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  1. CronicArt

    New Guy in NC

    I was hoping it would be easier than NJ. It has lights and a 3.5 gal IMS tank but it's plastic. In Jersey you had to apply for a reconstruction title and do the requirements like lights, mirrors, dot tires, etc. Oh well at least they're not as strict here about where you ride. In NJ you can't ride any where but maybe 3 race tracks. $1000.00 fine and impoundment for riding anywhere but that. It's the anti-offroad state.
  2. CronicArt

    New Guy in NC

    Hey all!!! I'm a new transplant from NJ. I live in Granite Falls. I mostly like the woods. Not much for the track, I'll leave that to the young'uns to go flyin' through the air. I'm in need of a cheap pick'em up truck them I'll be mobile. I have a 2002 YZF 426 and was curious the difficulty in getting it street legal. I'd like to hook up and ride with sometime.
  3. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    Look, another cut back.
  4. CronicArt

    North Carolina Pit Bike Racing?????

    Somewhere north of Charolette around Statesville. It's more for my 7 yr.old. He was racing a pitbike series in NJ because there is no racing for the little guys here. His bike is not exactly stock either. I too would like to get into it but won't be able to afford it till I get out of this state.
  5. CronicArt

    North Carolina Pit Bike Racing?????

    Does anyone know what the pit bike scene in NC is about or do they even have one? Anykind of 50 racing? Looking to move there and wanted to know what to expect as far as 50 racing.
  6. CronicArt

    booby traps in pa.

    I would cut the cables and camp out waiting for the bastard that strung them up in the first place. When he/she comes back to inspect thier dirty work then, "BLANKET PARTY"!!! I wouldn't tell anyone, I would beat them till they didn't know thier name, then I would string them up in thier own cables. They had no problem trying to kill you.
  7. CronicArt

    Pitster Pro Holeshot!

    Very Nice! Way to go!
  8. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    They apparently voted to allow pro rated refunds to those who request them both in writting and at a meeting. Though that may sound good at the surface there is a very spitefull condition to it, like being permanantly banned and its still totally arrogant since they are refusing to actually address the complaints on what and how the closings were adopted. Apparantly the bod there would rather see you never come back again, and ride someplace else than have to actually work with their "customer/members" and take the needs and opinions of others as part of their decision making process.
  9. CronicArt

    Cheap pit bike buyers beware

    These bikes aren't street legal anyway. So why is it so important to have them green stickered? They are used for racing and tooling around the yard. Any bike, including Pitster is only a base to build from. Just look at the rear shock that so many have broken. It is like that with any bike. Even the big cc race bikes. Most riders as soon as they get them start upgrading parts. If you look at Pitster, extreme, sdg or any other cometitive pit bike you find they are just as much a cheap chinese knock off of a honda. There is no way you can build a bike that would match the quality of $6000 BBR honda for under $2000 without using inferior parts. This is just another pathetic way to try and squash out the competition. Building a good quality product, backed with good support should be the selling points, not "I have enough money to block my competitors". That is not how all the long term companies have lasted and grown. Stop trying to turn this sport into big buisiness and a monopoly. This attitude is why I would never buy pitster. I'm tired of trying to read posts asking riders, not manufacturers opinions on the different pitbikes and constantly seeing plugs for pitster. I'm not saying you shouldn't take pride in your product or not to promote, but show a little couth. I don't see any of the other bike manufacturers buying sponsor slots so they plug the hell out of what they sell. Look out! Outlaw Motorsports has a bigger ad! Here's your box of tissues. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like to be "sold" anything. I'm a bigboy and do my research when looking into a product. Salesmen just make me leave without purchase.
  10. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    Let me clerify the cost. I was off by $25 but you can absorb that in gas to get there. ME- $300 2 kids 15yr.old - $400 1 kid 7 yr.old - $75 It's alot of money. I have 3 kids so I have to stretch my buck as far as I can. After the memberships run out I'm done.
  11. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    I understand and agree. I had planned on going all week and thankgiving week too. My kids are off from school. I'm not going on the weekend because there are way too many people and at times very dangerous. Why couldn't they notify all the members insted of just letting everyone find out the hard way. Could you imagine driving 2 hours to find out they are closed. Sure I would not be able to ride even 150 days but when I paid the money it said all year except christmas. We will ride cold or not.
  12. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    We asked about pro-rate and they didn't want to do anything for us. They argued that there is no way we will be going that much to the park in the winter. I only go during the week because there is less traffic and retards. That is were my son did all of his training. Because of transportation reasons I scrificed my riding in the summer so my kids could ride. Now it looks like my kids get a crash course in NJ renegade riding. Which will put me in a very difficult situation if we get caught. There is no way in hell they will be impounding my kids bikes or treating my kids like criminals.
  13. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    It's just the winter. Goes back on Mar. 1st. The point is I paid for 364 days. Not for half the days in the winter. There is 4 of us that ride. Me and my 3 kids. I joined because I got tired of watching them and wanted to ride. That's alot of money. $800 a yr. But now I'm not allowed to use what I paid for? Out of no where.
  14. CronicArt

    NJORVP closed!!!!

    Well here's the thing, this month my kids have two weeks off from school. We planned on going to NJORVP as much as possible. 1. to use up my last month 2. to get as much riding as possible for my kid this winter. I check out the web site and they are closed tues, wed, thurs. All the days we ride. I work on the weekends plus the weekends are too crowded. I paid for 364 days of riding. Not to have half the year closed. My wife just got off the phone with the manager. He basically said we were beat. He also argued that there is no way we would be coming that much and we weren't losing anything. Who the hell are they to tell me when I'm going riding and when I'm not. They said we have to go to the members meeting and take it up there. Like "We got your money so screw you" With the cons already outweighing the pros we can add another one to the pile. So if you are a member who likes to go when it's not crowded or when you get to, you can forget about it. If you even give a heck you can e-mail them or go to the member meeting and if you care less than this post is just a rant.
  15. CronicArt

    Low End Bog - Help!

    Most of these things do that off idle because they don't have a accelerator pump like the big bikes to give a little fuel for abrupt throttle opening. We had the same problem once the weather got cold. Real big bog off the bottom. I did all the jet changing and needle clip positioning like you did and it got worse. I richened the pilot and it runs great now. You said yours runs worse with a bigger pilot. Your exhaust isn't helping either. Take out the baffle and see if it changes anything. With all that upgrade to the engine it will need to breath. Sounds like it's loading up. Your neighbors just might have to get used to the noise. They can't really do anything if you are with in decibel range and before noise curfew. Would they complain about your lawnmower or leaf blower? They will deal with it.