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    2017 KTM SX and XC Bikes

    what other advancements would you like to see that would impress you ? if you have any brilliant ideas im sure ktm would be more than willing to listen. as it stands right now, ktm 2t is by far the most advanced engine. why does it only have a few HP more than the YZ you ask......... because a 60hp engine would be useless for 90% of the customer base. the new mikuni is not the same one that Honda used years ago. the reason people hate mikunis is because theyre more adjustale. with wore adjustability comes a need for more tuning knowledge. tuning knowledge isn't a strong point that most riders posess. so they toss it in the garbage because they don't understand how it works
  2. KTM-548cc

    More Shots of the Illusive 2017 KTM 250/300 Engine

    they could make the 300 have a lot more power but then a bunch of sissies would be complaining it had to much. no different than the counterbalancer. people cryed about vibration and ktm addressed the problem, now all them sorry sapps are complaing about the higher price. technology isn't free. if you cant afford it then get out of the game
  3. you cant say a statement like this and apply it to all engines. by no compression i assume you meen the crankcase is eqaul to atmosphere at bdc ? that wouldnt be true for all engines either. first of all just because theres a bunch of transfer ports and the piston has uncovered them, doesnt meen any gas is moving. often times it gets stalled because of poorly designed exhaust ports and/or expansion chambers. this situation can clearly be observed by black transfer passages. surely if theres spent exh gas heading back toward the crankcase, you can be sure very little fresh mixture is going into the cylinder for the newbies to understand these engines in lamens terms just think of it as a series of varying pressure differentials at the crankcase, cylinder, and expansion chamber. this is how the gas moves through the engine
  4. KTM-548cc

    Bought a new wiseco crank and now the nut won't work

    you could easily fix the threads yourself but that still doesnt change the fact that chinese engine parts are garbage. if i were you i would do everything possible to get a refund.
  5. KTM-548cc

    Bought a new wiseco crank and now the nut won't work

    those wiseco crankshafts should be avoided at all costs. the first thread may be bunged up which is preventing the nut from starting or you may have a more serious problem like the threads are simply machined wrong, which wouldnt suprise me. i would contact the place where you bought the crank and explain the situation and get a refund if all possible and get rid of the crankshaft asap. send your oem crankshaft for a rebuild with prox rod. you have over 500 posts and should be well aware of the poor qaulity of wiseco cranks. honestly i dont feel sorry for you as you should have known and likely just tried to save a few dollars and its biting you in the ass now
  6. KTM-548cc

    50:1 oil mix sx 150

    i couldnt have said it better myself
  7. KTM-548cc

    50:1 oil mix sx 150

    so the 40hr piston that looked new, you threw it back in i presume ? or did you buy another new one to replace the new one you took out ktm could care less if your engine lasts 6mon or 60yrs. what matters to them is image and keeping the greenies off their back. a service manual recomendation of 20:1 on their mass produced bikes would be bad for business and send the wrong message. the recomended service intervals of most standard dirt bike engines is so short that even the crappiest of oils at skimpy qauntities usually still gets the job done just fine
  8. KTM-548cc

    CR 250 running hot

    nobody uses straight water so your spit method is not valid . who rides around spitting on their hand anyways
  9. KTM-548cc

    CR 250 running hot

    what do you meen your not necesarrily guessing. using your hand is a guess. by that method its impossible to know the difference between 180f or 250f why fill the rads above the fins, theres no need for it and likely will just spit it out, which possibly might be where your whole problem is. fill it to flush with fins. maybe even just a hair below
  10. KTM-548cc

    CR 250 running hot

    without some sort of temp gauge hooked into the system its impossible to guess what the actual temp is. judging by feel is hardly accurate losing alittle water out the over flow is not a gaurantee of over heating. cap may be bad. maybe a problem with the head gasket. rads could be overfilled. hard to say
  11. KTM-548cc

    CR 250 running hot

    if the water wasnt circulating properly (for what ever reason, clogged rads, broken impeller etc) you could of easily diagnosed that by simply putting your hand on the rad. rad temp should rise at a similar rate and maintain a similar temp as the engine. if rad is noticably colder then its a red flag you got something wrong
  12. KTM-548cc

    Using compression to determine rebuild time on 250SX?

    at 15hrs everything should be practicaly new. most likely your gauge is wrong. if you have a fair amount of resistance on your kick lever then certainly your cylinder pressure is far higher than 90psi
  13. KTM-548cc

    Best source for OEM parts?

    rockymountain is not the best price, not by a long shot. these guys are far cheaper than rockymountain and theyre in your neck of the woods http://www.ktmpartshouse.com/default.asp
  14. KTM-548cc

    16 250sx

    theres pics of the 250 floating around and the engine bay clearly has a bunch of vent hoses. no doubt in my mind its using a carb
  15. KTM-548cc

    port timing values for 250

    are you simply looking to know what the timings will be after the .030 is shaved off the cylinder ? i can tell you the answer if i know the degree when the port opens