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  1. jl8088

    xr650r paddle tire sand setup

    as mentioned above, your 120 tire should fit, just remove the shock "mud flap" or the paddle will automatically remove it for you in a few seconds. Throttle is your friend in the deep sand. Have a blast.
  2. jl8088

    Yep, another tire thread!

    Pirelli XCMH up front (DOT) Maxxis Desert IT rear (non-DOT)
  3. jl8088

    Pirelli Scorpion XCMH: Discontinued?

    I bought one right before Christmas from motorcycle superstore. They had a coupon going. $55 shipped. Sweet deal. Pirelli Scorpion XCMH up front Maxxis Desert IT in the back
  4. jl8088

    Show your PIG

    Algodones Dunes, Glamis CA (1-22-11)
  5. jl8088

    Show your PIG

    ...when pigs fly
  6. jl8088

    Best Non DOT Tire for Dualsporting?

    hard to say as i don't have an odometer/tripmeter, but i end up buying a new rear tire every 8 months or so. The Maxxis Desert IT tire is FAR more durable than the stock tire which was toasted in a matter of a few rides.
  7. jl8088

    Best Non DOT Tire for Dualsporting?

    Maxxis Desert IT in the rear (non-DOT). I'm on my 4th set and have no reason to look elsewhere. I'll be installing a DOT pirelli up front in the next month.
  8. jl8088

    xrs are great

    30-40mpg depending on road conditions and rev/speed. Not too good, but dame the torque and power. 100mph is possible too.
  9. the "orange" bike company is awesome, but until they win a Baja 1000, they can suck it!!!!
  10. jl8088

    2001 XR650R Carb Problem...HELP!

    OK, i've been thru the exact same problem. For me to fix mine, i cleaned the carb nearly 4 times making sure i did a very thorough job cleaning every part as best as humanly possible. (i bought a bike that had been sitting for 4 years) I also adjusted the float level on the 3rd and 4th cleaning to stop gas from filling the float bowl just a little earlier. Apparently the stock float level setting from the factory is meant for wide open high speed desert racing, which may or may not be your average style of riding. If not, you can adjust the height level like i did to prevent the drip. Good luck and start to love carb cleaner, it is your best friend.
  11. not a picture, but a video!
  12. jl8088

    My new Baby!!

    nice virgin. Can you get it plated?
  13. jl8088

    Just bought 650r, having a few problems...

    i was in your same situation. I bought a 2002 XRR with 20 miles on it a year ago. Never ridden, just sat in the garage. The bike would run, but the carb was always causing issues and dripping gas. 6 year old gas is no good. It took several cleanings of the carb and adjusting the float a little. Now it is fine. I'd suggest another thorough cleaning and an Italian tune-up around the neighborhood!