime jet 3rd clip on needle (middle) runs a little rich @ 1000ft. better @ sea level but still a little rich (which is ok w/ me-better safe then sorry)
  7. live4moto

    JETTING exc200 @ 4242ft.

    Going to race Snowshoe (elevation 4242ft.)@ the end of the month. I ride @ sea level-1000ft and wont be able to pre-run. Anybody have any idea what i should jet my 04 exc200 at? Down one main and up one clip or.....?