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  1. ya, the warp9 17" 4.25 rear w pilot power tires. handles really well for what it is
  2. 14-45 does about 113 down the straight
  3. Haha. I hear ya, but I never follow the rules! Esp if u want to ride a dirt bike in the wonderful state of CT. I'm more like 40% dirt, 10% ice and 50% street. Awsome Awsome bike. He's another one after the ice track goofing off. keep it pinned! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn0JZIEj7QE
  4. Then I brought it to the track without fear of running lean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lthVVEpsOso&google_comment_id=z13kx51rdvquv1f0k23yv5eygtfawbj1v&google_view_type#gpluscomments
  5. Put my bike on the dyno to test AFR after some mods and make a TPS adjustment (only affected off idle) 2014 500 EXC FMF full system euro map 56Whp
  6. here is a horrible video. sorry i have seen stock 500 exc's at 50whp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpTJPxyO54A
  7. Nope. just bikes. right behind the bmw dealer
  8. ya. i had the stock header welded and cranked up the fork compression. the stocker will be going on again for the ice.
  9. I've really been having a good year with my 500 exc. I bought it 12 months ago and I have almost 3000 miles on it now. I ride supermoto, ice, and dirt all with this bike. I am doing a track day next month at NYST and I just wanted to make sure I am not running lean. Basically a $60 insurance policy lol. I had the front ice tire come into contact with the stock header pipe and wear a hole in it so I bought a full fmf powerbomb/4.1 exhaust. I also had the xcw map installed at the dealer at time of desmogging. I made an adjustment of the tps voltage while on the dyno. I was reading a lean spot just off idle so I adjusted it from .63 volts to .65 volts. 56whp
  10. Thank you for finding that! That is exactly my issue. I rode all day friday in the woods without issue...mostly because it was 2nd and 3rd gear single track and no long WOT. I found my tps was at .575 volts and I set it to .640 volts yesterday. I will ride the street again and report back. So according to this post it was the ignition signal pickup spool that was the issue. What the heck is that?
  11. I have a decent dirt ride planned for tomorrow. I ordered the plug to set te tps. When that comes in I'll set it to .64 volts the bring it to my local dyno and get some pulls with the a/f. Then if its way off I'll pick up the JD tuner and make a custom tune on the dyno I guess. My buddy also has a 2014 500 exc that I may swap out the coil if this continues to be an issue.
  12. That would make perfect sense. Being 2 months out of warranty sucks!! pickup coil is the same as ignition coil i would assume? I'm going to search for this thread
  13. I have a major issue with my 2014 KTM 500 EXC. I have it setup for supermoto at the moment, but I go back and forth often. When on the street blasting with sport bikes I will get a major bog after about 20 minutes of riding hard. If you turn the throttle past half way its like there is no spark. Bring it back to 1/4 throttle or less and it is just fine. If I let it cool off for 10 minutes it will be fine for about 10 minutes and it will happen again. I tried new gas and removed vent tube on gas cap to see if it was some kind of vapor lock. Also tried a new fuel filter. I'm assuming it something heat related?? I pulled the spark plug and it's definately on the white side, gap at .35mm The bike has about 50 hrs and 1600 miles. oil change a few hrs ago. New air filter and recent valve check. It has the emissions stuff removed, xcw mapping and full fmf exhaust. There does not appear to be any air leaks.
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