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  1. eazrider

    Neutral Switch Cover

    I believe that neutral switch is used to retard the timing just a tad, when it is in neutral, so the bike starts easier....
  2. eazrider

    Yamaha IT200 Questions - engine running away

    I believe Wiseco made the kit. It increased the displacement to 240cc...I modified the pipe and porting a bit, and it would really rip...
  3. eazrider

    YZ250 -07 gear box failure

    At some point you fell on the shift lever, probably in 3rd gear, and bent that shift fork (even with the folding lever, it happens) That causes 3rd gear to not engage completely, and it starts to hop in/out of gear, wearing the engament "dogs", and also hammering the spot on the shift drum where the drum guides the fork into position. At a minimum, you will need 3rd gear pinion, and 3rd gear wheel, and a shift fork to repair it. Look very closely at the shift drum where the fork is when you are in 3rd gear...If there is any wear that you can see, or feel by hand, plan on replacing the shift drum as well. Don't be thrifty and think it's "good enough"...You'll put it back together and in very little time, it will be jumping out of 3rd gear again, due to whichever part you did not replace. And, you'll be replacing those new parts with MORE new parts...Been there, done that..
  4. eazrider

    7.0 slide for 2005 YZ250T

    Send me an email at eazrider@msn.com, and we will work out the details....I appreciate your help..!! ed
  5. eazrider

    7.0 slide for 2005 YZ250T

    I had an EG 295 kit installed, and everyone advised to use a 8.0 slide, so I modified my 7.0 to an 8.0, it worked fine...I then had some additional porting/headwork done, and now at trailing throttle and just a bit of midrange, it runs a tad lean . I'd like to go back to a 7.0, as I think that richer slide will help the lean condition...
  6. eazrider

    7.0 slide for 2005 YZ250T

    Let me know, I'm still looking for one...Has yours been modified ? (I cut my stock 7.0 to 8.0)... Thanks..!!
  7. eazrider

    7.0 slide for 2005 YZ250T

    Still looking for a stock 7.0 C.A. slide for a 2005 YZ 250...
  8. eazrider

    #7 Cutaway slide

    Stay in touch.....Ping me when you decide if the 7.0 is available ed
  9. eazrider

    #7 Cutaway slide

    I'm doing some tuning on my 2005 YZ 250...I have an Eric Gorr 295 kit, and am trying different pipes, silencers, timing, etc, and previously modified my stock 7.0 to the recommended 8.0 cutaway. I'd like to pick up a stock 7.0 to try and tune out a "lean" condition at part throttle. Ive worked the needle and low speed jet, would like to try a bit richer slide...Anyone have one for sale..?
  10. eazrider

    shattered engine cases

    Shattered L/H engine case on my 2005 YZ 250t, not repairable. Anyone got a line on a set of used cases? Can a single case be purchased new..?
  11. Trying to determine the shock pull rod length on my 2005 YZ250. The bike sits fairly tall, and if I knew what the stock linkage was (yeah, I know, I could pull it off and measure it) I could order a longer linkage from a WR, and drop both ends down a bit to lower the center of gravity for a bit better cornering. I put a longer linkage on my 2010 450, and after adjusting for the decreased ride height in the rear by tweaking the front as well, the 2010 cornered like it was on rails. Any idea where I can get that number center-to-center? (should be around 140-142 mm or so) Thanks.
  12. eazrider

    7.0 C.A. for Carb

    Doing some fine tuning on my 295 EG big bore kitted 2005. I modified my stock 7.0 slide to an 8.0, and now find I'm a bit lean, does anyone have a 7.0 slide they would like tp part with..?
  13. eazrider

    Coolant Flow

    Want to install a temp sensor for monitoring engine temps. Does anyone know the coolant flow direction in a YZ250T, 2005 ? Does it flow from the radiator to the head, or from the radiator to the water pump..?
  14. eazrider

    Eric Gorr, how do you know?

    I have a 295 Gore kit on my '05 YZ250. The head gasket (metal, not "O" rings) is not visible from the outside, looks just like a stocker. I had mine tuned for "mid/top" and use a DEP pipe. I can accellerate harder through the gears than all of my buddy's KTM 300s, plus, it handles like a Yamaha, not a KTM, and I consider that a good thing. I would not be leery of purchasing a "kitted" bike, any more than any other used bike. You will, of course, be tearing it down and inspecting it before hammmering it anyway. Eric supplies suggested jetting for his kits, and they were spot on for my kit. If you find a Gorr kitted bike that isn't obviously whipped out, and the price is reasonable, don't hesitate to pick it up. Eric used to charge about 600 smackers for his kit, and worst case, you may have to pick up a piston and ring, readily available, from him to freshen it up, and wait for the grins to hit first time you hit the trail with your KTM buddies...