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  1. It's in the 2013 and 2014 Power Parts offroad catalog, "ignition eliminator plug" Part Number 781.11.999.000 . Makes your bike easier to steal, I found our the hard way, & keep one in my tool roll now. 781.11.999.000
  2. MrShred

    2014 500 or 350? cant decide

    How big are you and how aggressively do you want to ride? I have owned 2 500 exc's but have not ridden the 350. The 500 is an amazing do it all bike. Tight single track is my favorite terrain, the 500 is surprisingly nimble and light feeling. Gets great traction and is very easy to ride in technical terrain due to smooth mellow/awesome on demand power, plush suspension, and quick steering geometry. I am relatively large (220) so the bike doesn't push me around and I never feel like I am fighting the bike in the tight stuff. I tell people it rides itself. The big power and top end speed is great for desert and dual sport. Many people like the 350 better. If I were lighter, younger, and wanted to ride aggressively more of the time I might choose one. power
  3. MrShred

    Fix current bike or buy new?

    NICE!! His loss is your gain. Why do people buy new bikes and never ride them? I just did a top end job on my 05 450x, cost $1K including HotCam to do all work myself except for dealer to do valve job and head setup. You did good!
  4. MrShred

    4 stroke vs 2 stroke KTM?

    I second Pete's comments. I've had two 500EXCs, my 2012 got ripped off. I had a local dealer do all the recommended maintenance on the 2012 to keep the warranty valid for six months. It did get kinda expensive and no warranty work was needed. On the 2013 I have changed the oil and checked the valves myself at recommended intervals, checked spoke tension etc. Now have 85 hours, I changed one exhaust valve shim .001" to stay in the center or the spec (an EASY job), that's about it for maintenance. Installed Supersprox composite rear sprocket during new bike setup; rode 1200 miles in Baja followed by 400 mi dual sport ride and chain STILL does not need adjustment. Bike burns almost no oil after initial break in, I think I added a few ounces after about 1000 miles in Baja. Bike was so dirty I thought an oil change might do more harm than good. Point is I think they've got the bugs out of the bike, it seems dead reliable to me. If you race, or pile up lots of hard miles it will be more expensive to maintain than a two stroke. Given less extreme use I think they will go many hours with basic maintenance. Desmog/remap is pretty much mandatory on the plated models; I wouldn't buy one from a dealer that wouldn't do it. The other impressive thing about the 500 is how easy it is to ride, IMHO the bike practically rides itself. I like tight woods and it doesn't seem bulky for this 220 lb rider. Smooth power and clutch make for great traction. I confess that I am getting the urge for an orange 2 stroke for more extreme riding; but I would never sell the 500 to get one, it's damn close to a do it all bike.
  5. It looks like a really nice bike and the price seems OK based on Northern California standards. I would question the hours though based on the appearance of the clutch cover. My 2013 500 has 85 hours with very little wear on side case, granted it has seen very little mud since new. I would still buy it if condition is as you describe. Coming off an XR250 you will feel like you died and went to heaven.
  6. Suggest you check out SlavensRacing.com in Colorado US. Jeff is a well respected KTM suspension guru and will respond to email questions about spring rates, etc. I weigh about the same as you and am an old dude who probably rides rougher terrain from time to time. Jeff set me up with: CRPDS-8 Spring Shock PDS-8 8.1-9.95 kg/mm; CR43505-48 Springs Fork WP48 .48kg/mm 43x505mm. I thought the shock spring would be too stiff, it's not for guys our weight.
  7. Yes it is as good as they say, but I needed to have my California bike desmogged & fuel injection remapped to make it run as advertised and hyped by some magazines. Backfiring under decel was obnoxious until I plugged air intake, after bike was dropped engine would flood and die at idle due to fuel in cannister, it had random flameouts at idle due to lean mixture. After remapping FI and removing/disabling vapor recovery and exhaust air injection systems, it is simply an awesome bike. It is very easy to ride, and deceptively fast because of the smooth power. It will lug down very low and pull hard and very smoothly despite low flywheel effect. This is REALLY nice in technical terrain and climbs, and slippery conditions I thought it was slower than my Honda 450X until I rode both back to back, now the Honda feels slow and a bit crude. Since desmog I have had NO stalling, flameouts, or other powerplant issues. I am sure that there is more power available with simple mods but I like the fact that it is so easy to ride and doesn't beat me up. Suspension is undersprung for my considerable heft (220) but works superbly in technical conditions and very well overall dead stock. I will respring for my weight and leave damping alone for now as I live for tight woods. Steering is very light and accurate, it seems like magic to me. Overall handling and feel just feels right to this old guy. All around, the bike is very refined, forgiving, and smooth; it feels like it will do me no wrong and just might save my a** on occasion. I've replaced the stock blinkers, taillight and fender dropdown with Sicass products as my goal is to have a woods racer with a plate, not a dualsport oriented bike. It will do both without breaking a sweat though as with recommended 14-48 gearing it works great in the trees (superb clutch), cruises comfortably at 70, and is still pulling HARD at 85 on the street. I don't want to go any faster on knobbies! The KTM guys seem offended when I call it "Hondalike" since it seems so refined and has no detectible rough edges, once desmogged. It's a keeper for me. Did I say it is SMOOTH?
  8. MrShred

    Weird issue with '07 450x

    Make sure the carb to intake manifold clamp is tight! An air leak will cause the problem you describe, I figured it out by accident...
  9. MrShred

    New to me X won't idle with choke off

    My '05 had the same problem; after several attempts to correct the problem I found the carb to intake manifold clamp had loosened up, creating an air leak. Naturally this had the greatest effect at idle, and just off idle when vacuum is high. About eight turns of the clamp screw later, it runs great. I sometimes have to remind myself to check the simple stuff first.
  10. MrShred

    450X - Which year to buy?

    Early bikes are great bikes! If you find a great deal on new old stock, or a well maintained used bike with low hours grab it. If there are significant carb issues on the early models it's news to me. I've had an 05 since new & it's been a fantastic bike. It's been awhile, but I believe the only carb mods I made were to change the needle (I believe to 16233-men-671 NCVS needle, it is an 04 450R needle) and adjust the fuel screw slightly richer. Never have had to fiddle with it since. It breathes beautifully where I usually ride, 2000 to 6500 feet or so. Runs strong around the neighborhood at 200' elevation is probably a bit lean. I am probably fairly easy on the bike as I'm an old dude. I haven't even cut the airbox or changed the pipe as I have yet to encounter a situation where I needed more power! Valve clearance hasn't changed since new. I'm not sure but figure I must have 200+ hours on it. I run a full quart of Honda red transmission oil. I recently made some changes to improve the bike for tight technical riding; changed the triple clamps to 22 mm offset like Honda did with later models. It does help the bike "fall into" low speed turns. I also had some minor work done on the fork to soften the initial damping & improve the plushness factor. I'm very happy with the few changes I made & feel it is well set up for a fairly heavy rider like me (200 lbs) or a lighter fast rider. My setup is similar to the later models, with the benefit of the larger stock tank. I love riding tight singletrack but have no doubt a KTM would be more nimble. I'll keep the Honda for now as I can't see spending a lot of money to trade Honda reliability for a "ready to race" orange bike.
  11. MrShred

    05 CRF450x valve ?

    It's easy to check the valve clearance, search around and you should find the procedure. I have a lightly used 2005 and the valve clearance hasn't changed a bit.
  12. MrShred

    Big Bore Vibration

    Thanks guys, I'll order the CW kit and the other goodies!
  13. MrShred

    Big Bore Vibration

    I am about ready to buy a CW big bore kit. Has anyone had a problem with vibration after adding a big bore kit? I will be doing about 50/50 road/dirt and want to keep the bike comfortable on the road.
  14. MrShred

    yoshimura RS2 TEC-SD9 vs TEC-SD12

    I have the same bike, same pipe, same issue, running the stock spark arrestor tip. I bought the INS-11-K insert after doing a little research. It is approx 1 1/8" ID as opposed to the SA tip which was 1 3/8. It quiets the bike down enough for my purposes- I can get on the throttle without feeling like I'm drawing too much attention. It probably does slow the bike down a bit compared to a larger tip. When I contacted Yosh about compatibility I got this response: "INS-11-K will fit in your muffler, but we have not done any sound testing with that insert on that specific application so we do not know what dB level it will reduce it to. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thnks for your interest in Yoshimura! Lauren Waters Yoshimura Sales Returns and Warranties 1-800-634-9166 x.428 lwaters@yoshimura-rd.com" Hope this helps, Vance
  15. MrShred

    DRZ 400S- 127 Psi=Low Compression??

    Thanks everyone for your help! I am thinking it is basically OK and is certainly rideable. I may retest with the decompressor disabled, or have the leakdown test done if not too expensive.