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  1. Justin Hambleton

    Place to buy in BAJA

    Which coast and how far do you want to drive to get there? Planning to live there part time or just a vacation getaway?
  2. Justin Hambleton

    Baja Legend Ron Bishop Passes Away

    Offroad motorcycle racing legend Ron Bishop passed away from natural causes late last week. Ron's list of motorcycle racing accomplishments is far too long and expansive to detail here but it goes without saying he was one of the most accomplished and experienced off-road motorcycle racers of his generation and a pioneer of Baja racing. In 2007 Ron achieved one of his greatest milestones becoming the only person to race 40 consecutive Baja 1000s on a motorcycle (he shared this with Rod Hall who did the same in a four-wheeled vehicle). He was an incredible motorcycle racer, mechanic, electrician, teacher (if you were patient) and an all around great guy. I owe a lot to Ron. He shared countless stories with me over the years and taught me a lot about motorcycle mechanics. There's a bit of irony in Ron's most enduring lesson and one I will take with me to my grave: 7 Ps: Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance Cheers to Ron Bishop - one hell of a bad ass.
  3. Justin Hambleton

    Harry Devert's body found in Mexico

    I read they had found drugs near his body. I'm just asking if that was ever confirmed. It's a legit question in the context of glorifying an American who was killed while traveling through Mexico.
  4. Justin Hambleton

    Harry Devert's body found in Mexico

    Did they ever determine where the drugs came from that they found near his body?
  5. Justin Hambleton

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    I'm more of a DD fun kinda guy but I'll take what I can get.
  6. Justin Hambleton

    Harry Devert's body found in Mexico

    Anyone who decides to ride their motorcycle through one of the most dangerous regions in the entire world (e.g. mainland Mexico) is, frankly speaking, an idiot.
  7. Justin Hambleton

    Harry Devert's body found in Mexico

    Everything and nothing at all.
  8. Justin Hambleton

    Harry Devert's body found in Mexico

    It probably would have been wiser to fly to Brazil don't you think?
  9. Justin Hambleton

    Anyone else think the Military Checkpoints are a pain in the Butt?

    We recently rode down to La Paz and back. The military checkpoints weren't a big deal. Those guys have a tough job. I've never been hassled in the 15 years I've been going down there. You sure like to bitch a lot about Baja.
  10. Justin Hambleton

    2014 San Felipe 250 - Latest news and rumors

    No - it was only on Facebook. You may need to 'friend' Colton in order to see it. Not sure if the video is public or not: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=754028637955828&set=vb.100000460974425&type=3&theater
  11. Justin Hambleton

    Is Wil Hahn alright?

    A Leatt will not protect you against a basilar skull fracture. See the straps on the HANS device: Those straps are what keep your head from getting ripped off at the base of the skull. A Leatt will not prevent this, ever. A Leatt only protects you from extreme hyperflexion: If you're worried about spraining your neck, wear a Leatt. If you're worried about breaking your neck or getting a severe brain injury, stop riding motorcycles.
  12. Justin Hambleton

    Is Wil Hahn alright?

    Do you really think a motocross neck brace is going to protect you from a basilar skull fracture? The HANs device, which became mandatory after Earnhardt's death, has little if nothing in common with the Leatt. The HANs device's primary function is to keep your head from ripping off your neck in the event of a high speed impact (high speed = +150 MPH). A Leatt isn't going to protect you from that kind of injury. In fact, a Leatt isn't going to protect you from much, except extreme hyper-extension.
  13. Justin Hambleton

    Is Wil Hahn alright?

    If he broke the head of his humorous like I did, he's looking at a minimum of 6-8 months recovery. That's a nasty, horrible place to break a bone and the rehab is brutal. Glad it wasn't worse... that was a bad crash.
  14. Justin Hambleton

    Thanks for riding the Los Ancianos Tecate Red Cross Benefit Trailride!

    Fantastic! This was a great event last year and very worthy cause. Looking forward to it.
  15. Justin Hambleton

    2014 San Felipe 250 - Latest news and rumors

    There's a video of Colton's crash on Facebook. It's pretty obvious he was hauling ass into section he didn't know very well. Very lucky it wasn't worse. It looked pretty horrific.