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  1. 98940

    Should I get a Husqvarna FE 250 or 350?

    I went from a 350 to a 250, back to a 350- now back on a 250. Lighter is righter in the tight stuff, for me. Depends where you're riding I suppose.
  2. 98940

    Help needed DID VT2

    Ordered chain too short for my cousin. DID VT2. Figures... I had just cut my new one a few weeks ago from 120 to 11X, and tossed the leftovers. Anyone maybe have a few links leftover from one that you had to cut to length? I have a master. PM me if you got anything. Thanks gents.
  3. I have heard that the folks at MotoXotica in Vacaville, CA are very familiar with the older Husqvarna bikes. Good luck.
  4. 98940

    Check your frames from chain damage!

    I installed my TMD slider when the bike was new. Currently at 27 hours. I always adjust chain up on a lift stand, using the "3 finger" rule at the back end of the slider. This equates to about 50-55mm. I may lessen that measurement for the upcoming season. What do you think? This is what it has done to my subframe:
  5. 98940

    Beta 300 RR 2015

  6. 98940

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Did some electrical work, will post results of that later... Unfortunately... when putting the headlight mask back on: Rubber strap snapped. Bike only has 12 hrs. I didn't even stress it so much. I've had KTMs, and I know the technique on how to be gingerly with them. Luckily I had an old KTM backup strap. When pulling the broken strap's mushroom tab out of the headlamp mask's tab hole, the plastic tab snapped. Again- wasn't even using much force. You guys ain't kidding about these plastics being brittle!
  7. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    I tried different sensor bolt depths to no avail. Throwing in the towel on this one. Frustrated.
  8. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    I'll try that, hopefully tomorrow, and post back. Something I don't understand: I looked at the sensor wire's path in the wiring diagram. There are two wires. Black and white. Instead of those both directly going to the computer, they go to a molex 3-pin intermediary connection (of which only 2 get used and 1 is left blank). The white continues directly back to the JST 2-pin connector for the computer, but the black goes all the way to the bike's common ground, then boomerangs back to that JST 2-pin connector for the computer. The Vapor-specific wire you used that works... that goes directly to the Vapor? If so- then I'm thinking when the bike is running, that intermediary OE ground path is casing my lack of reading while the bike is running. Maybe some weird voltage stuff happening. I wonder why the two OE sensor wires just don't go directly to the computer the way a generic bike computer install would be.
  9. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    Spoke with TT today. Got nowhere. I'll play with the OE sensor a bit, see if that changes things before I have to spend $30 on a new wire. (I trashed the original Vapor sensor wire that was on the previous bike.) Thanks for your input RaWarrior.
  10. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    deleted... (added to previous post)
  11. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    Everything went well except for the speedo sensor. Vid of internal batt. registering, then engine running. (Note the LEDs for pump and res, headlamp switch and kill switch.) You are correct: the OEM wheel rotation sensing wire doesn't work. I hooked up switched power and ground to the Vapor from the OE 3-pin (3rd wire is pink for hi-beam signal). When the engine is off (Vapor powered by internal battery), spinning the front wheel activates the Vapor, and it works fine. But once I start the engine (Vapor powered by switched generator feed), it ceases picking up signal and simply reads "0" just like in your case. I even reversed polarity on the two wires... same thing, no reading while bike is running. And you got this to resolve by switching to a KTM/Euro TrailTech replacement wire. Wtf?
  12. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    - Ok, I'll screw around with the speedo sensor situation. I'll report back... - Tach: The tach feature is cool, used it on the old DR650. But for this Beta- I only use the bike for woods/singletrack. The less I have to look down at, the better! I suck, and need the least amt of distraction possible. Haha... - Good on the wiring... I'll post back when I eventually get it hooked up. Thanks!
  13. 98940

    Vapor install on XT

    Great post! Maybe you can help me please... I am not too keen electronic stuff. I decided to delete the bulky switch housing, turnsignals & horn. KILL SWITCH: had an old Kawi one laying around... HEADLAMP: cheap waterproof pushbutton switch, punched hole in bar pad, molex pins to the lowbeam circuit . . . . . . . . . COMPUTER: I don't like the OEM computer. Had an old Vapor laying around. I'll use this for its more accurate odometer. I also had the indicator frame like you, but don't care to use it again. Won't be using tach or temp either. TWO QUESTIONS: Question 1: Speedo sensor... you said the OE pickup line didn't work with Vapor? Do you know why?? I don't understand why it wouldn't register a simple pulsing signal... . . . . . . . Question 2: The oil pump ("PUMP") and low oil ("LOW") indicators definitely need to be present. I got some small waterproof LEDs... a red and a blue. So, I went through the torture of looking at the Beta wiring diagram, and sketched this to make it easier on my brain: For when I start wiring things, does this sound correct to you? The red (upper left in sketch) will commonly power the: Vapor, PUMP LED, LOW LED The black: ground for Vapor. Pink/purple is the 'neg' or 'gnd' for PUMP LED. Green/white is the 'neg' or 'gnd' for LOW LED. Thanks for any help man.
  14. 98940

    black plastics Austrian models

    Thanks for the info!
  15. Hello all, My bro-in-law asked if I could help him get black plastics for his '15 FE350S. Wondering if you guys might know better than me: I see a few kits available... Is there a consensus on a favorite kit? Acerbis, UFO, Polisport I don't seem to see the headlight shroud included in these kits. Is that piece available separately in black? Thank you for any knowledge, gents.