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  1. WRRSam

    Which radiator guard for WRR?

    Any one else using the B&B guard? I just flipped my bike 3 times and it held fine. I can go flat out through bush and go over the small 1m high shrubs with out them even worrying the radiator. In this picture you can see the anged slats which attach to cross bars at the back. You can see in the bottom of this picture just how thick the guard is.
  2. WRRSam

    WRX/R service manuals and owners manuals

    Free owners manuals here: http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0
  3. WRRSam

    anyone need wr250r spares and engine???

    Nope no responce here
  4. WRRSam

    anyone need wr250r spares and engine???

    If it's white and not damaged I would be interested in the left shrould (not the radiator side) I will pay full shipping to Australia. Also is there any farkels for sale and what are the bits and pieces. Thanks
  5. WRRSam

    Wr250r owner feedback!

    Oops that link is to a Enduro WR250F page this thread is about Dual Sport WR250R's. Back on topic don't be fooled by the weight of the WR250R I came off a CRF230F and after reading the WR250R's specs I was worried about weight but it is carried in the right spots and feels quite light.
  6. WRRSam

    next bike for son

    I had a CRF230 and my mate had a KX85 and they were about the same speed/acceleration wise so the 230 isn't much of a step up from the KX80. I now have a WR250R (I am 15 years old 6 foot and 65kg) and I can handle it fine but I don't think I coud handle it comming off a KX80.
  7. WRRSam

    safari tank - painted or stickers?

    yeah sorry it was $7,200 on mods plus the $10,000 bike in Australian dollas.
  8. WRRSam

    safari tank - painted or stickers?

    I ment the link to the replacement plastic site but thanks anyway graphics would be cool, there goes more money. Just to compare to the $7200 I have spent $1444 on my bike. Lancek I am sure we would all like to see some pics of your graphics on the bike. Thanks.
  9. WRRSam

    safari tank - painted or stickers?

    Good to hear your back on the bike. Are the plastics blue or white? If they are white could let me know the webink. We recentally did a trip from Albany to Denham in our Hilux. Make sure you ride the tracks between Lancelin and Cervantes before the new road opens.
  10. WRRSam

    safari tank - painted or stickers?

    Lancek I got that mag the tank looks like it has been painted but I can't be sure. His bike looks sweet but he spent $7200 on it:bonk:.
  11. WRRSam

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    I turned 15 yesterday. I have a WR250R.